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Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

Walmart ... About $ 2.50 a bottle. Three flavours. They have had
SBR sauces for a year now

Apr 13, 2015
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I see that What a Bagel are opening a new store on Bay St just north of College

They have fantastic bagels and baked goods and we love going to the Thornhill store for brunch . Always fresh and consistent
Not too many bagel /deli options in the area

I hope they do well

Apr 11, 2014
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dr. Laffa needs to requalify


A Range Hood isexpensive but it is an integral part of the bussiness especially if you are producing a specific product.

Gas tanoor requires Exhaust System - NFPA 96 which would cost aprox. $ 6 ooo

Electric Tanoor only requires only a Fume Hood which would cost aprox $ 3500

Not too bad if it would allow him to produce the product quality that everyone expects.. The payback would be very quick

Apr 28, 2013
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

King's Tacos & Tenoch Mexican -both on St. Clair W - both excellent

I stopped in at Tenoch a few weeks ago on my way home for a quick snack as I skipped lunch
It was about 4 30 and there were only two others in the restaurant
The young girl at the counter was very friendly and had a lot of patience going through the whole menu and explaing all the dishes
I ended up ordering the tamale and the tacos
Both items were served very quickly and were extremly tasty , and just as she described . For under ten dollars for the two items , i was very impressed
I will definatelly return to have a full meal there with the family . A great find !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 16, 2013
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Moxies Richmond Hill - Terrible Food and service

After staying away from chain resto`s ,we decided to go to Moxies in Ricmond Hill last night

Never Again -
The room was very well decorated and and the wait staff looked fantastic - but that was the only positive
shrimp cocktail -- Tiny little shrimp drowning in oil and served with a few slices of thinly sliced stale bread - very underwelming ,,,,,,
We ordered three Asian chicken Salads -- One came with chicken breast chunks and the other two no chicken at all - Salad very basic and drowned in dressing - Disgusting
I ordered fish Tacos - 3 limp tacos with some heavy mayo based coleslaw and a cold piece of deep fried fish with heavy oily batter - seved with a side salad which was the only decent offering

Waiter was very obnoxius from the get go , but got very rude after we spoke to the manager about the food (?) and he comped the two salads . after that , he totally ignored us and sent a bus boy to process our visa payment
We left a good tip to the very surprised and grateful bus boy who treated us better than the waiter

I am surprised that a restaurant that looks so good , has not paid any attention to the food experience and trained the staff to embrace the customers and ensure that they have a pleasant experience - I will never return there

Dec 02, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Slider Revolution - Danforth/Pape - now open

The only true sliders I have had are from White Castle in the states

Nov 08, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

BBQ in Bradford

Any one of a good BBQ smokehouse in Bradford , Ontario . I will be working there for a while and remember hearing about a great place a while ago.

Oct 24, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

Try the hottest roti at Ghandi ,,,,,,,,,,,, It made me sick for a week and I can handle extremelly hot food

Aug 29, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Share the best single thing you ate TODAY!

Actually yesterday I had an absolutelly delicious Hamburger at Williams Landing in Liberty Village . everything was great ............

Aug 25, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Burrito Burrito Store in Liberty Village

The name is : Burrito Burrito

Aug 23, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Burrito Burrito Store in Liberty Village

I just found this incredible little Burrito store in the back alley in the Old building at 171 East Liberty street
I walked past on my way to a meeting at about 12.30 today and the store was packed with people and a line up out the door.The store looked very clean and bright so I went back after my meeting at about 2.30
Store was empty than and staff was cleaning up and replenishing the food dishes
Staff was very friendly and told me a brief history of the family run store . They have another branch in Woodbridge
I ordered a regular size Steak Burritto $ 8. 50 inc tax with extra Hot sauce and fully loaded .I was offered a choice of white or wholewheat I went with white
The burritto was delicious , all the toppings were fresh and there was a generous amount of meat .The sauce makes a difference but you definattely need the hot sauce.
I sat at the one table in the front of the store and could not even finish the burrito.It was huge .I brought half home for my dinner.
A very good ,fresh and tasty lunch at a great price in a lovelly clean attractive room . I will make a point of eating here every time I am in the area

Anyone else been there yet ??????/

Aug 22, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Big Bone BBQ in Vaughan fantastic smoked ribs and wings

Had lunch there a couple of weeks ago , ordered the brishet sandwich. The meat was absolutelly disgusting I think it was sliced processed meat ,heated up with a bit of bbq sauce and slapped onto a bun . Served with tasteless slaw and well cooked frozen fries . No smoke flavour in the meat at all !!!!!!!!!!!!! I took one bite and sent it back .Staff were sweet , but clueless about the product.The other person with me had a pulled pork sandwich, He said it was ok cause he was hungry , but would not return .I wish people would tahe pride in the product they sell n. If they dont have enough volume to make a fresh consistant brisket , dont settle for serving crap , just take it off the menu

Mar 13, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sausage without pork casing?

You could try any Kosher Butcher such as Hartmans or Pearls or Sobeys in Thornhill

Jan 25, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Delivery Service(Company?)

