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Lunch with a view-downtown DC

Looking for upscale delicious lunch with a fantastic view in downtown DC-indoor or out.

Tourist Seeking Advice: Small Plates, Gastropub and American New

We had the most amazing experience at Degustation last week-chef Wellsey is beyond beyond-try not to miss it.
Cannonau, suckling pig, wild boar- incredible.
momofuku milk bar, crack pie, soft serve- meh
enotecca del posto, lunch-great value, delicious pasta with rabbit
wu liang ye, tea smoked crispy duck, dan dan noodles-omg
of course Babbo-heaven

May 11, 2009
overdoit in Manhattan

HELP: how to make popcorn on the stovetop

my grandchildren ( I am 54) were raised on stove top popcorn and it is the most requested food when they visit-which is often because no one else makes it that they know.:)
thin pot, little oil, popcorn-instant adoration. life is good.

Jan 01, 2009
overdoit in Home Cooking

Bouchon-Service any better?

We have reso at Pilar but one in our party wants to consider Bouchon-I have read mixed reviews about service and tight seating. Comments?

Slanted Door?-one nite in SFO for Viet-advise

we only have one night and want upscale atmosphere with fantastic vietnamese food-where is it? Slanted Door or other-please advise

Rec.'s near Cortona, Pienza & Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany

Casa Frassi in Chianti-amazing,,, buy some of their wine to take home. We slept after lunch by the pool The view is the one you see in movies

Mar 08, 2007
overdoit in Italy

Napa Vally Grill-worth it?

Thanks, already cancelled NVG and made resos at Pilar-good idea?

Napa Vally Grill-worth it?

need to know what you think about ambiance and food, is it worth it?

AD HOC-please advise

thanks, fellow hounds-much appreciated!

AD HOC-please advise

thanks, think I'll change napa valley grill-sounds touristy. need something the older folk can wear a jacket to and have the Napa dinner experience, any suggestions in Yountville (some place that will take resos for 8)?

AD HOC-please advise

8 adults from Florida, got resos for Napa Valley Grill Friday night April 13 and AD HOC Saturday night-any opinions, suggestions? Is AD HOC really casual? Should I consider another Yountville restaurant?