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Different regional Chinese food in Toronto

really? no one? and here I had thought this was a good idea for a thread! :)

Chinese desserts/'tong sui' in Toronto - Last updated Dec 15 2014

I like the place in Market Village. They have delicious daufu fa (the silken tofu dessert)!

Anyone know about good Chinese dessert places closer to downtown?

good place for dinner between rosedale and davisville?

Thanks, all! We ended up at Rebel House. I like the cosy place, but I would not recommend what I had which was the barley risotto.

Different regional Chinese food in Toronto

Today, I had food from Yunnan province at Taste of Yunnan on Dundas St. in Chinatown (I had some noodles and spicy potatoes which were pretty good). I think it may be one of the only Yunnan places in the city. That made me think about how it would be good to get Chowhounders to compile a list of good Chinese eateries in the city, according to region. The country is so vast and so full of cuisine we don't often get to sample here. Cantonese restaurants are abundant in Toronto, and we have Szechuan, Northern (Shanghai and Beijing?), as well as a few Northwestern places.. what else?

good place for dinner between rosedale and davisville?

Anywhere good on the subway line between these stops for 2 friends to casually dine, one vegetarian and one meat eater?

small plates/ tapas spot with veg options?

We ended up going to Patria!

small plates/ tapas spot with veg options?

Was going to go to Bar Isabel with a date on Sunday evening but then noticed it doesn't have very many vegetarian options, judging from the website menu (or does it?).

Can anyone recommend some spots that are good for sharing small plates/snacks/tapas, and not too loud that we have to yell at each other?


Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

maha used to cater for my work. her food is really amazing. can't wait to try the restaurant!

i remember how delicious her okra dish, and her lentil soup are..

Vegetarian options in Lima, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Cusco (Peru)

My friend and I will be in Peru next week. She eats meat (but loves her veggies), and I am vegetarian. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for places we should check out for good food in these areas? We are especially interested in Peruvian cuisine. I already know of the places listed on websites like Happy Cow (i.e. veg only places) but am curious about other places that might serve meat, but have decent veg options too. We know of the Gaston Arcurio restaurants already and are trying to make a reservation for Astrid y Gaston and Chicha.

I saw some previous threads on here but they are from 2008.


Reserving Vegetarian/vegan meal for flight?

Air Canada veg meals are vegan as well.

Sep 23, 2014
helenhelen in Vegetarian & Vegan

good food near york university?

I am going to be up near York University today and was wondering if there is anywhere good for a sit down meal around there? Meeting up with a friend who works near there. I have a car so can pick her up and drive, but don't want to do too much driving due to it being rush hour when we meet. All types of cuisine welcome!

veg poutine in toronto

I had Smoke's veg poutine today (from Queen St. location) and it really is quite awful. I should stop giving them a chance. The gravy is just tasteless, except for being overly salty. The curds were not that squeaky and got a bit melty (or am I just getting more used to firmer curds, like Poutini's?). Anyway, try at your own peril!

veg poutine in toronto

you're welcome! i also just found out about poutineville! going to go here on friday after work. yummmm


veg poutine in toronto

still faithfully updating this thread on occasion! did i really start it in 2008?!

anyway, i wanted to report i recently had the poutine from utopia's and i likely won't have it again. the cheese curds were really gross. they were not squeaky at all and were super soft. it was very unsatisfying. not sure if they changed the curds or if they were always that bad and i just didn't notice. the gravy is still tasty, so i would suggest just going for fries with gravy instead, and get your poutine elsewhere!

any other poutine places that have veg poutine that i missed?

over the years, i have tried (and reported on here):
burger king
futures (warning: not actually veg!)
stampede bison grill (RIP)
lick's (not cheese curds, so therefore not poutine!)
poutini's (gluten free gravy available)
lakeview (not veg gravy!)
waterfalls (saag paneer "poutine".. so not really poutine!)
the ballroom
no bull burgers
come and get it
fresco's fish and chips (strangely has beans in the gravy)

places that have been reported to have veg poutine that i still haven't tried:
sneaky dee's (unverified)
disgraceland (vegan)
hogtown vegan (vegan, obviously)
the gladstone
mitzi's sister
cardinal rule

good eats for vegetarians in Ottawa?

