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birthday cake search

thanks for all your help. i have a less than two months to get this done!

birthday cake search

wow. i know they have cookies and other baked goods, but didn't know they did special order cakes. where are they located? i've never done a wedding, so how does a tasting work? what's the pricing for a tasting? cake?

birthday cake search

oops, i may have typed my preferences incorrectly...
yes to buttercream, or creamcheese, or italian merengue...
no fondant, no sugar work, no gum paste, no whipped cream "frosting".
in other words, no more up scale twinkies... i want real, honest, cavity causing, sugar coma inducing cake... thank you very much! =)

birthday cake search

Masse's? where are they located?

birthday cake search

i was kinda hoping for a more european cake--since we do live near two chinatowns, i think some of us are tired of the asian sponge cake with whipped cream. don't get me wrong, they're yummy... but i miss my frostings, plus we had a big full sheet cake for baby's baptismal celebration already, wanted to try a different cake this time around... any suggestions?

birthday cake search

i'm looking for a birthday cake...

birthday boy is turning ONE--1st son of the oldest son, so according to tradition, it is super important... i think it is up there with the red egg thingie. there will be a whole roasted pig and the other traditional ceremonial things too

my personal preference: moist cake, NO soggy syrup soaked cakes. buttercream or creamcheese or maybe italian merengue (sp?). no fondant. hand piped design and borders, no need for sugar work.

my family and i are from the south, and grew up with uber sweet and rich desserts, but majority of our guests are not sugar addicts (i think a few are diabetics, oops! too bad for them, i guess?). so have to find a cake that caters too both. so basically European cake (moist cake with a rich slightly sweet frosting) for my family, but asian-esque cake (light, not overly sweet, maybe fruit filled-strawberries?) for the guests...

expecting app. 100 guests, aiming for a $300 and under, 2-3 layered, maybe tiered (depending on design....). live in berkeley, will drive as far as s. sf/richmond bridge,milipitas, walnut creek to taste/order/pickup. i have a month to search for the cake.... thanks in advance for all suggestions!

Muir treehugger in search of good eats

Moved to the Bay Area 5 years ago and have never yet seen a Redwood tree. Planning on rectifying this tragedy by going to Muir Woods to hug Redwood trees. Will most likely work up a HUGE appetite... so... what's good in and around Muir Woods? Diners, hole-in-the-wall, local spots are MOST welcome! Thanks for all suggestion(s)...

it's bad but... is there a Dunkin Donuts in SF?

I thought I saw a Dunkin Donuts driving near the pier in SF heading to Ghirardelli Square...
were my eyes deceiving me... was it a hallucination or is there actually a Dunkin Donuts there?

stinky tofu in SF Chinatown?

I think there are old postings on here about stinky tofu... I tried the stinky tofu at Spices in Downtown Oakland (not that great)... but if you're still interested... there is a place called Star restaurant on Jackson Street in SF Chinatown that has good stinky tofu... silky inside crispy outside... but as you know... be aware of the acquired smell of this delicacy...

Anyone seen any cream cheese frosting lately?

I was at Citizen Cupcake on March 31st...
I remembered a posting on chowhound proclaiming the bliss of old Coke made with sugar versus HFCS and if someone were going back to Mexico to bring back a case, etc....
Therefore I checked the bottle and it said made in mexico... and checked the ingredient listing and... yes.. it said sugar.... =)

Duck's Eggs

fresh duck eggs?? like chicken eggs? or did you mean the semi-embryo-developed eggs --like the filipino delicacy "balut" ?
if it is "balut" you are looking for you could try any of the asian grocery stores on International Blvd in East Oakland or Oakland chinatown

Noodle Theory -- Oakland

can anyone post the address and business ours of this place?
also does it take cash/CC???

Anyone seen any cream cheese frosting lately?

cream cheese frosting...hmmmm
try Citizen Cupcake in the Virgin Megastore-Union Square (top floor)
there's carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting... a lemon filled cupcake with lemony cream cheese frosting...oh yeah... Coca-cola from Mexico (made with sugar and not corn syrup!--old style...)

Does anyone remeber George's Donut shop in East NO?

Back in the late 80's - early 90's... George's Donut Shop...

I remember long lines at this little donut shop (more like a trailer) in front of a Winn Dixie on the corner of Chef Menteur and Michoud Blvd. Always a 6-7 car line at the drive up window or a 10-person-deep line out the door in the mornings. They had the BEST hot glazed donuts (Krispy Kreme can NOT compare). Does anyone know what has happened to these donuts and if the recipe survived and is being reproduced elsewhere?

