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New World Market -- Delicious!!

love the sour cream. love the mushroom piroshki.

David's Kitchen, now Kingdom of Dumplings

I had the pleasure of discovering Kingdom of Dumplings recently during
a San Francisco search for Shui Kau. Didn't find the Shui Kau
(different regional cooking style), but I did find the dumplings both
satisfying and comforting! The flavours were complex in their
simplicity - balanced and subtle without any dominance of salt. The
flavours brought back "edible" memories of special eating experiences
when I was in China.

This is definitely a specialty restaurant as opposed to a neighborhood
restaurant offering a variety of popular dishes. Kingdom of Dumplings
offers excellent dumplings served separately or in a delicious
herbal-like broth with a variety of noodles. The QQ noodles are bean
thread noodles that, if you save them for last after you finish your
soup dumplings, will soak up the flavour of the soup and just make you
smile as you eat them on a cold, SF foggy day.

The owner did come out to recommend some dishes and I appreciated his
comments. The menu offers many dishes that diners should be introduced
to, since many offerings are not those served at most Chinese


PNW Cuisine serving duck and oysters? [PDX]

I am in need of some recommendations for restaurants in Portland that serve duck and/or oysters.
Prefer PNW cuisine or something western. Chinese/Asian is NOT an option.

A very discerning FoodieFriend is on his way to Portland and has very high expectations of dining here.

Any help?
Thanks in advance,


Oct 24, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

What Happened? [pdx]

Restaurants come and go, but good food is always missed.

Pbong’s Thai food cart on NE Killingsworth...
Closed for winter last year and never reopened
did she relocate?

3 Hermanos taco truck at the corner of Denver and Killingsworth...
Hand-made tortillas and great tortas. The site has been cleared as if it never existed.
What happened?

Colleen’s Bistro
After Colleen’s closed last year the Oregonian reported that Colleen was planning on reopening sometime around the summer of last.
Did she?
Didn’t she?

Does anyone have any info?

Sep 03, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

[PDX] Green Onions is closing

Green Onions located at Flavel and SE 82nd is closing.
This little gem of a Chinese restaurant offered simple, great tasting comfort food. Mostly soup noodles, lo mein and rice plates made with house-made bbq’d meats. Their Shui Kau was by far the best I have had outside of Asia

Some of their posted specials were things that I only had in Asia - TanTan Mein and Hoi Ko Ro were two of my favorites that captured the exact flavors of Chinese cooking as if I were in Hong Kong.

On a recent visit, the owner pointed out a table of guests from Eugene, who would make a weekly trek to Portland for their food. People from all over came to Green Onions because the food was just that GOOD!

Green Onions will be missed... A great loss for Portland dining


Jun 04, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

Stumptown, Albina Press... other suggestions for a PDX coffee holiday?

The Fresh Pot is one of the few places that takes the time to build a traditional souffle-style capp rather than a free-pour capp.

2 locations - one in Powell's Books on Hawthorne: 3729 se hawthorne blvd - 503 232 8928 and the other on Mississippi: 4001 n mississippi ave - 503 284 8928(a few blocks up from Albina Press


May 18, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

Best noodles in PDX?

For homestyle Chinese noodles try Green Onions at 82nd and Flavel.

The soup base is very clean tasting and flavorful... not at all greasy
Lo mein as well as soup noodles come with a variety of toppings including wonton, shui kau, bbq portk, roast duck and even pig's feet!

If you get the lo mein, be sure to get some of the special green onion sauce as a condiment!

Apr 01, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

Great Chinese Noodles in PDX

Recs - Difficult... I am still in the process of ordering something different each visit. I will say that the soup noodles really hit the spot on a cold, wet Portland day. And the portions of the rice plates will satisfy the hungriest of diners and still have leftovers to take home!

Check out the pic of the Chinese beef brisket stew and rice. Lots of good food and cheap!

Feb 06, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

Great Chinese Noodles in PDX

The green onion sauce was a mixture of finely chopped green onions, oil, salt and a hint of some other seasoning. The flavor was not overly strong and brought out the flavor of the lo mein.

As for the broth... I think it was chicken stock because it was light - almost delicate and clean tasting. It did not have that meaty/oily type of flavor that you commonly get with beef or pork stock.

Feb 05, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest

Great Chinese Noodles in PDX

My favorite noodle shop in Portland “went on vacation” in August and never reopened much to my dismay. But in its place opened Green Onions Restaurant over the holidays.
Green Onions is a mom-and-pop restaurant that captures the essence of Hong Kong. It’s nothing fancy, just good Chinese comfort cooking - noodles and rice plates. It’s the kind of place where the locals would go to eat if this were Wanchai, TST or Yau Ma Tei.

So far, I’ve had the Shui Kau with soup noodles and also with lo mein. The lo mein came with a green onion sauce that complemented the noodles in flavor. I’ve also had the roast duck (cut with precision - not whacked) and chicken curry with a hint of coconut. Everything tastes just like Hong Kong - actually, even better because everything is carefully prepared without being too oily or overloaded with MSG.

Finally, real comfort Chinese food in Portland!

Green Onions
8202 SE Flavel St. (at 82nd)
closed Tuesdays


Feb 02, 2007
cheTONGUEek in Pacific Northwest