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local hounds: dinner tonight or sunday night at lotus of siam?

visiting from the east coast and went to lotus for the first time in years yesterday—as good as ever. would love to go back with more people, more than once. my spice level there is usually 8 or 9.

sunday night dinner would have to finish before 9pm (gotta catch a flight)

if anyone's interested, drop me a note?

Apr 24, 2013
fractious in Las Vegas

Cafe Topsy: is it good? is it still open?

planning to go to cafe topsy (575 hudson) on wednesday for dinner. reports are conflicting: it is open, it is closed. they have a website still, but aren't picking up the phone (unsure if it's because of the holiday). does anyone know for sure if it's still around in the same location AND (perhaps more importantly), if it's still good?

Dec 31, 2006
fractious in Manhattan