I am going to be in Ottawa this weekend, staying at U of Ottawa. Where can I find decent veg friendly eats within walking distance?

or good eats in general that are not too hard to get to by transit?

best coffee in queen/king/bathurst/spadina area

just started working recently in the adelaide/portland area and have been enjoying checking out different coffee shops since the free office coffee is horrible.

i have tried a number of places within walking distance so far (usually americano, but have also bought cappuccino, cortado.. i am open to all as long as it's good!):

-jimmy's on portland
-niche on queen
-la merceria on adelaide
-sense appeal on spadina
-portland variety on king
-rsquared on queen

early bird on queen is next on my list to try. i know darkhorse is in the area too (john + spadina are the closest 2 locations to me), but i have had coffee there numerous non-work times and enjoy it, though none of the times has been as good as this one memorable time at the queen location a few years ago when the taste of the americano made my tastebuds sing and i was compelled to post a mundane facebook status update about it (haha)! it has never been the same since.

the grand winner so far is sense appeal. best coffee! smooth, not bitter, flavourful. however, one time there was a bit of a sour note, so sometimes it is hit or miss (but overall still good).

what's your fave coffee in the area? what am i missing?

p.s. it doesn't have to be a coffee shop, but just needs to have coffee available for takeout. i realize there are a few other places that fall under this that i have not yet tried.. like sadie's on adelaide (do they really have 25 cent coffee on wed mornings?), l'eat express on adelaide, le neuf cafe on clarence sq...)

weekday lunch options near adelaide and brant?

thanks, everyone! any other suggestions?

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

it was annoying, but i figure it was all a big misunderstanding/miscommunication so it didn't bother me too much beyond annoyance

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

a lot of these are not on the menu - but just ask your waiter what dishes can be made veg. i am looking forward to the full veg menu when that is ready!

weekday lunch options near adelaide and brant?

i just started a new job and am exploring vegetarian-friendly lunch options around adelaide and brant (in between spadina and bathurst). i know of the options on queen and on spadina, as well as sadie's and la merceria on adelaide, but am unfamiliar with food options on other streets. any suggestions of good places to dine within the hour?

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

i have been 3x! once for dinner shortly after they first opened, and twice for lunch. the food is super flavourful (complex layers of flavour too, as good thai food should be) and delicious. i had the squash fritters, green tofu curry in the coconut (great sauce, but only had mainly tofu.. would be nice to have some veg in there), a veg version of khao soi (i always find this one a bit too rich though), and this dish whose name i forgot (veg and tofu with rice and a fried egg) - obviously, i am vegetarian. :) it wasn't a huge deal to me but the servers i had made some mistakes on two of the visits. the first time i went (for dinner), our server brought out a dish we had not ordered. after we told him we didn't order it, he looked confused and took it back in to the kitchen. it turned out it was a dish a friend of mine asked about, and he explained what it was, but she had ordered something else (which she did get as well), but he thought she ordered it. the other mistake by the same server was that i had asked for brown rice as it was on the menu, and he brought out white rice. when i told him i ordered brown, he said he told me that they had run out (he never actually told me). all these mistakes by the same waiter was annoying though, and he looked like he thought we were the ones messing up since he likely didn't realise it was him. the other mistake was at lunch last week when i ordered the dish with the rice + fried egg on top (they subbed veg and tofu for the meat).. it came out without the egg so i had to ask for it. i guess they assumed i wanted it vegan when i didn't want the meat, but they should have asked to clarify.

other than that, i will still return as the food is good.. but only after they have more options on the menu for us vegetarians.

Reserving Vegetarian/vegan meal for flight?

it depends on the airline. i rarely have gotten pasta, i think.

Jul 06, 2014
helenhelen in Vegetarian & Vegan

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

yes, i found the food (in general) on huron st was the best. i haven't enjoyed it as much even on spadina.

Edulis Sunday Lunch - Any reviews?

great to hear that! do you recall the kinds of dishes they prepared for your husband?

Best ceviches in Toronto

the SO likes the ceviche at seven lives in kensington market (i have no idea as i am vegetarian :))

Edulis Sunday Lunch - Any reviews?

do they ever have veg options at edulis?

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

check the dukem thread. they are looking for a new spot.

veg poutine in toronto

i have had brunch there long, long ago, but will have to try their poutine sometime!

veg poutine in toronto

have tried these again 2 more times. the 2nd time was pretty bad.. they didn't warm up the gravy enough (i guess they make a batch and keep it in the fridge then??) so it was chunky and kinda gross, as well as coldish in parts. not okay at all. i should have returned it but i had already left the shop (took it to go). the 3rd time, the gravy was heated through okay but everything was just way too salty.

veg poutine in toronto

tried the poutine with veg gravy at the new incarnation of come and get it today. the fries were alright (decent, though i don't love that kind of skinny & browned fries.. i like 'em paler!), and they layered in a lot of curds (white and yellow/orange.. the latter of which i assume may be cheddar?) which were not squeaky and did a bit of melting. the gravy was very tasteless and bland. all i could taste was the fried potato, no gravy flavour.