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New place to go to dinner in Bmore?

My girlfriends and I used to live in Baltimore and are meeting up there this weekend. Any suggestions for new, fun places to try for dinner? Open to different types of food... prefer not to leave the city.


Going to Olives for lunch - suggestions?

I'm going to Olives for lunch. Any suggestions on what to order (or also helpful dishes to stay away from)?

Hook - an NYC hound's report

Oh! And also, I read that they are taking over the Georgetown Bagelry, next door to Hook, and will be opening a casual seafood place. The kind of place where you can get a bowlful of fresh shrimp and peel/eat them right there. Yum.

Hook - an NYC hound's report

To a provide a different perspective, I recently went for brunch on a Sunday morning -- although they do not offer as much seafood for brunch, I thought it was a great opportunity to sample how fresh and terrific Hook's food is. It is much less crowded for brunch (and I admit, I love brunch!).

We went soon after the new year and they were offering a complimentary brunch cocktail -- mimosas or bloody mary's (they also have this bacon bloody mary that I'm intrigued by!). As with dinner, they offer a crudo -- we had the flight of three of tuna, mackerel, and I forget the other fish now. The fish was very fresh and it was a nice appetizer (although a bit small to share amongst four people).

I had the eggs benedict that came with this amazing pork belly hash. It had a bit of a kick to it but I could have eaten another plateful of it. My other dining companions had the french toast (delish), the blue fish sandwich (he raved about it), and I believe an omelette. I definitely recommend getting the doughnuts either as a side or as your "dessert" -- you get a bowl full of little munchkin-sized doughnuts and they are fluffy and delicious!

I was sad to find that they weren't doing RW for dinner (as that I work on the other side of town) but look forward to trying their dinner menu soon.

Agraria - RW 2008

Thanks for your replies! We went last night and were pleasantly surprised despite reading mixed reviews. The mussels WERE delicious - and quite plentiful ... I got them in the white wine basil butter and my friend got his in the mariner broth. Although the wine butter broth was very tasty, after half of the mussels, it was a bit too rich. The mariner broth though was delicious - chopped up tomatoes with a little kick.

I got the flat iron steak which I was happy with. They actually had an extra dish under the entrees - a fettucine with mushroom sauce - and that was great. Both dishes were perfect for a very chilly night!

The desserts were not particularly exciting. I probably liked the chocolate fudge cake better than the pumpkin cheesecake, although the fudge cake was on the dry side. The pumpkin cheesecake did not have much flavor.

Must Try - DC (Foggy Bottom)

Yeah, the casual restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental is Cafe Mozu. I think that the Mandarin also does dishes in the afternoon in their lobby lounge. You may want to check the hotel's website about that...

I actually used to live in Foggy Bottom and it isn't a far walk to Georgetown or Dupont -- probably about 20 mins to both (although walking may bit a bit cold this weekend!). Not too far from Foggy Bottom (at M and 22nd) is Eric Ripert's Westend Bistro -- it opened in November and although is on the more expensive side, it has a great, laidback atmosphere and fantastic food. I went two weekends ago with some friends and we really enjoyed it. Def near the top of our "go back to" list.

Dinner Sat. in DC not RW-related

Citronelle and CityZen are both fantastic restaurants to try in DC -- I agree with indcgirl that CityZen is the total package. It offers great food, ambiance, service, and would also be convenient for you at your hotel.

I recently went to Eric Ripert's new restaurant -- Westend Bistro -- located in the Ritz Carlton. It isn't too far from Georgetown - M St and 22nd St - and offers delicious food without an overly stuffy atmosphere. The menu itself may look a bit plain, but the dishes are fantastic. My favorite was the fish burger - very succulent and tasty.

As for the Austrian place in Georgetown - I think you were talking about Leopold's Kafe in Cady's Alley. I have not personally been there but have had it recommended to me time and time again by friends that used to live in Georgetown. I am also a fan of Hook.

Agraria - RW 2008

Yeah, I had realized that too the other day... unfortunately the things that interest me the most are the ones that are the least expensive. Although, maybe that would be a good thing for a normal meal there.

Agraria - RW 2008

Hi all - I'm going to Agraria at Washington Harbour tonight for Restaurant Week. I've heard that it is pretty hit or miss, but wanted to give it a try anyways! it is a limited RW menu, but was looking for any suggestions on which dishes to get... Thanks!

