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Looking for Cascaval.......Eastern European Cheese

Kalinka seems to have gone out of business just in the last few days. The sign is gone, the store is empty, and the telephone has been disconnected :-(

Apr 20, 2011
BruceT in San Diego

No Coleman's mustard at "English" Phileas Fogg's?!

Isn't it something of a fail for a self-proclaimed English-style pub not to serve Coleman's mustard? The alternative condiments I was offered -- French's lowest-common-denominator processed mustard food product, or HP sauce -- didn't really make it with my sausage roll.

Chowhounds may want to be sure to bring their own when dining at Fogg's! (If you forget, you can always distract yourself by noting all the historical and geological inaccuracies in their "Around the World in 80 Days" mural, such as the mysterious existence of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1872 :-)

Sep 01, 2010
BruceT in San Diego

Nazca Grill - San Diego

A few notes from our first visit to Nazca:

Our server, who is apparently also one of the proprietors, was happy to answer questions and share his knowledge about Peruvian ingredients (such as the fact that there are 3,000 varieties of potatoes grown there).

The Ceviche Tiradito is very different from what fans of Mexican ceviche are used to. There are strips of fish smothered in an "aji" sauce, accompanied by some vegetables, including Peruvian corn with huge kernels, and "corn nuts" (which are much lighter and less likely to break your teeth than the commercial Corn Nuts brand that you buy in the 7-11).

When a dish is described as having "spinach sauce" or "spinach noodles," it's really a delicious sort of Peruvian pesto, containing a lot of basil as well as spinach (but, I think no nuts).

Diners should be aware that "bisteck" here is not a thick slab of beef with a juicy red center, but rather, a rather tough cut, pounded thin and fried. The sauteed ("saltado") beef dishes, however, seem to use a more tender cut of beef.

The complete menu is online at http://nazcagrill.com/images/Menu.pdf

Aug 25, 2010
BruceT in San Diego

Artisanal non-alcoholic cider?

Are there any California alcohol-free apple ciders that are less sweet than Martinelli's? And if so, where can they be bought? Thanks.

Jul 01, 2010
BruceT in California

Best BBQ in San Diego?

Kaminski's BBQ in Poway offers both Eastern North Carolina and Texas style BBQ. One of the owners is from N.C. The servers are careful to let you know which sauce goes with which style of BBQ so you don't commit a cultural faux pas. The restaurant itself is much more upscale than the BBQ joints I'm used to in N.C. but the 'cue is fine. One complaint: there's *mayo* in the cole slaw.

There are also many Hawaiian plate-lunch places in San Diego that serve a style of barbecued pork that, to this Tar Heel, seems very similar to Eastern N.C. style, though less vinegary.

Mar 25, 2010
BruceT in San Diego

Coronado Chow-ish and not too expensive?

Thanks; I've been to Red Sea, and will keep the others in mind for the future. Unfortunately, for this particular event we are constrained to Coronado. That's why I made the joke about finding specific ethnic cuisines in a city where they obviously can't be found. I'm just looking for Chowhoundish suggestions about lesser-known establishments in Coronado, not the $25-for-a-little-dish-of-fried-calamari-with-a-nice-view-of-the-bay places that advertise in airline on-board magazines (like Candelas).

Jan 03, 2010
BruceT in San Diego

Coronado Chow-ish and not too expensive?

I realize this is asking a lot, but: What's good, chow-ish, and not too expensive in Coronado?

This is for a group of visiting history professors who study China and other East Asian lands, so food wimpery is no problem; most of these folks scarf down bowls of Sichuan peppercorns for breakfast. The more unusual the origin of the food, the better -- and definitely not necessarily Chinese; these folks can get great Chinese back in NYC or Boston or Shanghai. (If we want great Chinese we'll go to Ba Ren on the mainland!) No need to stoke the "Bay view" fetish, either: the food's the thing, and academic money is tight.

"Unusual origin," for visitors, of course, can include good authentic Mexican or Left Coast Yew-Ess chow. But Bhutanese or Eritrean would be even better (yeah, right, I'd assume those are not likely in Coronado, but that's why I'm asking).

Thank you for attending to my obnoxiously demanding request!

Jan 03, 2010
BruceT in San Diego

Chefs and junk food

Yep. I knew a guy who'd had a lot of high-powered chef jobs, including having been chef to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The only thing -- the ONLY thing -- he ever ate at home was fried bologna sandwiches. (Actually, I'm kinda surprised he bothered with the "fried" part -- seems too much like work!)

Feb 07, 2009
BruceT in Food Media & News

Lefse in San Diego

You can get homemade lefse at the Vista Viking Festival, but unfortunately that's only two days a year (in September). But if you go to their website (Vikingfestivalvista.com) you might be able to contact some local Norwegians who could give you more suggestions.

Feb 07, 2009
BruceT in San Diego

Chocolate covered Bacon - San Diego

Bristol Farms also carries the Bacon chocolate bars -- I forget whether they are Vosges or somebody else's.

Feb 06, 2009
BruceT in San Diego

Favorite Happy Hour in San Diego?

