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Any Guatemalan restaurants in the Dallas area?

La Mejor, Panaderia Guatemalteca. 2717 E. Belt Line Rd., Carrollton

I haven't been myself although not for lack of wanting to go, but it answers the question.

More information here:

Sep 08, 2011
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Great new pizza place in Colleyville/mid-cities area

LewisivilleHounder, are you saying Parma has closed or just is no longer Armenian?

Jul 02, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Farmer's Markets- Dallas area

I wouldn't say there was any conflict. luniz said previously that you needed to get to CFM before 9:00. My experience is that is not true. There is plenty available after 9:00 although the popular items tend to sell out first.

This is true for real farmer, they only bring what they have picked so the supply is first come, first served but that doesn't mean there is nothing available after 9:00 at CFM, or Dallas, or any local FM.

To nomnomTX85's question, I would recommend Coppell, Grapevine, Denton and Dallas based on my experience and the presence of true farmers.

To down73, I would advise you to drive the 5 miles and check out the CFM to see if you can find what you are looking for. I'd be interested to hear your assessment of the market.

Jun 10, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Farmer's Markets- Dallas area

It is *not* essential to get to the Coppell Farmers Market before 9:00am.

I was an original board member responsible for establishing this market in 2003. Our first weekend we had a limited supply of producers and those producers that did come brought a limited supply. Since this was an all volunteer market, not a farmer run nor city run market, we did not know what to expect our attendance to be and, since we didn't want them to waste their product, we erred on the side of caution.

However, the response that first weekend was overwhelming and nearly every vendor sold out by 10:00 at the latest. This singular occurrence seems to have perpetuated the myth that you need to arrive early at the Coppell Farmers Market. This couldn't be further from the truth.

In the intervening time, the vendors have adjusted well and bring as much product as they can to satisfy demand.

Granted there are items in high demand that go quickly like blueberries. I've arrived at 8:00 and found a long line for the berries, but you can arrive at most any time before noon and expect to find available product in Coppell. However, as LewisvilleHounder indicates, the earlier you arrive the more pleasant the weather. The CFM is not shaded in the manner that the DFM is, i.e. no big sheds.

The Coppell Farmers Market is one of the best markets you can find in the area outside of the Dallas Farmers Market.

As LewisvilleHounder indicated earlier, Gene Holmes provides a great product from his farm near Grand Saline. Gene is an original vendor at CFM and we were lucky to get him to the market. As time progressed, we worked through several city hurdles to allow him to provide a wide range of products including organic eggs which originally caused the city some heartache.

While I am haven't been associated with the CFM for some time, I can attest to the fact that the city of Coppell is very committed to its market. They have made several upgrades to the market space to make shopping more enjoyable. So hopefully those of us in the northwestern suburbs can enjoy a market that is a little more convenient than the DFM when time is a concern.

Jun 08, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth



It has been about two years since I was last there so things may have changed. For what its worth, they dont have a bad cafeteria there. They have many different offerings. I found the chili to be a pretty good option.

Across Fanin St from the hospital, you can get there via the 2nd floor bridge, is a medical office building, the Scurlock tower. There are a few places to eat in the lobby there including a place, and I'm sorry I dont remember the name but it shouldnt be too hard to find, that has a fairly decent burger.

There is a chipotle on Fanin and Dryden I think, at street level. There is a counter service Chinese place at Dryden and Main. The food there was okay.

I was there in the summer so I didnt venture out too far by foot. Not too far away by car is Rice Village around University and Kirby Dr. There are many good places to eat there and a lot of variety. Hopefully, someone more familiar with the neighborhood can weigh in. I can tell you I had some good Thai food but I cant say I remember the name of the restaurant after two years.

May 18, 2009
dugout19 in Houston

Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

Based upon both this feedback and its proximity to my work, I decided to give Farnatchi's a try tonight. I ordered a takeout Margherita pizza.

The time it took to prepare the pizza gave me the chance to chat with the proprietor and I heard the same story as dejacobs that they make their own dough and sauce, ground their own toppings, etc.

However, upon closer inspection they revealed that they get their cheese from the same Roma distributor that services so many average Italian restaurants. Despite the proprietors claim that they tasted many cheeses before settling on their premium cheese blend, I suspected the cheese would not be premium. When you take your ingredients from a mass distributor you will not have quality ingredients. The final product confirmed my suspicions, the cheese was not exceptional, in fact, it was forgettable.

The next danger sign was the "oven". They do not have a pizza oven. Instead, they use what looks like the same toaster oven that the previous occupant, Quiznos might have used. There is a conveyor belt that takes the pizza through what I heard was a 485 degree heat. There is no way that quality pizza is made by passing the product under a glorified heat lamp and the final product proved the point.

While the final product was better than the local mega-chains but it didn't hold up to its claims of being mostly homemade. The crust was uneven, no doubt due to the cooking method. The cheese was mostly tasteless. The sauce, touted as being homemade, made my nine year old comment that it was pasta sauce. It did not have the taste of homemade. The crust was not distinctive. It was relatively thin but it wasn't crisp or notable in any other fashion.

