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Vigne in Asheville

OK, I'm the guy that made the original post. I finally went in to give it a try a couple of weeks ago on a very cold Tuesday night. The place was mostly empty. I was greeted very warmly, and took a seat at the bar as I was by myself. As I perused the wine list, I was underwhelmed by the limited number of wines available by the glass, especially considering this place markets itself as a "wine bar". When I ordered one of the less expensive reds, I was curtly informed by the bartender that they were out of the two most reasonably priced reds on the menu. No apology, no suggested alternatives, nothing. I asked her to give me a minute, then I went to the restroom, and then decided to leave. I just can't support a "wine bar" that is out of 2 of their more affordable red wines, and then can't offer me an alternative at the same price. If you want a wine bar, go to Sante. If you want upscale food, go to Table.

the admiral (asheville, nc)

I ate there with a group of friends 2/17. Everyone at the table raved about the food. service was good, although the waiter did say "we are still working out a few kinks". I had a leg of duck, which was excellent. Limited wine list, but enough to get by. The atmosphere is funky and bar like, but the food was closer to gourmet. My favorite place in town up til this point has been Table, but this place has food that is almost as good at a MUCH cheaper price. Again, it's NOT bar food, but very good elegant dishes with healthy size servings, at a moderate price. I'll definitely recommend it and will be going back!

Vigne in Asheville

This place just opened up downtown about 3 weeks ago. Has anybody been? Looks intriguing, maybe close to TABLE in approach to food (and I love TABLE). Would love to hear comments.

Mr. B's

Went this past Saturday night and ate at the bar. I enjoyed the Gumbo Ya Ya; nice dark smoky roux. Just as I remember. Hower, the garlic chicken had SOOO much garlic smothered over it that I had to scrape it off. Hey, I like garlic but this was over the top. Reduction sauce was decent.

Aug 12, 2007
rphillips9 in New Orleans

Willie Mae's Scotch House

I finally got to eat here last Friday after having been very disappointed when they were not yet open during Jazzfest. I love good fried chicken, and it is very hard to find these days. Fiorellas used to be good, but the recent postings on this board made me avoid the place. So I was so psyched.
I went with one other friend, and the place was about three quarters full when we got there, no waiting (well, at least for a table). We both ordered fried chicken and butter beans and had brought quite an appetite.
Wel, it took an hour and 15 minutes to get our food. I understand that the chicken is cooked to order, I appreciate that. But I'm sorry, I KNOW how long it takes to fry chicken. And like I said, the place wasn't even full and most of the patrons already had food on their plate.
What are they doing: frying one piece at a time?

The wait staff said nothing about what was going on and offered no apology.

I went back to the bathroom and saw no one that looked like Willie Mae in the kitchen, everyone was much too young.
When the food finally arrived, the chicken was WAY too salty, and I like salt!
Of course we were famished and ate every single bite. Butter beans were excellent.
I was so disappointed in what I had hoped would be a truly New Orleans experience.
I guess next time I'll stick to Jacques Imos (he KNOWS how to fry chicken ala the late Austin Leslie), but they were closed for summer vacation.

Aug 12, 2007
rphillips9 in New Orleans

Willie Mae's Scotch House

Does this mean that Wille mae's will be open for business after April 1st?

Mar 29, 2007
rphillips9 in New Orleans