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Microwave convection ovens-all made by Sharp?

I'm still searching out appliances for my remodel...I'm getting a single wall oven but would like a 'matching' (trim at least) micowave (although quality is more important). A salesperson told me recently that Wolf, Dacor, Viking and maybe a few more of the high-end MWs are all made by Sharp--they just add the door label & some pricey trim. Sharp's models don't come out so well in Consumer Reports...CR also says that the MW-convection combination doesn't do both well.

Anyone out there have opinions on this? Do you know if MW/convection really does work well and who makes a good combo model? thanks in advance...!

Jan 29, 2007
jhz in Cookware

Need advice on appliances for renovation

Thanks everyone!

I appreciate everyone's comments, thanks for taking the time; I feel I have enough perspective now to equip the kitchen. We've decided to archive our progress--take a look at out kitchencam at

thanks again!


Jan 09, 2007
jhz in Cookware

Need advice on appliances for renovation

Our kitchen is bare to the studs; I guess it's time I decide on the appliances. I've been searching the Internet for independent advice but most of the sites are 'sponsored'...I'd love to have some real-world advice on the confusing choices available. I'm struggling with balancing looks/features/reliability/cost:
- refrigerator, settled on a 36" counter-depth french-door bottom freezer. KitchenAids were well-rated by CR but saw some posts that they're the looks of the Jenn-Air but read they're less reliable and repairs can be difficult. What's worked for you?
- DW, don't need anything too fancy but would like it to be quiet with a flexible interior. Read Bosch and KitchenAid are recommended but Braun is quiet and Miele is super quiet. Are they equally reliable?
- putting a 4-burner drop-in gas cooktop in an island; wanted to use a downdraft vent but just today read the they're REALLY noisy and can adversely affect the flames. Then read some are happy with a compromise (and the absence of a large hood) of using a downdraft vent with multiple speeds--are there also some strategies of moving the blower further away?

I've read the Vikings have strong BTU levels but may be less reliable. Does anyone like the Wolf line? Jenn-Air? Are some downdraft vents better than others? Should I stop resisting getting a hood?

- will use a wall oven/MW combo (30", electric). Any favorites out there?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to comment.


Jan 02, 2007
jhz in Cookware