In Scripps Ranch, there are at least 2 for your consideration: La Bastide (French bistro) has half-price appetizers and special prices on selected wines, from about 4 to 6 (not sure if it's weekdays or every day). And Yanni's Bistro (Greek) has half-price meze from their very extensive menu from3 to 6 (weekdays only, I think).

Jan 16, 2009
BruceT in San Diego

Is Gemelli's in San Diego still open?

When I call Gemelli's (the restaurant on Laurel, not the pizzeria) I get a recording that the number has been disconnected. Their website contains nothing but an ad for some business-consulting firm and doesn't mention the restaurant at all. Has it closed?

Sep 12, 2008
BruceT in California

San Diego Farmers' Markets

The original poster probably already knows this, but in case anybody wants a complete list of farmers' markets in the county, you can find one at http://www.sdfarmbureau.org/Pages/far...

Jan 11, 2008
BruceT in California

Dinner near Carlsbad Palomar Airport?

Does anyone have recommendations for dinner near the Carlsbad Palomar Airport or east of there (on the way towards Escondido)?

We have some family flying in from England who are, for some odd reason, arriving at Carlsbad rather than at Lindbergh. They appreciate everything from haute cuisine to the most Joycean organ-meat dishes (e.g., when they visited us in North Carolina once they thoroughly enjoyed a plate of chitlins). Just as long as it meets Chow standards! They're arriving just at rush hour, so we figured, why not wait out the traffic at a nearby restaurant. If there is anything good in the vicinity.

I know there's good stuff towards the coast in Carlsbad but we'd rather head eastward from the if possible so as not to have to backtrack.


Jan 09, 2008
BruceT in California

Anyone know a nice friendly pub in Oceanside where a girl won't get hassled?

The Coaster train can take you to Solana Beach, where the train station is directly across the street from another branch of the Pizza Port. It's not walking, but at least it's not driving.

Oct 10, 2007
BruceT in San Diego

best tex mex in San Diego?

Since you mention Texas BBQ, there is a pretty good place on Miramar Rd., Abbey's Texas BBQ, which is run by an Actual Texan (tm). Of course, it's not the same as those places in little burgs near Austin where the only silverware in the joint is one knife chained to the counter, but given the fact that it's transplanted a thousand miles, it's pretty tasty.

Not really an answer to the original Tex-Mex question, but that's already been answered: "No."

Oct 10, 2007
BruceT in California

In San Diego for a week

For comfort-food, large-portion breakfasts, Hob Nob Hill is the place. If it were in Baltimore, the waitresses would call you "Hon."

Oct 10, 2007
BruceT in California

Eastern European dish "Csin Bum"

Has anyone ever heard of an Eastern European dish called something like "Csin Bum" or "Csim Bun"? I used to eat it frequently at the Bucharest Restaurant in Vienna, Austria, which served Romanian, Hungarian, and Balkan dishes, but have never seen it elsewhere, nor in any cookbook.

It is cubes of veal or pork, in a paprika sauce, covered with a fried egg that has a long green pepper sticking up through it. (Very appropriate for a restaurant in Freud's home town!)

Thanks for any hints about what else this might be called or where it might come from. The spelling of the name of the dish, so far as I can remember it, suggests it might be Hungarian.

Jul 26, 2007
BruceT in General Topics

Cheez Waffies

A little web-searching reveals that the Old London version is called "Waffle Snacks" (which comes in both "Cheddar" and "Swiss" flavors).

But ... has anyone seen them in California? If so, where? (I recently visited my old haunts in North Carolina and reacquainted myself with this utterly unnatural and utterly delicious product from my childhood, and would like to poison myself with them further when I get back to San Diego!)

Jun 25, 2007
BruceT in Chicago Area

Xinjiang Food in LA

Is Ganjiakou still there? I had a great meal there in 1995, but I heard that in recent years it had been destroyed, supposedly for city-planning reasons, but (rumor had it) mainly to disperse the supposedly "subversive" concentration of Uighur people living there. Say it ain't so!

Feb 02, 2007
BruceT in Los Angeles Area

San Diego zoo area for a late lunch?

There are many options in the Hillcrest neighborhood, just northwest of Balboa Park and the zoo, especially along University Avenue east and west of 6th Avenue -- Afghan (Khyber Pass), New York-style deli (City Delicatessen), Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, bakery/sandwich shop (Bread & Cie.), etc. etc. etc.

Dec 30, 2006
BruceT in California

Recommendation for San Diego

The "World Famous Smoked Fish Company" may still be in business. It's at 3131 University Avenue. If you go to that address, yes, you'll see "El Titanic" Mexican restaurant and no evidence of smoked fish, but if you go around back you'll find a little unmarked door where fish is being smoked and packaged! At least that's what I found a few months ago when I went there. It's not a restaurant or even really a shop, but apparently just a business that makes smoked fish and distributes it to stores or restaurants or something. But they will sell to retail customers if you can find them. Don't bother trying to phone them; they never answer the phone or return voicemail messages.

Dec 30, 2006
BruceT in California