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meat and verr verr wrong...

Historically Indian cuisine reflects some of our oldest fruit and meant recipes going back thousands of years, one small example their curries (vegetarian, fish and meat) were always accompanied some kind of fruit such as sliced banannas and coconut. Asian cuisine has always palyed off the subtle combindations of sweet and sour. Our tastes are developed from early dietary exposures as children and perhaps this has moulded your tastes.....would love to provide you with my Pork Chop and Prune (marinated in white wine recipe)....straight from the galley of the Royal Britannia....interested??? I mean Cranberry compote served to accompany roast Turkey is a 250 year old American tradition.

Apr 29, 2007
morleyo in General Topics

Wine with pineapple?

Taking clues from fingerfood and pineapple with wine - here is how I prepare my pineapple to be palattable with most wines - appropriate for cocktail parties or summer bbq's- as I like to serve a wide selection of wines: this could be made a few days ahead, refridgerated then use the Poached wedges as desired with various combos - nice hint of ginger and the is suprising ingredient is the rum
1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, sliced into 1/2" thick triangles
I pieced of ginger (small thumb sized), peeled (scrape with a spoon),and sliced into about 20 'coins (1/8" thick slices)
4 cups of Water
1/4 cup dark rum
1 cup sugar
Method:infuse sugar and ginger in 4 cups of water bring to boil for 3 mins, take off heat and leave covering lid on for 10 minutes, return to heat bring to boil again, add pineapple, cook 3 mins, take off heat, extract ginger & discard, leave covered - 10 ins - then take out poached pineapple and place into bowl. Return mixture to heat and 'reduce' until about 1 1/3 cups of syrupy liquid left. Should be rather thick. Add poached Pineapple and 1/4 cup rum. Chill- good for several days......when ready to use, just wrap with any cold sliced meat or toothpicked cubes of brie, & green grapes & water chestnuts; I have used them on the grill with some success if skewered and wrapped with bacon. Painstaking but a treat. The acidity neutralizes via poaching process and I have found it to be very palattable with most wines...

Apr 29, 2007
morleyo in Wine

Looking for good (healthy) sandwich ideas

When I worked, I made a meat loaf - execptional recipe - lasts a full week refridgerated:
1lb gr beef
1/2lb gr pork
1/2lb gr veal
I cup plain Yogurt
1/2cup fresh chives
1/4 cup fresh parsley
1 cup coarsely crushed plain soda crackers
3 cloves garlic minced
1 sm oniion diced finely
1/2teasp salt
2 eggs (beaten up)
2 tblesp Worcestershire Sauce
dash tobasco
Method:in a large bowl combine meats first - two using forks - to keep the meat light - do not compress mixture -add saltines, sauteed onion, garlic, chive, parsley, beaten eggs, Worcester, and tabasco, roll mixture onto a large piece of plastic and holding sides roll back and forth to shape into a log - then roll this onto a prepared oven grill pan (cover grill pan with foil, and where holes are push foil through to allow drippings to escape), you can spray surface of foil, next cover with bacon, and paint with barbeque sauce, and bake at 375 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Cool and transfer to plate,,,,you'll get dinner and a week of lunch sandwiches. Really good if you have four lunches to make daily.....(You can remove bacon before slicing thinly for use as lunch meat)

Apr 29, 2007
morleyo in Home Cooking

Pulled Pork Sandwich Tour - Suggestions?



Marinated a Pork Loin Roast (5lb), for 3 days in 1 1/2 bottles of red wine (good qulity), 10 cloves garlic, 6 tablespoons of cracked balck peper, 2 talbespoons dry oregano. Rub roast with 2 tablespoons of olive oil then rub in the minced garlic & black pepper corns. Place in a container add wine and cover thightly. Rotate meat evey twelve hours. Place roast in pan @ 425 deg. for 20 mins then turn down to 325 for 3 1/2 hours. Simmer marinade on low in a black cast iron frying pan (if you have one - stainless would be good too), for 3 hours,(while roast cooks), baste the roast periodically - to prevent drying of meat. When done add 1 cup wine and 1/4 lb butter to the simmering marinade and allow to reduce to thick gravy (can add Bistro if you chose).
>After you have served this delicous roast & gravy for dinner, (mashed Pots, green beans), cool roast & gravy and refirdgerate a couple of days...
>NOW FOR THE PRECIOUS LEFTOVERS!!: Take loin and carefully shred meat with a sharp tined fork, make a sauce with the left over gravy as a base; add tomato paste, mustard,(I use a horseradish grain mustard), 3 tblspns of good Balsamic vinegar, (, brown sugar and dash of hot sauce and some prepared smoky Barbeque Sauce, just to flavour & add volume to quantity of gravy.(depends on amt of shredded pork you have
)>Combine sauce & meat in a cast iron frying pan (lge),and simmer till nice and soft.
>Serve on big fat white buttererd bread buns, slather on meat sauce, cover with caramelized onions (or can use canned french fried onion righs), and a good showering of shredded Mozarella cheese. (can sprinkle shredded green onions to serve)
>To accompany this make a coleslaw: I do it with (plumped)rasins and fresh pineapple chunks, & lots of shredded carrot, & shredded cabbage, "minced":, radishes, celery,red pepper,& onion. DRESSING:In a hot non-stick frying pan, add a dash of olive oil & 2 tablespoons of curry powder and one tablespoon of cumin and roast 1 min until roasted,Use a folded paper towel to pick up roasted spices and add this (shake the paper towel over mayo bowl) to 4 tablespoons of your favorite mayo, correct seasonings, combine with coleslaw, cover, let sit overnight in refirdgerator.

>To be sociologically correct, a side dish of pork and beans would balance this scenario, however, Home Baked Beans would be the best complement - not to mention additional protein.

>This will produce the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches - fit for a king, it may seem like a 'long and winding road' to complete these steps but you will find this be rewarding process.
should serve at least 8 people. Great cold on a sandwich for work too.

Dec 31, 2006
morleyo in Manhattan