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Cooking classes | San Francisco

The classes offered at Fresh Starts Cooking school through the Homeward Bound program in Marin are the best kept secret in town. Most classes are offered at around $50 and are taught by exciting, well known chefs. I attended a class given by Heidi krahling of Insalata's and it was fantastic. Not only is the class taught in a state-of the art facility, all students are given a full meal featuring the recipes learned in the class. And, all proceeds benefit the Homeward Bound programs. Aida Mollenkamp is doing a class in August.

Cooking Classes for Home Cooks

Fresh Starts cooking school in Novato offers some of the best and least expensive classes for the home chef in the Bay Area. click on "take a cooking class"

Live Maryland Blue Crabs

Oh where, oh where can one find live Maryland blue crabs in the Bay Area?

Old Bay Seasoning vs. Chesapeake Bay Seasoning.

My marriage is on the line here. My husband, who is from Baltimore, claims Old Bay Seasoning is different from Chesapeake Bay Seasoning. I thought Old Bay was a brand of Chesapeake Seasoning. Who is right?

Oct 01, 2007
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