First Course
choice of
Mrs. Carlson’s secret North Dakota recipe
with mixed greens, grape tomatoes and croutons tossed in our farmers dressing
an assortment of speciality cured meats
mussels with your choice of broth: white wine basil butter; mariner; or cilantro lime

choice of
our version of the classic american casserole
served with braised swiss chard, mushroom and our house steak sauce
pan seared rockfish with a root vegetable and prosciutto terrine
with a whole grain mustard sauce

choice of
with fudge icing served with vanilla bean sauce
atop a pecan-graham crust and white chocolate

Looking for great brunch - Washington DC

Thanks for all your suggestions so far! I've compiled quite a list from others too - any feedback on these?

Beacon Bar & Grill (Scott Circle):
Bistro Bis (Capitol Hill):
Colorado Kitchen
Creme (U Street):
Dupont Grille (Dupont):
Hook (Georgetown):
Hudson's (Dupont):
Meze (Adams Morgan):
Poste (Penn Quarter):
Tabard Inn (Dupont):

Looking for great brunch - Washington DC

Hi everyone! My friends and I meet up for a "supper club" every month... next month, we are planning on doing brunch instead. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for their favorite brunch places in DC. So far, I've been to Georgia Brown's, Creme, Hook, Bread & Chocolate... Metro accessible is preferable - also, if you know if they take reservations, that would be very helpful too.


Good chinese dim sum restaurants in or around washington DC

I also enjoyed Hollywood East in Wheaton. My fam and I also go to New Fortune in Gaithersburg. It is one of the larger dim sum places in the area and also offers roast pork, duck, chicken...

What Should I Order at Corduroy??

I second this question! I am going for lunch this week for RW too... any thoughts?

French onion soup - DC - Lunch

Hi everyone! My friend and I are looking for a place to get french onion soup in DC for lunch today... we're looking around McPherson Square/Metro Center ... any suggestions??

Suggestions for Wednesday night specials at DC Restaurants?

I'm trying to come up with some restaurants in DC that have Wednesday night specials...
like they offer something unique on Wednesdays. 1/2 priced wine, certain dishes...

I'm offering these ideas to friends that will be visiting on a Wednesday :)

Portuguese bakery in NOVA/DC/MD? Or good malasadas recipe?

Does anyone know of any portuguese bakeries in the NOVA/DC/MD area? Or a good malasadas recipe? I'd like to either buy them or make them for my mom's upcoming birthday.


Jan 08, 2007
bluehawaii218 in Home Cooking

Quest for Mac n cheese

I really liked the mac & cheese at Equinox (818 Connecticut Ave, NW) - vermont cheddar, gruyere, and black truffle reduction. mmmmm

Top Restaurants To Try in 2007 - Washington D.C. area

I'm always looking for new restaurant ideas - list your top five restaurants that you are looking forward to trying in the new year! As in the Top Restaurants of 2006 post, I'll tally up the winners a week into the New Year!

My top 5 (in no particular order):
1. Bebo
2. Blue Duck Tavern
3. PS-7
4. Komi
5. Eamonn's (Alexandria, VA)


Top Restaurants 2006

Ahh top five of the year... what to choose...

1. CityZen
2. Rasika
3. Zengo
4. Lima
5. Sushi Ko

Bakery for Breakfast in the D.C./Arlington Area?

Hello there! I usually take visiting friends to Bread & Chocolate - They have a good selection of pastries, cakes, and breads and also a good brunch selection (omelettes and so forth). There are a number of locations in DC and in Alexandria (not sure if any in Arlington).

Here's the website specifically for locations:

New Year's day dim sum in NoVA - suggestions?

Hi there! This isn't exactly in NoVA, but one of my family's favorites is New Fortune in Gaithersburg, MD. They typically serve limited dim sum on weekdays, but may treat New Years as a weekend day! It does your traditional dim sum with the pushcarts and is very tasty.

16515 S. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877. 301-548-8886.

HELP --visit to Baltimore

Hello there! There's been some great suggestions here and I just wanted to add a couple more for you :)

1) Dim Sum - Some of the best dim sum in the area is a little bit aways from Baltimore, but you mentioned that you might take a day trip to the DC area so...

- New Fortune, Gaithersburg, MD - this is one of my family's favorites. It starts at about 10:30 or 11:00 on weekends and does all your traditional dim sum. It is a bit far from Baltimore, probably at least an hour away but worth it if you are coming down to DC. 16515 S. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877. 301-548-8886.

- A & J, Rockville, MD - For Northern/Shanghainese dim sum, def try A&J. They do a variety of dumplings, noodles, and so forth. Also in the DC area. 1319-C Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, 301-251-7878.

I have some more Bmore suggestions, but my computer is about to run out of battery so will have to come back!

Enjoy Baltimore!

Malasadas in Baltimore/Washington D.C. area?

My family and I just got back from Oahu and absolutely love the portuguese malasadas (esp from Leonards!)! Does anyone know where we could get good malasadas in the area?