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where to buy fresh spot prawn?

Thank you, Bong.
We will try Oakland. If not, certainly will stop by Manilla Oriental Market.
Best of wishes,

where to buy fresh spot prawn?

My friend bought these (The clear, round body prawns with 2 red spotted stripe-one on each side of the prawn) on June 15th for my Birthday. I don't know if it's season now. But when he brought the box over, these prawns were still alive and jumped around in the box. I don't know how the market stock them. I only heard my friend said they sold box by box for 99.99 USD each. I am contacting some of my dead friend's friends. I hope they will call me back and I can find out where to go in Oakland. Otherwise, I would have to drive all over the place this Saturday...
Thanks ya'll for your attention and feedback.

where to buy fresh spot prawn?

My friend used to buy a whole styrup foam box 24x12x12 for about $100.00 out of Oakland,CA. He recently passed away. I am currently looking to buy such as sale, but don't know which market in oakland to go to. Can anyone help me please?

Attack of the Monster Prawns...

Hello All,
My first time in this site. Please help!
My friend used to buy a 24x12x12 styrupfoam box of china striped prawns out of some markets in Oakland,CA for about $100.00. My friend has passed away recently. Now, I want to get a box for my wife's birthday party. Does anyone know where specifically to go get this type of sale?
All I know is Oakland,CA, but not knowing the specific market.
Hope ya'll can help me. I need to get it this Saturday.
Many thanks in advance.

Jan 02, 2007
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