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Places to try in the next week?

Thank you. Jacque Imo's was a place my daughter has heard about and wants to try.
Bon Ton is where i've been before, more than once, and will take the others to.
Irene's is recommended by the woman we're renting from; will try it.
I've been to Pasquales Manale(sorry about the typo)may try it again for lunch.
I'll check the board. Thank you.
I'm still new at this, though was a lurker for years. What a site!

Apr 16, 2007
julia carty in New Orleans

Places to try in the next week?

I will be in NOLA in two days. Would like feedback, please, for the following:

1. the best place for shrimp po-boy's
2. Jacque Imo's
3. Bon Ton Cafe
4. Pasquales Manali
5. Irene's(Italian Creole)
6. Brigsten's early bird three course tasting menu
7. Dooky Chase
8. The Palace Cafe--Sunday brunch?
9. Any other recomenndations?
Thanks so much

Apr 16, 2007
julia carty in New Orleans

. I want an update on the best places to go for:


Apr 16, 2007
julia carty in New Orleans

we'll be going to New Orleans in a month

I've have great bbq shrimp at Pasquale's Manale in the past--is it still good, or would we be better off going to Mr. B's?

1980 we went to Bon Ton Cafe on Mrs. Junious Underwood's recommendation(anyone remember her?)--still recommended? The bread pudding was awesome; I've used the recipe many times.

The people going with me don't want to spend a lot, so any places you can come with that are not too expensive would be great. Is the Praline Connection still good? What about places along Frenchman's street?

--lunch at Galatoire's?

I'd be interested in ANY recommendations!


Mar 12, 2007
julia carty in New Orleans

Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City

I, too, want to know what you mean by "hook up the order". We are fans of AB and stop there whenever in the area.

MSP Chowdown Report – Little Szechuan (long)

PS from JuliaCarty-

regarding the "westernized" shrimp with Mayo-- the first time we ever had shrimp or anything with "mayo sauce" was in China 2 years ago- China has a habit of taking things from other cultures and making it their own.... Mayo as the main ingrediant of a sauce! how audacious!! juliacarty

MSP Chowdown Report – Little Szechuan (long)

Hey Chowhounds- great to be able to join you all at LS! We've read most of the thread above and wecan basically agree with most of it. Loved the:

toungue (in red spicy sauce)
fish and tofu (from the other table)(in red spice sauce)
pord in red spicy sauce (in guess what)
the squid with pickled vegies
Ma Po To Fu (in a different red spicy sauce)

some had too many little bones- a little more care can get rid of them.
Too bad they were out of duck and eel!
Too bad the wait staff did not step in and say "too much red spicy sauce!"
Too bad we did not get the rice in time to mop up that red spicy sauce.

And, it sure was nice to get the green beans (not in red spicy sauce!)

Even with all that red spicy sauce I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and look forward to another.

Oh yes- the mayo shrimp! with the broccoli..... yum.

Chinese politness does not allow one to step in with advice unless asked- I guess we should have told the wait staff that we were going to try lots of dishes and that we would appreciate their active advice about getting a varied selection of sauces and tastes... and a lack of little bones.


getting my hands on a durian in the U.S.

Durian is also available at Ha Tien on University Ave. in St. Paul, MN. Haven't tried it myself, yet.

Feb 16, 2007
julia carty in General Topics

Dim Sum

We are planning to drive to San Fransisco this week; I'm looking for good dim sum. The most recent postings here are from early last year. Is there anyone out there who might have more recent recommendations? Thanks