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What Food Trend are You So Sick Of?

Yes! Most of the frostings on cupcakes have that chemical nasty after-taste. Probably comes out of a 5 gallon bucket. Fresh whipped buttercream rules.

Mar 06, 2011
la vida dulce in General Topics

What Food Trend are You So Sick Of?

I love that Pizza Penance!

Mar 06, 2011
la vida dulce in General Topics

Top 10 Sexiest Chefs?

Oh yeah, how I love me some of that Michel Richard. Great list!
I also have a crush on Heston Blumenthal.
And Peter Reinhart, breadbaker.
And Russ Parsons, from the Los Angeles Times food section.
And Ben Ford, chef/owner of Ford's Filling Station

2011 - What are you Drinking!

More prosecco!

Jan 03, 2011
la vida dulce in Wine

Annual Broguiere's Egg Nog Sighting Thread

Thank you!

Where can I buy European butter?

Ralphs has both Kerrygold & Plugra

Whole Roast Pig from Chinatown?

There is a Vietnamese shop on Broadway in Chinatown, can't remember the name right now. I stopped in to pick up some baguettes when I got off the bus. There on the counter was this beautiful roast pig, waiting for someone to take him home. The scent was like perfume, and the skin looked crispy, I had to hold myself back from snagging a chunk. I had to leave to catch my bus; let me do a search to find out the name & address. Oh, that memory still haunts me.


Super A markets, either in Rosemead/Temple City on Rosemead Blvd. or in Montebello on the corner of Garfield & Beverly Blvd. Both have their own bakeries. Also great whole wheat torillas, teleras, corn tortillas (small taco size) and bolillos.

Chili Dogs

that is now the home of King Taco. It used to be a great burger & pastrami joint.

millions of peaches

try the peach gelato at Bulgarini in Altadena...ooh such flavor!

Soft Serve Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Costco also has a delicious berry sundae, and a frozen chocolate latte, haven't tried that one yet.

REVIEW w/ pics: Nick's Taste of Texas is Just Okay

Which beans did you order? The Boracho beans are the best.

I Want Fries, the Sweet Potato Kind

Quite by accident, I discovered the most delicious sweet potato/yam fries at Twohey's in Alhambra. I ordered the turkey burger, on a wheat roll with avocado, and the waiter suggested the sweet potato fries. Well, the turkey burger was seasoned so well, almost like a meatloaf, not at all with that nasty little after-taste you get with frozen turkey burgers. The waiter said the chef makes it up fresh every day. So there they were, to my surprise, perfectly cut sweet potato fries, hot and not at all greasy, and crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. I thought my favorites were the thin cut, but after trying Twohey's, I am a convert. If you can get past the thundering herds queuing up and wasting gas at the In-N-Out drive-thru next door, grab a parking spot and try Twohey's.

Twohey's Restaurant
1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

Carnation frozen malts

In Monterey Park, we have an ice cream truck that comes by in the afternoon. He sells the frozen malts, in both vanilla and chocolate. Around buck a piece.
Man, does that sense memory take me back!

Where to go for the best PUPUSAS ???

Come a little bit closer, my friends and I will share with you my hidden gem. It is La Pintoresca Restaurante in Pasadena. Yes, they serve the queso con loroco pupusa as well as many others, for $1.75+ tax. Such a deal! Freshly made, served with a smile. Open Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 8pm. Muy rico y sabroso! Located in the supermarket, off to the left side. Phone: 626-798-2898.

La Pintoresca
1190 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA

Best L.A. area liquor prices?

Super A supermarket. Not a huge selection of wines, but if you are in a hurry and need a quick host/hostess gift, they specialize in those pre-packed liqueur and spirits sets. Either with signature glassware, or other commemorative stuff. The Montebello store has the best selection and the prices can't be beat. Besides, Costco closes too early.

Super A Foods
2924 W Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA

East LA Street with Food Vendors

Further east there's a truck near the corner of Chavez (the street previously known as Brooklyn) and Rowan, next to the Thai restaurant. Some tasty tacos can be had on a cold night. The ones near Breed and Soto are on Chavez. There's always King Taco. First St. is still going through the Gold Line construction and may only have one lane open in each direction in some sections. It's a good night for some soft tacos.