Grub Canada and Just - eat dont actually deliver . They just process the orders online
The only online delivery company is Order - It -- and thats only if the restaurant that you require is a customer of theirs . Check their web site

Jan 23, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best hot chocolate?

Aroma .. They steam the hot milk up with REAL rich milk chocalate - Order it extra hot and stir well .Deeelicious

Jan 20, 2012
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sick at home and desperately in need of some great MISO and sushi delivery in THORNHILL

check on

Nov 30, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Roti?

One word ......... " GANDHI "....................

Oct 05, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to eat at Queen and Bathurst

Just A great place to relax and enjoy a casual meal is the Hot Wings Grill and Rib House - Comfort Food served in a very relaxed and fun invironment - Prices are very reasonable and this place definatelly deserves a visit by Guy fron DDD -- The grilled wings in lemon pepper sauce are spectacular - i had them Saurday night - As they dont offer Grilled on the menu , you have to rerquest thee wings grilled

Hot Wings
563 Queen St West

Sep 15, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to get grilled wings in TO?

HOT WINGS - GRILL AND RIB HOUSE - They make the most amazing grilled Wings, Even though they are not on the menu , they have the grilled wings most of the time. Be sure to ask the waitress for Grilled - Not Fried as I think they normally serve the win gs fried . I always have the sauce on the side as the flavor of the wings from the marinade and the grilling are spectacular and I find I don't really need the sauce. This restaurant has such a cool casual atmosphere , prices are very reasonable , other menu items ive had are also delicious ie Ribs and Pulled Pork Sandwiches .Just a really nice place to go and have good food and a good time . If you like really hot sauce try their "911" Hot Sauce - at your own risk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Hot Wings Grill and Rib House
563 Queen St West
ph ; 416 359 - 8860



May 28, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Late Night Sushi North of Bathurst and Sheppard - Help Needed!

Maki Sushi on Disera Drive Never had a bad experience there Its only ten minutes from the Manor

Apr 21, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Is salad creations on yonge south of Carleton still open?

Yes snoobie.
It closed down about two months ago . It is such a pity ,as Iolve the concept . I used to eat there every time I was in Boca Raton in Florida . Ii think that this concept is more suited to a mall or food court location
The store on Yonge and Carlton was too large and the rent is extremely high

Apr 05, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best AYCE Sushi in Richmond Hill / Thornhill?

without a doubt Maki Sushi on Disera drive

Mar 11, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wings... A twist on an old Favourite...

By far the best wings in the city are on Queen St West at Hot Wings Grill and Rib House
Large size wings , hot and fresh served with the most delicious fresh store cut fries .
Seven or eight large jumbo wings , not breaded and the sauces are delicious . About 20 different flavours . My favouritesare the lemon pepper and parmesan garlic . Great room and very pleasant waitresses provide great service . Prices are extremelly reasonable - Lunch every day and all day and night Teusdays only $ 7 .45 for a regular order and $14.50 for a large order . Even the regular prices at $ 9.45 and $ 17.45 are fantastic value -- A great little gem of a spot to hang out , relax and enjoy great wings . Other menu items such as ribs and pork look and smell great too . 5 flat screen TV`s for the sports games . I love this place

Hot Wings Grill and Rib House
563 Queen Street West
416 359 - 8860

Mar 07, 2011
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Have you tried that new Wing Place on Queen and Portland . They have introduced grilled wings which are absolutelly delicious . The best wings I have ever tasted . They serve the large wings and fries by the pound for $ 9.45 . I have had the fried wings there which are fantastic , but the grilled ones are incredible . The place is very inviting , friendly service and just a cool place to hang out . Very reasonaqble prices too.

Hot Wings Grill and Rib House
563 Queen Street West

Jul 12, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Joeys -- Don Mills Centre

Anyone been to Joeys at the Don Mills Center . Went there for lunch today. Room is absolutely stunning. Service for lunch was great. The restaurant was very quiet but started filling up closer to 2.00 pm
We had the lettuce wrap with n oodles and veggies in a heavy peanut sauce. Very nice but tooo saucy and sweet
Wife and I shared the Cheeseburger Sliders ( 3) Very tasty and well presented
We also had a hamburer and fries Burger was tasty an d well cooked but the fries were dissapointing I would expect more than Mc donalds style frozen Mccains fries . All in all a good comfortable resto for either a night out or a casual meal 

Anybody had any views of this restaurant

Mar 21, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Locating a Restaurant in the GTA where seats are swings

If I recall correctly , The Richtree at Bayview and York Mills have swings for seats in one section at the back on the left .

Mar 10, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fulton Burger Closed in Thornhill


Mar 05, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fulton Burger Closed in Thornhill

Anyone know if the Stoufville one is still open

Mar 04, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fulton Burger Closed in Thornhill

It was just a matter of time. The product was terrible , overpriced and the owners never did any marketing or promoting of the store. Its a great pity as there is such a good customer base in that area for a good product.

i wonder how the other branches are doing

Mar 04, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Jewish Style Restaurants in TO

my son does not eat milk and meat together , so i called United bakeries to ask them and they told me that the do use a lot of butter in the pea soup !

Jan 24, 2010
itzi in Ontario (inc. Toronto)