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Quick--vegan italian main dish recipes needed

You could make a butternut squash lasagna! Not very seasonal, but delicious. Make a white sauce with soy milk and Earth Balance, roast some butternut squash and puree with some caramelized onions and a little nutmeg. Basil is a nice addition too.

For desserts, maybe a fruit crisp?

Jun 16, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

Any good barley recipes?

I have also used the baked barley recipe, it works quite nicely.

Another recipe that I love is Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad from Gourmet a few years ago. It is perfect for summer with zucchini and eggplant. I use hulled barley instead of pearl barley, and sometimes I add chickpeas.

Jun 01, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

Using yolks only in baking recipes?

2nd all of the above.

Another recipe that just uses yolks is Canneles - you can use a muffin or popover tin if you don't want to get special molds.

Mar 03, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

High Protein, Veggie urban picnic

Quinoa does contain the 8 "essential" amino acids that our bodies are not able to synthesize, so yes, it is considered a "complete" protein just like animal proteins.

I love quinoa salads, I make one with chickpeas, feta, roasted asparagus, parsley, and a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.

Feb 29, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

2008 New Recipe-Quinoa Potato Chowder with Spinach and Feta

Thanks for the recipe, this sounds delicious! I

love quinoa but I've never tried it in a soup. Does it keep its texture well or does it sort of dissolve into the soup?

Feb 25, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

Toting Soup Without Fear

I use Ziploc twist-n-lock containers. They work pretty well but I put mine inside a plastic bag in case it leaks a little. I've heard good things about Lock n Lock but I haven't tried them yet.

Feb 11, 2008
atomic in Features

Help me like Quinoa

Toast it! It's so much better toasted, it gets such a lovely nutty flavor.

Just add it to a pan on medium heat and stir it around for about 10 minutes until it crackles, turns golden and smells toasty. Then rinse well and cook in boiling salted water (or stock).

I like to make quinoa "tabbouleh." Especially with toasted quinoa.

Jan 28, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Biscotti Recipe

Thanks for posting this! Looks like a good recipe and I love pumpkin.

I've started using to keep track of recipes I want to try.

Jan 22, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking

A Salad with winter veggies

Wow, this was exactly what I was going to suggest!

I like to roast butternut squash, sweet onion, and parsnips tossed in a little oil + balsamic vinegar, s & p at 425F for about 20 minutes. Serve on a bed of arugula, add toasted walnuts and goat cheese!

Jan 15, 2008
atomic in Home Cooking


Here's a recipe for a delicious grain salad from Heidi Swanson. I made it using delicata squash, and roasting with balsamic vinegar is a very nice touch, adding some sour and saltiness to the natural sweetness. I also used hulled barley since I didn't have any farro.

Dec 11, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

I've never cooked with tofu.

I agree with the firm or extra-firm recommendation. My personal favorite is Nigari tofu, which is made with magnesium and is REALLY firm. Be sure to drain it well - surround with towels or paper towels and put a heavy weight on top, like a 28oz can on top of a plate.

I usually marinate it and bake it. Typical marinade is soy sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice, miso paste, and chili-garilc paste, and enough water to cover. Then drain and bake at 375F for about 20 minutes. If you want a sauce, just reduce the marinade.

You can add this to a salad or serve over rice.

Dec 11, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Potluck-- with no heat!

I recently brought this farro salad with roasted butternut squash, onions, toasted walnuts and goat cheese to a potluck. It was really tasty. I used hulled barley instead of farro.


Nov 28, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

What's your favorite salad dressing (homemade)?

2-3 tbs. tahini paste + juice of one lemon + 1 clove minced garlic + salt & pepper + 2-3 tbs. olive oil

This is reminiscent of a Caesar but is vegan and very tasty. I also like to mix equal parts honey and mustard on a simple romaine salad.

Nov 28, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Replacing meat in recipes

I have made meatballs from soy "ground meat" with moderate success. I didn't try to fry them but rather baked them after brushing with oil. They kinda fell apart but weren't too bad.

My advice would be to get more adventurous with legumes rather than using imitation meat products. Lentils, chickpeas, adzuki beans, etc. are so nutritious and very versatile.

I am wary of using fake meat in a stew or soup, I would think the long cooking time would make it kinda disintegrate. I suppose you could brown it, remove, make the rest of the stew and then add it back toward the end.

Good luck with your experimenting!

Oct 09, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Unique Dip for Veggies/Crudite

I like a roasted red pepper/sundried tomato dip, I usually mix 1 cup sour cream with a small jar of roasted red peppers and a handful of sundried tomatoes. Add some garlic and basil to taste. It turns a lovely pink color.

Oct 09, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Other Whole Grains to Experiment With?!

You might see it labeled "hulled barley," this is one of my favorite grains, it has a great texture. I cook it in the oven (bring water/broth to a boil, add barley, put in a 350F oven for 60-80 minutes) which makes it very easy.

I tend to eat a lot of grain+legume salads with various roasted or sauteed veggies and maybe some feta or goat cheese.

I love quinoa (toasted!) and also farro, which you might see labeled as spelt.

Oct 06, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

darn it..a carnivore has to do the vegan entree for!!!

Another idea is a roasted or grilled vegetable terrine. You could put some sort of cashew-chickpea spread (soaked + ground cashews, chickpeas, lemon, garlic...) in between layers. If you can get a variety of colors (eggplant, red pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms) it can be very visually appealing.

