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Fun Dinner for about 30 (adults/kids) around Warwick, RI

What about Twin Oaks in Cranston? It's kind of hard to find (or so people say; I think it's pretty straightforward and just kind of stuck in the back of a neighborhood, but that's just me) but it's definitely big, definitely accomodating to all ages, definitely includes 'red sauce' Italian along with other steakhouse type classics and sandwiches. They have a pretty big menu.

The only drawback is that it's not really near anything, but you could always take a ride to the Hill afterwards for dessert. It's really a short ride from Twin Oaks to the Hill; just hop on 10 north and get off on Dean Street. Maybe you'll have a navigation system!

Fun Dinner for about 30 (adults/kids) around Warwick, RI

There's a Waterfire tonight (March 19th) so you never know! I suspect tonight's Waterfire is due to the NCAA tournament being in town, but it can't hurt to check the schedule once it's up.

Los Andes, PVD

Los Andes is my new favorite place! I love the picante mixto and the ceviche. They usually also have a skewered beef heart appetizer that is out of this world.
It's currently byob but will remain so even after they get their liquor license soon.

I was told the other day that on Wednesday the 29th there will be a review in the projo, so get there before that goes to print!

Current BYOB restaurants in/near Providence, RI

Ran Zan is not BYOB.

Where to Watch Superbowl in Nashville?

We will be in Nashville for Superbowl Sunday, and we are trying to find a casual place relatively near our hotel (Gaylord Opryland) to watch the game.
There will be a group of about 8 of us, and we'd like a comfortable place with better than average 'game food' if possible!

There is a vegetarian among us, but I don't think she will be there for the food so much as the game and drinks. Still it would be nice to have something on the menu to accomodate her tastes.

Thanks very much in advance!

Looking for good French place in Providence, RI

I agree - Chez Pascal is the way to go!

Mike's Kitchen (VFW) vs. Caffe Itri

I love Mike's for lunch on a Saturday. To me Caffe Itri is more of a dinner destination, but also delicious!

Help Me Appreciate Chilean Chardonnay

Hunt, I agree with your entire post. You have hit the nail on the head and said things I've thought many times over the years! I share your taste in Chardonnays.

Jul 25, 2008
sashimi73 in Wine

Best Portuguese restaurants in RI?

Can't comment about any outside RI, and even my experience within the state is limited. But I do have a lot of meals under my belt from Madeira, and they rarely disappoint in any way.

Monday Night Dinner in Providence

Of your four choices, Loui Fuller is the only one I've not yet tried, though I have heard a lot of positive things about it and wouldn't hesitate to go.
Other than that my rec would be for New Rivers if sticking to your list.

The suggestion of Pane e Vino does sound great though! You can't beat 1/2 priced wine.

anything yummy in Lincoln, RI?

I can only picture the Wendy's across the street from the Lincoln Mall!

4 nights in Marbella

We're here in Marbella and can attest to the recommendation by trvlcrzy for Santiago and La Hacienda. At La Hacienda I had a scallop appetizer and the large scallops still had the roe sacks attached. Yesterday we went to Restaurante Santiago where we indulged on percebes (sea barnacles), grilled sea bass and enormous grilled prawns. We have experienced the freshest and best seafood of our lives here, and that's coming from 2 New Englanders.
Also of note was a trip to Red Pepper in Puerto Banus. I didn't love the touristy "lives of the rich and famous" vibe of that area so much, but this restaurant was amazing and the service was wonderful. My better half had an amazing plate of vinegar cured anchovies and the best suckling pig of his life. I had the grilled Haloumi cheese and these enormous grilled red prawns. They brought us a roasted spare rib appetizer and some turkish delight gratis. There was a bowl of delicious olives and a bowl of pickled cauliflower and hot peppers, carrot and radish sticks on the table in addition to the bread basket. The menu is seafood heavy with Greek and Spanish influences.

We ate at Antonio's in Puerto Banus also but Red Pepper was much more impressive.

Today we will set off in search of tapas, the one thing we didn't
yet indulge ourselves with.

One thing to note - there is no smoking ban in Marbella. In most of the more high end places (such as Santiago) you get the option to sit in a no smoking section or it is banned altogether as in La Hacienda.
But for some of the more casual eateries you have to sit outside to get any assurance of clean air when you eat, as people like to indulge in smoky treats here throughout their meals.

I love how in Europe in general they allow you to linger over your meals. Never is a main course brought out until the appetizers are cleared, and never is a check thrown in your face before you request it. Things are so rushed in the States, and I dislike it very much.

Anyway, have fun! I wish I had another 2 months here. It's a beautiful place.

May 29, 2008
sashimi73 in Spain/Portugal

Cold River Vodka

I just bought this vodka yesterday and mixed it with Stirring's pomegranite too! I was perusing this board for others' opinions of it. We love this vodka!

