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Marina Inn

You are much better off in the Marina, no question. Tons of places: A16, Terzo, PlumpJack, Isa, Kime ... and even Baker Street Bistro, the new Pres a Vi and Presidio Social Club (these three are a bit of a walk). Try the Balboa Cafe or Rose's Cafe for brunch. With the exception of the latter two, all will likely require advanced reservations. You won't be disappointed.

Looking for great neighborhood to find "Chowhound" worthy walk up restaurant.

Couldn't agree with you more. North Beach, Polk Street or the Marina.

where to go for oysters tonite??

Check out Bar Crudo (I went last night). Almost an entirely raw menu. Not sure if they have happy hour deals, but the food is amazing. Their chowder is off the charts ...

Small, Romantic Italian in Union Square?

Went to FINO a few months back and loved the food. Agree that it isn't the most romantic, but is small and inviting.

Canteen no more?

Went to Canteen for dinner last Saturday night (the food was just divine by the way). Questioned the waitress about the closing and she said "absolutely not, and we're tired of hearing that rumor." Ok. Guess that means we can all still enjoy it for the time being ;-)

Happy hour in SF

The Lobby Bar at the St. Regis Hotel has great drinks - especially their Lemon Drop. You can also order appetizers from Ame in the bar. Yes, this is a bit more upscale and pricey, but it is usually a fun crowd.

Dinner near JCC?

Ella's breakfast is amazing - huge portions. Didn't know they did dinner. Yes, Osteria is supposed to be good. Also convenient, but possibly out of your price range, 415 (which is actually in the JCC building) and Garabaldi's on Presidio (one of my faves in SF).

This Friday night near Clement/Presidio -- where to go?

Clementine on Clement or Garabaldi's on Presidio (try the Chicken Milanese - yum). You should be able to get a reservation for both if you call today.

Vacation in SF - Recommendations, Please

Cafe Jacqueline is great and you should be able to get a reservation.

Rose Pistola

Heron moved on. Cafe Marimba closed a while back and was replaced with Mamacita. Rose Pistola, Rose's Cafe and Terzo are now run by

Anyone have a copy of the Bourbon & Branch menu?

Wipe out meaning the drinks are strong. Completely disagree with the board about the location We're talking about the Tenderloin here. It's not safe to walk past the Clift alone. This is MY opinion. Other than Cortez, would love to hear other restaurant recommendations in that area.

Breakfast in the Financial District

Tough location for "nicer." The Omni is the best based on the location (obviously). A quick cab ride will take you to the Four Seasons or Campton Place. Have never had breakfast at Boulettes, but lunch is pretty amazing (it is pretty casual).

Anyone have a copy of the Bourbon & Branch menu?

I went. A cool spot with drinks that will wipe you out (note: eat first, they don't have any food at all - not a peanut). The menu is pages and pages long. Too bad it is in such a bad part of town (take a cab). Be sure to call in advance for a reservation and password.

NYC Chowhound coming to San Francisco next week (First Time!)

With all due respect, I think you should go to both before you post your opinion. I have and they arevery good. Both also have well-regarded chefs with interesting concepts.

NYC Chowhound coming to San Francisco next week (First Time!)

If you haven't been to SF, you must try the Slanted Door. Definitely try the Yellow Tail appetizer. Boulevard is also a good choice. I agree with comments above - there are currently more interesting things culinarily going on outside of the Convention Center. For example, Pres a Vi and Terzo. FYI - Pier 23 seems to be closed - not sure if it is permanent or just under construction.

3 Days in SF--need recs

These are all great - look up the respective menus online. I believe all can also be booked via

Pres a vi - new hotspot, small plates & great wine
Perbacco - also new and yummy
Slanted Door - awesome location, awesome food(tough to get res)
Garabaldi's on Presidio - consistently great, neighbor feel
Frascati - see above

Have fun!

Recommendation for small group dining in Palo Alto?

We love The Mandarin Gourmet in Palo Alto. Consistently great. It is even an annual family tradition to go on Christmas eve. Chicken in lettuce cups, prawns and honeyed walnuts, mushoo pork ... yum.

Embarcadero Theater vicinity?

How about Globe? Just 2 blocks away.

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

Gary Danko - more than a restaurant, an experience. Worth every penny.

Consistently good, better than home:
Garabaldi's on Presidio
Rose Pistola

Ame or Slanted Door???

Very different environments/eating experiences AME is definitely more intimate. Slanted Door is a bit loud (open kitchen/seating close to others) with amazing views of the Bay. Personally I prefer the food at Slanted Door - it is truly off the charts. AME is a bit too rich and exotic for my taste. Check out both web site menus if you haven't already. If you want a dinner that you will remember for the rest of your life, try to get into Gary Danko. For all the restaurants mentioned, you will need reservations WELL in advance!

Pres a Vi

Went on Saturday night and LOVED it. Great wine -- ordered a flight of Savingnon Blanc (fun to order a flight). Baked oysters with corn and peccorrino cheese were off the charts. Also tasty: ahi tuni, shrimp, beef in lettuce cups. Amazing location, great look/feel to the place. Only a matter of time before you won't be able to get a reservation. To that end, I called same day and wasn't able to get a reservation for 2 until 9:00pm. Hmmm. Went to and was able to get one at 7:00pm. A bit weird ...