Oct 06, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Authentic Southern for a vegan?

Check out

The writer is from Mississippi so she knows her stuff. Recipes include various gumbos, bbq seitan "ribs" etc.

Sep 10, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Favorite Shirataki Recipes?

I add them to miso soup, and that's about the only way I like them. The texture is a little too funny for me to eat them plain as "pasta" but I've heard of others enjoying them that way.

My miso soup typically includes green onion, mushrooms, tofu, handful of spinach and/or seaweed, some type of veggie broth (ginger broth from TJ's is nice for this). I always rinse, parboil, and re-rinse the noodles (in cold water), then add to the soup for 2-3 minutes at the end, after adding the miso.

Aug 24, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Portland challenge... please help!

I know nothing of Clackamas, but here's a couple places in southeast (on or near Hawthorne):

-Brunch: I love Simpatica (SE 8th and Ash, just south of Burnside) but they only do brunch on Sundays and it's quite popular (so you may have to wait a while). My other favorite is Jam on SE 23rd and Hawthorne. It's a little more casual, a little cheaper but they do everything very well, including homemade jam (of course). Open for breakfast and lunch every day except Monday I believe.

-Lebanese - I'd recommend Karam, it's downtown (SW 3rd and Stark I think?), reasonably priced, I really like their falafel. I wouldn't call it "funky" but it's a nice place for dinner.

-Cocktails: I like those at Cafe Castagna (SE 19th & Hawthorne) and Imbibe (SE 23rd and Hawthorne right next to Jam), CC is slightly more swanky than Imbibe but both have great cocktails and burgers. Imbibe also has a good happy hour menu (until 7pm I think). My favorite there is the Perfect Cocktail, which is gin, muddled lime and mint, and ginger ale.

Hope you have a great trip!

Aug 21, 2007
atomic in Pacific Northwest

Healthy Entree Suggestions for Ladies Night

Mmmm, frozen banana cheesecake sounds awesome!

I like the tabbouleh suggestion, but I'd pair it with some hummus, baba ghanouj or maybe stuffed grape leaves, and pita. Everything can be made ahead of time, except I always buy pita, haven't tried to make it yet.

Jul 18, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

meeting the best friends new girl...

Agreed. (Or maybe she had a pet pig growing up)

One suggestion is a middle eastern spread with hummus, baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, pita, olives + feta, and chicken kebabs. Most people eat chicken, and keeping any dairy products separate and optional would also help avoid some dietary issues.

Jul 13, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Crispy Smashed Potatoes/Sides for Chicken Kiev

Wow that sounds good! Thanks for sharing your method.

I'm going back and forth on whether I want to make these with the chicken kiev as it might make for an overly oily/greasy dinner, but I'm looking forward to trying these soon!

Jun 26, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Crispy Smashed Potatoes/Sides for Chicken Kiev

I did try searching for this but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for:

I've seen others serve new potatoes that appear to have been boiled (with skin on), slightly smashed (enough so that the skin breaks but the potato stays in one piece) and fried to have crispy outsides.

Simple enough idea, but since I don't cook a lot of potatoes, do y'all have thoughts on the timing? How long to boil, how long to let cool (if at all) before frying, etc.?

I'm thinking of making these as a side for chicken kiev along with some asparagus, FYI.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Jun 26, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Falafel made with chickpea flour?

On a similar, time-saving note, could one freeze the soaked, uncooked chickpeas to allow for just a quick microwave-thaw before grinding? Anyone tried it?

I've only made falafel with canned chickpeas so any improvement in texture (for me) would be a good start.

Jun 10, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

asian BBQ side salad ideas needed

I make something similar but the I use: tahini paste, sesame oil + olive oil, lots of lemon juice, garlic & ginger. and sesame seeds. I also add diced cucumber and red pepper to the cabbage. Yum!

Jun 07, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

may I try your favorite creamy salad dressing recipe?

Lemon-tahini dressing:

3 tbs tahini paste
juice of one lemon
one clove of garlic, minced (or garlic powder if lazy)
1 tbs olive oil
salt & pepper
*if too thick, add a bit of cider vinegar or water*

I like this dressing a whole lot. It is a close-enough approximation of a caesar dressing for vegans/vegetarians as well. You can add a bit of sesame oil if you want to highlight the sesame flavor, otherwise it's pretty mild compared to the lemon & garlic.

May 09, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Recipes using cottage cheese

Mmm, this sounds good!

May 07, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Preparing Rhubarb [Split from San Francisco board]

I've recently read about roasting rhubarb - cut in 1" chunks, tossed with oil and roasted at 375-400 for maybe 20 minutes? Then you toss with cinnamon sugar. I've really been wanting to try it!

Apr 30, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking

Looking for Grain Salad Ideas

I ilke quinoa salad. A typical recipe for me:

Rinse quinoa well. Toast in a dry skillet over medium heat for 10-15 minutes until golden brown and toasty smelling. Some of the grains will crackle a bit. Then boil/simmer. The toasting makes a big difference IMO.

One combo I like is chickpeas, roasted asparagus (or blanched if you want more bite), parsley, chopped olives, lemon juice. I also like the tabbouleh-ish combo of parsley, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice, and feta.

Apr 20, 2007
atomic in Home Cooking