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

CBS (the restaurant, not the network)
700 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 617-2323
Located on the corner of Ord and Spring, just behind Philippes parking lot, on the same side of the street. Their fried pork chops are crispy not greasy, garnished with bits of green onion and fresh red pepper, dusted in that spicy salt, and very meaty. You can order in, or queue up at take-out section adjacent to the restaurant. Very busy during the business lunch hour. Parking is free. That corner is remarkable for many reasons---the DASH bus stops there, across the street is a poultry market and a very fine little store, which I love for their selection of teas.

CBS Seafood
700 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Carne Asada Fries @ The Taco Spot

Besides the "spanglish," was it the beans, something more specific in the preparation of the fries, or was it a lousy experience in general?

Asian chains that vary in quality

FYI - The Sam Woo on Valley is actually in Alhambra, not Monterey Park, although these two cities are right next to each other. I totally agree with you, Tokyo Lobby in Hac. Hts. is sub-par. Missing all the energy and ambiance of the SanG. location.
Service and the quality have improved greatly.
My blog review from Jan. of this year posted here:

Best Dim-Sum in Chinatown (downtown)

The fried pork chop and that huge shrimp & crab ball at CBS are worth the wait.

Kare-kare in SGV

With the rain that has wonderfully cooled down our Southland weather, thoughts of warm hearty stews and stick to your ribs foods came to mind. Does anyone know of a reliable restaurant/cafe in the San Gabriel valley serving that delicious oxtail stew known as kare-kare?

Best Sunday Farmer's Market for breakfast?

Hollywood FM. Get there early, park on the street. That little parking lot is a mess getting in and out. Go for the pupusas, stay for the veggies and fruit. The veggie pupusas are awesome. Anthony Bourdain signed his books last year right there on the street. It was cool to watch him strolling along the stands, having a cig, taking it all in, stopping for pictures with anyone who asked, very friendly. That FM is one of my favorites. Don't forget to check out the other vendors, some nice bargains can be had.

Best japanese Restaurant in San Gabriel Valley?

Very nice photos. Haven't tried Z Sushi yet, but after reading your report, it is now on my list.

Charles Chocolates Pecan Brownies

The flour is in the "pecan mixture" that that gets incorporated. Yes, 2T of vanilla is a bit much. I would guess they are not including any other flavoring, such as a dash of espresso or liqueur, which may be a "secret" ingredient. These must be very rich, dense brownies with all that butter and eggs. I gotta try this one.

Sep 13, 2007
la vida dulce in Recipes

Now Open- Bollini's - The Best Pizza in L.A.

I just enjoyed the pizza margarita for lunch and it was delicious. I prefer the thin crust, light toppings, but the familia likes the meal-in-a-pan pizza, so I'm usually outnumbered. Nice to have something like this close to home, instead of going over the river and thru the woods for a pie. The smell of the smoky wood oven was intoxicating. Very friendly staff, comfortable seating, I will return soon. A little slice of heaven here in my 'hood. Yay! Note--they are closed on Sundays.

Batali Did Not Quit Iron Chef America

Molto Mario is now in reruns on Fine Living Channel.

Monterey Park Suggestions for Lunch

The chile relleno burritos at Paco's Tacos and the chicken fried tacos are my favorites. And the salsa bar, filled with fried chiles, limes and radish. The tortas are huge, your choice of meats, so big you gotta eat them with a fork. Check out the weekday bargain specials.

The Enchirito Goes Postmodern

Years ago a co-worker asked me, "Christine, your family is Mexican so how do you guys make enchiritos?" I laughed so hard in disbelief. He was shocked to find out that it was an American concoction, and that never in the history of the great foods prepared lovingly by my relatives had they included the enchirito at the family table. It still makes me laugh.

Sep 06, 2007
la vida dulce in Features

your favorite americanized mexican resturant?

Paco's Tacos
Atlantic Square in Monterey Park
daily specials like $1 taco night