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Unpastuerized Butter in TO???

Legally you can't buy unpastuerized butter as unpastuerized dairy products must be aged for sixty days. If you managed to obtain unpastuerized cream you could make your own butter. I have been making butter at home using my Kitchen Aid mixer and organic cream, it is fantastic.

Kelowna on Easter Weekend

Hello, I need a little help. I will be in Kelowna on Easter Weekend for a wedding and am looking for a Chow-ish place for lunch and dinner on the Saturday. Driving is not a problem as we will be renting a car and will likely need to get away from crazy family members. We like all kinds of food, I have a particular thing for local cheese and any kind of charcruterie (sp?). Any help would be appreciated.

Cheesemaking courses in Toronto - do they exist?

Ahhh the power of cheese. There is a home/farm cheese making course offered in Alexandria Ontario just east of Ottawa. It's $175 for a day long course and they teach you how to make six different kinds of cheese. The courses seem to run about every six weeks depending on demand. I am going next friday, and am hoping to make cheese at home soon after, I just have to source out some raw milk, and hope the police don't throw me in jail.