Mar 09, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

Longing for Lin's Bakery

i used to buy most of my cakes from Lin's bakery. from what i heard (secondhand) Lin's Bakery still exists but the original owners have sold the business. the cakes from this Lin's Bakery are not the same taste/quality. i bought a cake pre-Katrina from the new owners and it was dry, the whipped cream "frosting" had an oily(?) after taste. i used to be able to get fruits like longan or lychee instead of strawberriesfor the fillings but the new owners would not do this stating it was out of season (it comes in cans, how can it be out of season?).

as for Chez Pierre, my previous experience about their cake is that the cakes tend to be soggy. i understand coffee cakes are brushed with coffee, but i thought it was for moistness? anyhow, very disappointed in the "oriental" cakes in the 504.

Mar 09, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

best east bay vietnamese?

IMO... I would take my visiting siblings to these places... I'm sure they are not THE best, but they're pretty good....

for pho: Pho Oakland on 12th
for rice dishes: Binh Minh Quan, the Banh Hoi and Banh Xeo there are also pretty good
for Banh Cuon: Banh Cuon Tay Ho (right next door to Binh Minh Quan)
for Bun Bo Hue: Pho Ao Sen (early Sunday morning) or Pho King on International
for Com Chien with Ga Roti: Thanh Ky on 12th (across from "Clinton" park)
for Bun Rieu: Binh Minh Quan and/or Pho King (on International)

dirt cheap eats in NOLA, post-K

I remeber a chinese restaurant on the WestBank... "Double Dragon" that served 2 lobsters for $25... wonder if they still do that... ? I think there are two locations... one on Mahattan(?) and the other way down Lafayette(?) heading south

Jan 26, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

Valentine's Reservations: Skates or Steaks?

I'm planning on making dinner reservations for Valentine's for the weekend of (Feb.10th or 11th) to avoid Wednesday night hassles.

The other half is a "steaks and loaded baked potatoes" kind of guy... So I'm in a quandary... should I go to Skate's on the Bay for the view and okay food? OR... Morton's Steakhouse at Union Square? OR... is there a better steakhouse I should look into?

Thanks for all suggestions!

Chocolate Desserts

Am I wrong or did the Red Fish Grill serve a triple chocoate bread pudding?

Jan 25, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

Royal China (Metairie) for dim sum?

Agree with the previous post. Can not compare Royal China to SF dim sum. But from what I remember of New Orleans, isn't Royal China the only place there that serves a decent dim sum? I remember there was a hole-in-the-wall place in New Orleans East (Hong Kong East off Read Blvd, behind the McDonald's, behind Ruby Lama's on the service road) that also served dim sum. Anyways, why drive SEVEN hours to Houston when you can fly to SF in FIVE hours? SF dim sum ranks better than Houston's. IMO

Jan 25, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

Jack Dempsey's??

Is Jack Dempsey's open or has it become another Katrina victim?

A friend of mine took me there once for dinner and I loved the fried oysters and softshell crab there... I forgot the exact address, though... =/

Coming abck to New Orleans to visit family soon and was hoping to stop by there again...


Jan 12, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

Oakland: Princess Bakery Gelatin Cakes

We ordered a gelatin cake for a birthday recently. Due to our request (specific type of fruit to be suspended in a layer of gelatin) the owner told us that they do not make the cakes at the bakery but is really made in San Jose and then delivered to Princess Bakery.She then gave us the number of the person who actually makes the gelatin and spoke to her directly.

Recently ordered some holiday grub from Cam Huong in downtown Oakland and found out that they make gelatin cakes there on site. Talked to the workers there and was told that recently started doing this and that the geatin cakes there cost less.

Gorcery Outlet: Lindt Excellence Dark Xtra Fine Chocolate-Intense Pear--RESTOCKED

This is my first good deed for the new year. I would like to inform anyone who is interested that Grocery Outlet in Berkeley has restocked their shelves with this dark chocolate early this morning. I, however, have horded away 10 bars--which will leave the rest of y'all out there with about 3 boxes. I said this was a good deed--didn't say I was a saint! =)

The very BEST King Cake?

I used to get my king cakes from Good Children's Bakery in Violet (don't know if it is still there since Katrina). Or at Haydel's on Airline(?). I haven't been back to New orleans for years, so the quality and taste of these places may have changed.

Jan 02, 2007
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

You guys aren't going to like this...

Just to bring the thread back to the original posted theme... how about natives/transplants/tourists/etc... list their favorite spots for any particular "ethnic" cuisine or maybe just plain old reliable favorites? I'm sure post-K, there must have been beaucoup changes in New Orleans and the eatery scene so suggestions and reccommendations would be sooo nice. =)

Also, I must admit to my own selfish motives. I'm a native that was transplanted to the Bay Area/San Francisco for a while now (7years) and would like to be updated on where the great eateries are!!

Dec 31, 2006
SumoSizeMe in New Orleans

need recs for BBq spareribs--NO babyback ribs, please

craving for bbq, but the other half does not care for babyback...
does anyone know of a good bbq place that serves pork and/or beef spareribs and not babyback?

thanks so much!