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The Local in Rhinebeck. Anyone been?

We ate there Friday night and thought the quality was way above average. Husband was a bit put off that they brought over two thin baguette slices with a pat of butter but they did bring more when we asked. Wish we hadn't had to ask. I had the fish and chips, great batter coating, crisp, light. Loved the dessert with their homemade cinnamon ice cream, caramelized, thinly sliced bananas and bread pudding. Great taste-blending. I wish we could get away from these tiny circles (tartlet-like desserts) and back to a generous scoop of something coming from a larger dish. Thought the drinks were pricey: small glasses of wine for 9-12 and cocktails for $12. LOVED the minimalist environment and subtle, contemporary gray/black/industrial tones. I definitely would go back. I have to give the owners a lot of credit, they are right there in the kitchen, and they know food. Everyone has their dream.


I have to agree that their bagels are great!

Apple Strudel

Where can I find the best apple strudel?

Aug 31, 2010
gspeed in Outer Boroughs

Zen Dog: Rhinebeck

Has anyone tried newly opened Zen Dog in Rhinebeck? Cafe, music, art, books.

leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

Leonardo's has reincarnated itself to the main street, simplifying, serving salads, soups and sandwiches. He is carrying the Caio Bello gelatos, served by the scoop. 12 ounce or 16 ounce coffee is $1, honor system, serve yourself. Sandwiches, high quality; a few tables for sit down inside.

Top 10 Bakeries in the 5 Boros? [moved from What's My Craving?]

Stopped by the Donut Plant the other morning. OMG!!!!! The Creme Brule donuts (and all the yeast-type we tried (6 kinds) were absolutely fabulous. So happy to have found this place. Thanks for the recommendation.

Aug 27, 2010
gspeed in Manhattan

Apple Strudel, NYC

I'm still looking for apple strudel recommendations within the five boroughs. I'll be traveling to the City regularly over the next few months. Please help!

Aug 27, 2010
gspeed in Manhattan

Apple Strudel, NYC

Thanks, daffy; I'll check early tomorrow morning to see if I have any other responses.

Aug 24, 2010
gspeed in Manhattan

Apple Strudel, NYC

Help! Leaving early tomorrow morning to explore NYC for the day. Trying to find the best apple strudel in NYC. Anyone?????

Aug 24, 2010
gspeed in Manhattan

Pentagon City

Can anyone recommend restaurants with great food, less formal atmosphere and great prices in the Pentagon City area for thirtysomethings, ethnic fare, and then some of your favorite spots, generally? Looking for some GOOD FOOD restaurants/secret places from now through the fall.

Dinner/Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

Breakfast: stopping in for a quick coffee/pastry, try their maple twists.
Sitting at the Bread Basket with a dark roast & a maple twist.
Relocating to Rhinebeck, about 10 years ago, I must say the Bread Basket is one of the few places I always visit on my return. The places in America where one can experience a sense of "community" are dwindling.
The fragrance of cinnamon as one enters, in the early hours, fills the soul with hopefulness and a sense that all is right in the world.
Thanks to the Bread Basket for providing quality ingredients, continuity, and the essence of what the human spirit needs.

leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

adegiulio - If you have not tried this particular pizza, Grandma's Pizza, my suggestion is that you try it before commenting. You might be pleasantly surprised.

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

Check out The Rhinecliff Hotel, near Rhinebeck, NY (I think the is the link to their website; if not you can google it)

Rhinecliff Hotel near Rhinebeck

This is the best kept secret in the area. Relatively newly opened, across from the China Rose in Rhinecliff.

I brought my Mom here a few weeks ago. We ate outside, overlooking the sailboats on the Hudson. It was a beautiful fall day. We ordered fresh tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on challah with Gruyere and thick slices of orange-colored, heirloom tomatoes. Fabulous!

My husband and I stopped in about a month ago and ate outside on a Tuesday evening, just prior to open mic night. One of the owners, an English chap, stopped at our table to check in.

Classy. The food is great, the menu is more imaginative than the traditional fare. The ambiance is not casual but more traditional.

Apparently, weddings can be accommodated, as well as overnight guests; the banquet facilities are on the upper level. This place was completely rehabbed and yet retains an "old world" feel with the wide plank pine flooring and the wood paneling.

The food: above average, a wonderful dining experience.

Rhinecliff Hotel
4 Grinnell, Rhinecliff, NY 12574

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

Dale J:

Here, here! I agree.

Terrapin in Rhinebeck and Bear Cafe in Bearsville (Woodstock)

My husband and I eat at the bistro side of the Terrapin often and have consistently good meals. Solid service, fresh ingredients.

leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

I agree about the Spumoni at Leonardo's Italian Deli, not too good. I've had their sub sandwiches, often, which are good, but pricy.

If you want fabulous pizza, go to Salvatore's Pizzaria in Red Hook and order Grandma's Pizza. It is different from all the others with a different sauce and cheese but will make you salivate, just breathing in the aroma. It is the thick slice, square cut with fresh, peeled tomato chunks on top and garlic (but not bitter or strong, at all). Someone brought several to our book group this summer and since then I've been back about 4 times. I don't know what they do, but this is an AMAZING PIZZA!!!

Sports Bar (or the like) in Rhinebeck ?

I disagree with adegiulio concerning the Terrapin. My husband and I live nearby and visit often, sometimes for casual nachos or snacks at the bar, sometimes for a full meal in the bistro side of the restaurant. The service is consistently good, even when they are busy. The staff is seasoned, the ingredients are consistently fresh and intriguing. These people know what they are doing. Even though we have a cynical palate, the Terrapin yields consistent quality. Their drinks are great and creative, not watered down and definitely generous.

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

My husband and I just had a fabulous dinner at Le Petit Bistro. Of all the restaurants in the area (and there are many excellent restaurants because of the close proximity to the Culinary Institute of America) this is our favorite. These are the reasons why: there is always an electric buzz at the restaurant. We love Phil the bartender who can put together a margarita par excellence. The piping hot biscuits that are distributed throughout the meal are delicious. The butter is tastier than anything you'll find anywhere. The quality is consistently high. The service is excellent. It is fun to go if simply to experience Daniel who brings the chalk board and reads the daily specials (my husband does a great imitation of Daniel).


Does anyone know where two nice Danish girls can get some rugbroed in NYC?

May 31, 2008
gspeed in Manhattan

Pizza in Cobble Hill area

Pizza at Sam's Restaurant in Cobble Hill:

Stopped in for a quick visit to Brooklyn this week. Last night, my cousin took me to the Best Pizza Place in the World (in her estimation, and she has been all over the world). Sam's. She has been visiting for 50 years. Yes, the baked clams were good. But the pizza, ahhh...., the pizza! It was sublime.

We ordered a pie with fresh garlic, sausage and mushrooms. The sauce was sweet, delicate and fresh. The cheese, a slithering pool of goodness. I'm still reminiscing the mingling of flavors on my palatte.

This is worth a trip for the old world ambiance, unpretentious atmosphere and the friendly give-and-take conversation with the family servers!

Dec 31, 2006
gspeed in Outer Boroughs