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One great meal in Baltimore

I like Crazy Lil's at 27 East Cross St. Downstairs is a fairly typical bar, but go upstairs to find a quiet, smoke-free dining room. The menu is varied, mostly grilled (burgers, fish, chicken). The crab dip is the best I've ever had. All the food is very tasty and not at all expesive. The servers are friendly and attentive. It would probably take you less than 1/2 hour to get down there and if you go eaerly enough, you can check cross street market and the view from Federal Hill Park.

visiting Baltimore aquarium w/kids--lunch spots

Holy moley!

visiting Baltimore aquarium w/kids--lunch spots

I agree that you should stay away from the Aquarium cafeteria; for that matter you might as well basically stay away from about everything down at the harbor. Little Italy is a great option (Luigi Petti is good) and it's a nice couple of blocks walk. Ruth's Chris steakhouse is also right there.

South Balto Eats

At Hogan's the crab cake platter is $8.95, sandwich, $7.25. By the way, anyone been to Ikarus in Greektown? There's some good eatin.

South Balto Eats

I have four great eateries in South Baltimore (aka Federal Hill )

1. Hogan's Alley---for the best shrimp salad in the city as well as large juicy burgers, a better crab cake than Cp'n Larry's and a big-ass cheesesteak!

2. Himalaya House---great, fresh, large Nepalese/Indian food in the unlikely location of Locust Point. They won't flyer the neighborhood because of the recent statute regarding same.

3. Mikies---Great fresh carry out for not so late at night.

Crazy Lils---get a burger and the Mahi bites and eat em upstairs in the non-smoking dining room.

Lemme know what you think

Federal Hill rant

Hey Man,
As long as you're not scared of the "scary locals" as the CP likes to put it in their food edition, You should check out Hogan's Alley at Fort and Covington. Great crab cake and cheesesteak and probably the best shrimp salad in the city.