Long story short, Farnatchi's is preferable to Domino's or Papa John's and their ilk but it doesn't hold a candle to Cavali, Campania, Eno's, or even Fireside Pies.

Apr 24, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Pizzarella (Carrollton [DFW])

I used to drive from Coppell when this place was Cafe Pizza Sarajevo but when they changed to Pizzarella, I thought the quality suffered immensely. When I called them to voice my displeasure with the changes, including smaller pizzas and what I thought were cheaper ingredients, they expressed no concern and I never went back.

However, Eugene2, your story reminds me of a similar run-in I had with Parma in Lewisville. They accused me of lying that a Pizza they delivered to me was not what I ordered. I drove up there, gave them the pizza (they wouldnt open it in front of me) got my money back and never went back again.

Mar 25, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Frog Legs

Thai Ruby in Flower Mound offers a frog leg dish as well.

Mar 19, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

A Good Indian Buffet for Lunch in Plano/Richardson/Addison/North Dallas?

Second on Flavors in Addison. There is also Rucchi on Trinity Mills west of Midway. Also, for a delicious buffet that you will hardly notice is vegetarian, try Madras Pavillion on the southeast corner of Beltline and Coit in the Whole Foods strip center.

Feb 02, 2009
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Absolute best burger in Texas?

G's Burger Den in Lewisville is now out of business

Jan 11, 2009
dugout19 in Texas

Veggie bibimbap in DFW?

New Start Veggie Garden, 2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas Texas 75229, west of I-35, is a vegan Korean restaurant. I've only eaten there once, about a year ago, but it was delicious. The offer a buffet that was both tasty and satisfying to this non-vegetarian.

So, to say they have a fair amount of veggie offerings would be an understatement. I'm hardly an expert on Korean food. As an example, at the time I dined there I did not understand bibimbap but a lot of the more familiar diners obviously did. I do however, love kimchi and theirs was great.

Give it a try if you're in the area. A recent web review suggests they are still in business which is not always a given in that part of town. Should you get over there and find them closed, then go back under 35 to Harry Hines and visit Korea House.

Nov 08, 2008
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

[DFW] Healthy Approach Market - Colleyville

The store in Coppell is called "Healthy Me" and is not related. It is not a fully stocked market. They carry some prepared foods and a small selection of grocery items. They also offer cooking classes. Not a bad place to visit but not the same store.

Oct 30, 2008
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

FYI...Diterras closed several weeks ago.

Oct 09, 2008
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

(DFW) Hawaiian?

They actually opened yesterday. Not a great weather for your first day but they are in business and I'll be checking them out this weekend.

Mar 07, 2008
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Anybody been to Veggie Garden in Dallas?

I have been once to New Start Veggie Garden on Royal. While they may offer a full menu, I took advantage of their vegan buffet.

It was really good. I recommend this place to anyone, veg or non-veg.

Oct 25, 2007
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Upscale Indian Restaurant

Just to make sure there is no confusion, Madras Pavilion is 100% vegetarian.

They now try to serve both Northern and Southern cuisines to less than stellar results.

Flavours is rapidly improving and IndyaFusion in Las Colinas is very good.

India Palace is not consistent.

If you are looking for South Indian cuisine above scale then consider Zyka Indian Cuisine at SW corner of Beltline and 75 in Richardson.

Sep 11, 2007
dugout19 in Dallas - Fort Worth

NE Tarrant Farmers Markets?

There is a Famer's Market in Coppell. This will be its fifth year of operation. It is located on Bethel Rd, or Bass Pro Rd if you are coming from Grapevine, and Coppell Rd, about a mile or so east of 121. I've heard they are opening next week but I don't know if that's certain or not.

In the past they've had fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheese, bread, pasta and herbs.

Mar 24, 2007
dugout19 in Texas

best burgers in D/FW

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Mar 11, 2007
dugout19 in Texas

best burgers in D/FW

if that's the case then Deliman Grill is of the same vintage on Denton Tap near 121. I just wasn't sure if he was referring to Local Diner (decent burgers) or Coppell Deli.

Mar 09, 2007
dugout19 in Texas

best burgers in D/FW

bigbog, where is the copell diner?

Mar 07, 2007
dugout19 in Texas

DFW Farmer's Markets/CSA?

Coppell has a Farmer's Market as well. It is located on Bethel Road in Old Town Coppell. Last year they had seafood, meat, cheese, bread, produce, and herbs. I'm not sure what the lineup will be this year but its certainly a viable alternative to McKinney or downtown Dallas. This will be the fifth year for the market and in my opinion its one of the best suburban Farmer's Markets in that is organized and run by community volunteers so no one farmer or farmer group controls the market. Without getting into too many details it is difficult to find a real farmer's market anywhere in the area.

Feb 24, 2007
dugout19 in Texas