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Family friendly -- but good! -- sushi in Valley?

Thanks for the suggestions. We chose Tama over Iwata, but only because it's closer to our home. We had a beautiful, lovely meal, and our son was fine. We did get "the eye" from a few patrons as we walked in (or was that because we were all in shorts at 7pm? Hey, it's freakin hot in the valley today.). But I know we didn't give anyone cause to complain or feel that their meal or ambience was harmed by the presence of my kid. He ate: masago, yellowtail, sunomono, tempura shrimp, some eel and avocado roll, and that beautiful spinich appetizer roll thingy. I love my kid, and every time he eats like this it just blows my mind how many parents feed their kids nothing but mac & cheese and chicken nuggets. (my kid does love those, too, but he eats EVERYTHING.)

Family friendly -- but good! -- sushi in Valley?

Hey, Hounds.

The Mr. and I are longing for some sushi tonight, and we'll be bringing our 4-year old. He (the 4 year old) behaves well, tastes everything and likes most. But I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing him to any really fancy & quiet, or staid sushi bar. What's the best place to bring him, in that ultra-rich sushi neighborhood of Studio City/Sherman Oaks/North Hollywood?


Taco Loco in Valley Village (N. Hollywood?)

Hey, Hounds. I"m looking for info on Taco Logo on Laurel & Chandler. (Is that Valley Village? Valley Glen? Who the hell knows.) I searched the chowhound archives and found other Tacos Loco but nothing about this one. So what do the hounds say?

asian markets in the valley other than 99 Ranch?

Wow, thanks for all this great advice. Anyone know if Korean markets stock masago? Masago are the small orange smelt eggs used in sushi. What ethnicity is the Bangluck Market?

asian markets in the valley other than 99 Ranch?

I posted a couple of days ago about trying to find masago, but no one I'm trying a different tactic. ANyone know of any Asian markets in the valley, other than the 99 Ranch on Sepulveda and Victory?

where to buy masago in the valley?

Hi, Hounds. Where can I buy masago? I LOVE making masago-related sushi at home...or just masago and avocado on a rice cake makes a great tasty snack. But my usual masago sources have let me down. 99 Ranch Market in Van Nuys has iffy quality -- four packs that I bought today ALL turned out to be spoiled. And a tiny little liquor store/asian market on the northernmost stretch of Lankershim in Sun Valley -- well, theirs turns out to be loaded with corn syrup and MSG. Where can I get me some more masago? I'm guessing Sawtelle and Little Tokyo have their spots, but where in the valley?