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Jacob's Kosher Market in Aventura

I was at Jacob's Kosher Market in Aventura this past wednesday and the shelves were empty and not a soul in the store. Is something I don't know going on? A day or two before pesach, with Kosher Kingdom & Aroma busting at the seams, Jacob's was deserted. Their shelves full but nobody shopping.. ?

Apr 14, 2013
mrotmd in Kosher

Jewish style bakery in Palm Beach County.

It's not really a very clear question, although I have the feeling I know what you are asking. The Jewish stereotype you are referring to, is more like western european/new york bakery. That being said, there are some sepharadic bakery that will give you great Pita bread, borrekas, and a whole menu of middle eastern/sepharadic baked products. If you want those, let me know

Induction friendly

Lookin for non-stick frying pans small enough for 1-2 eggs to come out round and English muffin or bagel size. Must be induction friendly. Please help

Dec 09, 2012
mrotmd in Cookware

Kosher chocolates in NYC?

And one more time, the south florida kosher community comes to the mid Atlantic rescue... The Miami beach store of schakolad makes excellent chocolate, both parve and dairy (cholov Yisroel), and delivers nationwide. They have some other locations throughout the country, but the kashrut is based on each individual store. By the way, they have a store in Kfar Saba. That one is kosher too, but delivery might be a tad more expensive. Their chocolate is absolutely excellent.

Dec 01, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Sunny Isles, Aventura, etc.- need recs for reasonable restaurants

Il Mercato cafe just east of the sage shopping center is a very good Italian restaurant

Best Breakfast Near FLL?

The Floridian in Las Olas is not a bad place. You can walk the street after breakfast

Pre Marathon dinner near city place

I will be driving to City Place this Saturday to pick up my Palm Beach Marathon packet.
Given time and distance, I might as well look for dinner there.
My wife and another couple are coming with me.
Common knowledge suggests pasta and protein. No fast food place, but don't want to sit for a 4 hour meal.
Suggestions are appreciated. If any foodies are also runners on this forum, are people going to a particular place?

Layover in Miami - lunch suggestions?

And again, and for a difficult to understand reason, Colombia is under represented. With a rentes car, I'd drive to Pueblito Viejo.
8285 SW 40th Street, Miami
(305) 551-4650
Excellent food, Colombian music in a beautifully decorated restaurant.
Enjoy Colombian food and excellent service. That is unless the layover is before going to Colombia. In that case try something else

Anyone brined a Kosher turkey?

I love it! Going deep fried this year, it is interesting to see two postings adamant about doing completely opposit. I am absolutely certain (since everybody is so sure, I ca be too) both turkeys are going to end delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 18, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Lunch near Miami seaquarium?

I came accross this helpful link I've stopped at la carreta on Sundays after my outbound leg of my bicycle ride. Family friendly

Shiva Platter

Hold your horses... Amongst the activities the family should not engage during shiva, drinking wine is one of them. Thee are several items under $75 dollars you can find. Alternatively, find out who is organizing the food. Often the congregation office will have that information. You can participate with partial meal or cost. Please do not send wine. That being said, I think the avelim can drink the Shabbat Kiddush wine, but keep in mind that you do not keep the shiva during Shabbat, although there are parts of the Shabbat celebration that they don't participate.

Nov 11, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Kosher Xmas Dinner in NYC

If I make a kosher meal on december 24 for my Christian friends, it becomes treif by virtue f the day? Wow! Can a get a source for that ruling?

Nov 10, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Help. THANKSGIVING DINNER - Hollywood area

Rather than give you a nematode or two, I suggest looking around the threads here for "first class" restaurants in the area. There are many. I am sure some will have a thanksgiving special menu. Actually, not very far from Hollywood, the fairmont turnberry in Aventura has a whole thanksgiving weekend package.

Walking distance from the Broward Center

I second the cab ride. Las Olas spans for about 1.5 miles, with another half or so from bcpa to the east corner of the commercial section. Btw, we are going to be running it next Sunday as part of the Fort Lauderdale half marathon. But again, I am going to be wearing running shoes, shorts and t-shirt. Hardly the outfit for bcpa night event

Kosher Xmas Dinner in NYC

As a Jew growing in Colombia, the question is as stereotypical as the frequent question on this board, traditional jewish menu. Is there truly a Christmas dinner. Once you answer tat question, you can look for a kosher restaurant that serves that menu. There were some ladies here in south Florida who had a kosher traditionally kosher Colombian bakery. Many of their producs adorned Colombian holiday tables when I was growing up there. Give us the menu you have in mind and we'll try to find a restaurant that serves it. Keep in mind that a very traditional Christmas dish has to do with pig in one of many forms. The antithesis of kashrut.

Oct 28, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher


Sunrise Pita is a very unassuming shopping strip on university drive just north of sunrise. The place has been around for more than a decade. A credit for that type of restaurant.

