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Indianapolis - Downtown

Thank you so much for you advice. I will def. check out Mass. Ave.

Indianapolis - Downtown

Thank you so much for you advice. I truly appreciate it.

Indianapolis - Downtown

I want to plan a romantic getaway for DH and myself. With Indy only being an hour drive from here I think it would be a perfect place for us to escape to.

Would like to locate a beautiful place to stay for a night or two. We love to stroll and pop into little shops.

I could use some ideas for amazing little places to eat for lunch and a really nice place for dinner. I'm more adventurous where as DH is more of you meat and potatoes kind of guy. He's leary to try anything too much outside the box. Are there any places in the downtown area that can accomodate both my husbands and I's taste.

Any ideas of things we could do or see in the downtown area also?


Lafayette, Indiana....places to eat

Thank you so much for the information, its truely helped. Have a great day!

If anyone else has any other suggestions please post as we do plan on taking more trips to the area this year.

Lafayette, Indiana....places to eat

We're planning on a trip to Lafayette this Saturday (May 5th) to Sunday (May 6th). It was a last minute trip idea. We've drove through downtown and other areas but unfort. we weren't able to stop.

Can anyone recommend places to eat in Lafayette. We're a family of 3, which includes an 8 year old boy. We don't want anything fancy but more than just chain resturant. We're open to all cuisines.

Also, any ideas of where to stay or things to do or see while we are there would be greatly appreciated.


Nice & Reasonable Places in Midtown

We're coming your way this March. We want to find places the locals highly recommend. About the only food we're not into is Sushi. Can you recommend places under $16.00 and tell me about the atmospher, service, wait, price ranges, etc....

Also, if you can recommend any place we should definetely go check out that isn't food related we'd love that advice too. We def. plan to go to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, etc...


Jan 02, 2007
IndianaGirl in Manhattan