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Places to eat near Biscayne Bay?

I am open to eating anything. I like to avoid chain restaurants when possible and the budget is moderate but negotiable.

Places to eat near Biscayne Bay?

I am going back to college in Miami and am going to be treating my parents to a week of vacation for their anniversary. Since we are going to be there for a bit are there any places you could recommend to eat at? I am going to be living near Biscayne bay if that helps but I am willing to travel throughout the greater Miami area.

Kitchen stores in tacoma?

I need to shop for some new kitchen items and am trying not to drive up to Seattle to do it. Does anyone know of any stores that sell pots and pans etc in Tacoma? I am trying to not go to the mall so if you know of a store similar to city kitchens but not so high end that would work.

Jul 05, 2009
Vernitis in Greater Seattle

Tacoma (finally) Gets Real Fish & Chips

What are the hours? I went there this afternoon and it said it was closed!

Feb 10, 2007
Vernitis in Pacific Northwest

Proctor bakery

I used to go to a bakery in Proctor but can't remember the name of it. Any help?

Feb 07, 2007
Vernitis in Pacific Northwest

Butcher in Tacoma?

I am looking for a quality butcher in Tacoma in the tradition of Lobel's in NYC. I also am looking for a place to buy linguica.

Jan 23, 2007
Vernitis in Pacific Northwest

Coffee places with free wireIess internet access?

The Mandolin Cafe on 12th on the westside of tacoma.

Jan 22, 2007
Vernitis in Pacific Northwest