May 18, 2008
sashimi73 in Spirits

Prov RI Horn Toot: El Rancho Grande

I love this place, and love the salsa as it is!
I find the service to be consistently gracious, very friendly and kind. I have never wanted for anything on any of my visits.

Crayfish / Crawfish in RI

I saw them on your photostream, cajuntoast, and I've been looking for them every day on my trip to Charleston, SC!

I've never had crawfish, and unfortunately don't know where to find them at home in RI.

Roma Gourmet on the hill

Venda is the best, especially the food in the cafe.

One night in Providence, RI

Try Parkside on South Main (lively bistro type place with an open kitchen), Solomon Market (very casual and byob), Al Forno or Bacaro for grilled pizza and salad/appetizers.

Stay away from Red Stripe.

If you can manage the 20 minute drive, try Mike's Kitchen in Cranston. It's great home-cooked Italian food in a super-casual atmosphere (VFW Post).

Have fun!

Monday night in Providence?

I would suggest in the order of descending preference: Zooma, Siena, and Parkside. I would definitely stay away from Local 121. I've heard great things about Pane E Vino but have not yet tried it.

Decent restaurants North of Providence

Amore is lousy. Lucky Garden rules.

Best Spicy Food in Providence?

In my experience it is hard to find places that will make food as spicy as I want it.
The one place I frequent that consistently delivers a suitable mouth-sear when asked to do so is Taste of India on Wickenden Street. I order Kadai chicken, no cream, extra hot. It really comes out extra hot. It's great with a side of cooling raita.
I've been to Solomon Market many times and never have they made my food spicy enough, even when I stress the issue ("extra, extra, extra, extra spicy, 10-star spicy, not your typical American spicy...") and even when I order a dish that is supposed to be spicy, like the spicy seafood noodle soup dish. It's delicious, just not too spicy. I had the squid dish and it's also delicious, but to me it was more sweet-spicy than spicy-hot.
Good luck!

what's up with providence's chinese take out?

Hi Sprinklez,
I can tell you that Little Chopsticks definitely delivers and their fried rice is not the dark stuff of your nightmares!
Shanghai delivers too, and while their food is quite insipid, it is also very fresh and not bad overall even though it's hardly authentic. Their fried rice is pretty light and pretty good.
Mumu delivers until 7pm - can't comment on their fried rice. I only had delivery from them once and was not impressed. Everything seemed to have too much cornstarch - too gloppy, you know? Would give it another try though, preferably in person as I've heard much good about their hot pots.

Red Ginger delivers too as far as I know. I used to live right down the street from them and get takeout all the time. Very nice people, and once they know you want authentic they will give it to you! This is a place which, like Lucky Garden, has a separate "Chinese" menu if you ask.

Haven't yet tried Iron Wok, though I am working up to it!

Right now Little Chopsticks is my favorite for delivery. They have this hot oil that you can ask for which is awesome, and their hot mustard is very pungent too.
They are very quick with deliveries, and their food has good flavor - better than Shanghai.

I agree though, Chinese in general is pretty lacking in these parts. It becomes a game of fumbling through the upper echelons of mediocrity, in the poetic words of Emily Saliers.

Good luck!

Chinese Delivery in Providence?

Little Chopsticks does deliver now. We ordered from them last night, and it was great - better than Shanghai and better than its former incarnation.

best Providence-area butcher

East Side Market usually has quartered whole chickens on display, already wrapped.

Best Nim Chow in Providence?

Hong Meas makes a great Nime Chow. They're right over the bridge on Warren Ave in East Providence (corner of Broadway).

Tailgating menu Pats/Chargers 9/16

Just wondering what's on your tailgating menu for tonight's game at Gillette!
This will be my first game, so I'm sticking with the basics: sausages and chicken kabobs on the grill. (Fortunately I will be going with some veterans who will bring the grill!)

Curious to know what everyone's doing!

Sep 16, 2007
sashimi73 in Home Cooking

Any news on the Whole Foods opening in Cranston?

I suppose a true Rhode Islander would have said the old bowling alley!
I heard it's opening in October :)

Cranston, RI one night only recs?

L'Osteria on Cranston Street.


I had a really great meal recently at Zooma on the hill!

For the love of Magic Shell

I loved Magic Shell when I was a kid and I still do!
I made the mistake of reading the label once so now it's a once in awhile guilty pleasure for me...(I have mental issues with trans fats)

I love the chocolate, butterscotch, and had forgotten about the chocolate mint for a long time until I read this thread...I haven't seen that flavor anywhere around here.
Good memories!

Jul 06, 2007
sashimi73 in General Topics

Do Italians put chicken on pasta?

Interesting topic! I just returned from a trip to Florence, Arezzo, and Rome, and found that the only time I had pasta with seafood served with any cheese was in Rome: spaghetti with fresh anchovies and pecorino appeared on several menus. It worked for me when I tried it!

Jun 30, 2007
sashimi73 in General Topics