Balsamic Vinegar

Just looking at the price, it may well be kosher, but definitely not the "real thing".
Take a look at this product, also from amazon. Nt kosher, but the real stuff
Thanks. By he way, searching for it I came across an article about balsamic vinegar at the Star-K website that explains the problems producing and certifying real balsamic. It looks like its not going to be possible

Oct 06, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Balsamic Vinegar

Wow! Thank you, now, where can I get it in the usa

Oct 06, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Balsamic Vinegar

Is there such a thing as Kosher "real Balsamic Vinegar". I don't mean the Bartenura or Galil we see everywhere. I mean, the real McCoy... Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, protected by the European Union Designation of Origen. Yes, I know, it is expensive, but well worth it (from my treif times). The regular balsamic vinegar is just red wine vinegar and a thickening sweetener.
Try the real one sprinkled on strawberries or as an ice cream topping.

Oct 05, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Best Three Restaurants in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area.

A burger before dinner... Interesting. As for the "battle of the bulge", benkar is going to be here mid November. The Fort Lauderdale half marathon is November 11, and you'll burn north of 1,000 calories there. Better start training now.
I like Juvia in south beach for a special occasion

Request to split a board

Some time ago I suggested separating the Miami/Fort Lauderdale board from the Florida board. Today I suggest to start splitting Latin America & Caribbe into at least two to begin with. Places like Argentina, Peru and Colombia are becoming culinary jewels, totally different than the Caribbean.

Aug 19, 2012
mrotmd in Site Talk

Miami and Keys Groceries

Living in Broward county, I am not familiar with the kosher stock south of miami airport. A brief detour will take you to 41st street in Miami Beach, lined with kosher restaurants and supermarkets. If you want to spend another 30 minutes driving, you can go to Aventura, or to Cooper City. Jacobs and aroma respectively. Both about the same time from MIA, but different routes. The selection of cooked and uncooked choices are phenomenal. They also have a great wine selection, in case you need them.

Aug 19, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

kosher in portugal (Lisbon)?

Hi khgtfv, we did our Jewish tours with the help of Alexandra Machado of Portugal Deluxe. She arranged for us to meet the president and the Rabbi of the Belmonte community as well as the synagogues in Lisbon and Porto and the two wineries. With the fear of terrorism in Europe, is hard to actually visit the synagogues without pre arranging the visits. Alex was absolutely great. We were lucky, as the arrival of he grapes in Belmonte happened that day we were there. We had lunch with the rabbi in the winery. If interested, I'll give you Alex's email

Jul 24, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Kosher Catering for Wedding

If you have a flexible venue, you can use one of the koshe markets. They all do catering. In general they are going to be less expensive than a dedicated caterer, but you will have to do a bit more work. Some venues have prearranged limitation of who you can use for catering. Premier catering at the Aventura tunberry Jewish center was the caterer for my children's bar and bat mitzvot and my daughter's wedding. I have nothing but praise on their quality. They will discuss your budget. Aroma kosher market has been consistently good as a market-caterer option

sls hotel south beach

Reading the different reviews of this place in the different food blogs circulating, and comparing it with my own experience, I have to conclude with an interesting, yet personal feeling. The perfect analogy for Bazaar is the fable about the emperor clothes. Fill the place with beautiful people, bulld a glitzy hype, and overcharge big time for every dish. People will have to say they had a great time, or else feel we were ripped off. I feel it was a ripoff and the emperor was naked.

Great Steak, nice location

If you go a bit further south, you have the south beach smith & wollensky. Overlooking the ocean and the outlet of the port of Miami. A word of caution, the last tie we were there the experience was just ok for the price. On the other hand, if you are local, epicure has great prime steaks. Salt, pepper and a decent barbecue grill will do the trick. As far as romanticism, well, preparing food for your significant other is hard to beat

jose andres in miami

I agree with you 100%. Probably a bad example of my posting. Dinner for 6 over $600, not inlcuding the $25 per car valet parking (hard to park elsewhere during a torrential rain). For tapas, I'll take Xixon or Casa Juancho any day. For glitz, fashion and skin, well... and by the way, don't discard the cheeses, as they are a staple of spanish tapas. On a foodie board, Jose Andres is more about smoke and mirrors than good food. I'd give some for creativity, but I've had my share of uber expensive restaurants that re well worth it. Not this one, sorry, my opinion. Oh, by the way, what did the celebrity cheff offer, other than the name? It reminds me of Track & Records in Kingston, Jamaica; Usain Bolt gave it the name, they don't serve gold or break any speed records, and Bolt is not a chef, even a cook... The celebrity chef at Jose Andres simply franchised his name, that is my point

jose andres in miami

Well, it's open. Über expensive and not worth it most of the hype is covered with smoke and mirrors. There are many places in Miami with better tapas. Certainly they don't have the glitz and skin exposure of SOBE, but this blog is about food. Two small triangles of mancheho cheese with a teaspoon of quince for $9. Just about 2 bites. It's a tourist trap

Kosher Bison

Just bought bison ground beef at Park East Kosher Butchers. They had other cuts. They also carry American Kobe.

May 24, 2012
mrotmd in Kosher

Miami - Boca to Naples - where can we stop for lunch?

Weston will put you already on the west side of the county and a stonethrow from I75. Some choices at the Weston Towne Center, nothing fancy tho. I personally like the cheese course