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Vietnam Recommendations -- need help in multiple cities

We just left HCMC and had an ok eating experience compared to what you can find in thailand or china.

Quan an ngon - after reading so much about quan an ngon my expectations were high. The atmosphere is charming and very relaxing. The menu is extensive and maybe this is where we fell short, the dishes we had were good but not spectacular. We ordered the:
-- fried spring rolls which were yummy
--pork casserole with lemongrass which I thought was ok
--their version of bahn mi with filet and fries which was nothing to write home about.
--Pork spareribs were excellent

Our next stop was com nieu sai gon @ 6c tu xuong st in district 3. This was probably our favorite. It was all locals and packed during lunch. A very good sign. This place was featured in Anthony bourdain's show and written up in NY times article. They are known for this rice clay pot dish that they throw around before serving. Although it's a little showy, the food there is pretty solid and authentic. We had the
--lotus root salad with beef -excellent
--pork casserole - good
--shrimp spring rolls - great
--assorted mushrooms with garlic
If we could have I would have like to have tried one of their fried fish dishes and a hot pot of some kind. I noticed many of the tables had some sort of soup, never mind that it was a thousand degrees outside.
The last stop was Minh duc at 100 ton that tung st in district 1. Honestly our meal sucked there but I t was because of the language barrier. If I had to do this again I'd try to go with someone who spoke Vietnamese as i notched two other tables of foreigners that were accompanied by a local. Secondly, I would not order anything from the the food that was on display. We were forced by the hboc to order from there not realizing until after the meal that the locals all sat down frost and ordered from these pink menu booklets that were on the table. Btw, I looked through it and the menu was all in Vietnamese and I doubt they had an English version. This was another place mentioned in the NY times for it's great local flavor and wish I could have tried their slow simmered pork belly.

Aug 07, 2011
lychee in China & Southeast Asia

[Vietnam] Nha Trang Eats

Thanks crabby cakes for the thorough reviews. We are in nha trang now and was wondering if there were any noteworthy places. Looks like we might just stay at the ana mandara if nothings good

Aug 07, 2011
lychee in China & Southeast Asia

wine pairing with black miso cod

any suggestions on what type of white wine would be best to serve with this dish (from Nobu's cookbook)?

Dec 30, 2008
lychee in Wine

Comme Ca

I too really wanted to like this place as well and after reading all the reviews prepared myself for some kinks in the service and the "salt" factor. Unfortunately I was unprepared for the horrible night of service and bad food.

First off, we had reservations but was told right off that it would be another 15-20 minute wait. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, it was a new restaurant, they were working out the kinks, etc etc. After about 30 minutes of waiting, we asked again about our table and they said it would be another couple of minutes. Meanwhile we noticed select VIP-ish looking people getting seated right away. Tried not to think there was favoritism involved and again, gave them the benefit of doubt. It wasn't until after 1 hour of waiting, and mind you we had a reservation, that our party started to get a little upset. After complaining to the hostess (mistake #1 - they don't really care so don't know why I even bothered...) they tried to cram us into a table for two even though there were 3 of us or gave us the decision to wait another "couple of minutes" for another table that was paying their bill. Again, I understand this is a new restaurant, but come on... what a weak excuse, I don't remember other notable and new restaurants using this line of reasoning to justify the fact that they screwed up and took too many reservations.

Their food was really quite mediocre.Within our party we had the steak frites which was average at best and although it was ordered medium, came medium rare. The fries -- salty. The beef bourguignon which was supposed to be "so tender that you don't need a knife" was riddled with huge veins of fat and was so tough that a sharp hunting knife would have been more appropriate.
Walking over to Luques across the street would have been a better use of my time and calories....

Nov 04, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Comme ca, so so? Hardly.

Had a horrible experience there last night. Waited an hour even though we had reservations to be told. The food was eh and nothing to write home about. The food we ordered was either too salty or overcooked. The only thing going for them was the decor. Way overhyped which was disappointing since Sona was so good. Be wary of the hostess and the manager ---A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E

Nov 04, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Kumo or Katsuya (hllywd)??

Going out with some friends and we're debating between trying Kumo or the new Katsuya in Hollywood. I've eaten at the Katsuya in Brentwood and loved the food and atmosphere. I've also tried Hakusama and really liked the food so I think both will be great. Just don't know which one to decide between. Has anyone gone to either?

Oct 26, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Has Craft in Century City opened yet?

I saw it listed on Citysearch but wasn't sure it was open yet. Has anyone tried it yet?

Jul 15, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

La Cienega, Beverly, Melrosoe or Third Street Restaurant Recommendations?

Wondering if any new restaurants that have popped up in the last few months are worth trying in any of these neighborhoods?

Jul 15, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Korean Food Recs Near Bev Center?

I haven't been keeping up to date with what korean restaurants are still good. Lately, I've been limiting myself to Chosun Galbee and want to try some new areas. Can anyone recommend any great places, besides Soot Bul Jeep, can't stand the smoke...

Jul 08, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Recommendations for cheap but tasty food near Venice and Overland??

Can anyone recommend some places to go where I can pick up some good food for a potluck and not break the bank? I live near the Beverly Center so somewhere in the area is idea.

Jul 07, 2007
lychee in Los Angeles Area

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

My mom used to make this and it brings me back home...
Toasted english muffin, buttered, then drizzles of honey on both sides, a layer of Kraft American cheese (yes, you read that right) and then microwaved for 5-10 seconds until the cheese is slightly melted.
Wierd but soooo good

Jun 25, 2007
lychee in General Topics

The Great French Fry Debate

1) Fast Food - McDonald's and Fatburger (skinny fries)

2) Shoestring/thin cut - nothing memorable

3) Steak Cut - Hamburger Hamlet

4) Specialty (i.e. chili) - a toss up between Carney's chili cheese fries, Jar and Bin 8945 (fried in duck fat, incredible)

Dec 30, 2006
lychee in Los Angeles Area