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Has anyone been to Sloppy Joe's Bar & Grill?

The wings are huge...thats all you need to know....not dry and did I say that they are huge!!! Go tues and thurs when they have the wing specials.

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Ma Maison on Dundas St in etobicoke

Need a restaurant for a 9 yr old birthday dinner with 6 friends

looking for a good place in the etobicoke area to have my son's 9th birthday dinner with 6 of his friends...casual...noisy and good food.

Cafe du Lac (Lakeshore W/Mimico area) - review

My wife and i went this weekend, around 8pm on a saturday night. The place was half full and we were warmly greeted and shown to our table. The place is nice, and warm. Thank god they put a shade on the front window...otherwise we would be looking at the apartments across the street. The service was the worst part of our visit. It took almost 15 min before the waitress made her first visit to the table to take our drink orders. Then another 10 min to get our drinks.....we were served some really nice warm bread, but I think thats a result of the hostess seeing that we were still waiting for our appetizer(45 min). The french onion soup was fantastic...the salad with warm goat cheese was ok, but there really wasnt much in the way of greens on the plate. Waited another 25 minutes after that before we got our entrees. My wife has the poutine, which was ok...didnt like the cream sauce, as it was kind of bland and took away from the cheese...but the addition of the pork was excellent. I had the wild boar burger,with foie gras. The burger with the foie gras was excellent, but the foie gras placed on top of the bun, rendered the top of the bun kinda useless. Should have been served without the top bun and that would have been better. The waitress asked if we wanted to look at the desserts....we were given the menu, and then 5 minutes later she came with the bill....I guess no dessert! Anyway I looked at the bill, and really felt the prices could be a little cheaper...and the service could be a lot better....We were there for 2 hours, and it wasnt even 100% full. We will go back in a couple of months hopefully when things are a little smoother

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

Chutneys is great Indian restaurant in royal york / bloor area.

Sparkling Wines at the LCBO?

My wife loves the "Pink" sparkling wine from Australia. Its a rose, and is around $13 a bottle.

Where to eat in Milton ?

Although you didnt mention pub food...I recommend Ned Devine's.

California Sandwiches

Love it there....the veal is the best.....go there if your hungry...its one huge sandwich

West end Italian rec for family function

Big Poppas on bloor at royal york. Or Roccos Plum Tomato

Report: Shanghai Cowgirl

went there a year or so ago with my wife and basically its just a trendy spot to have fried, frozen food, in uncomfortable seats, with poor service.

Roma Restaurant/Pizzeria on Bloor

Thanks for advice...wife thinks we shoulf go there....anyone else with a postive experience?

Bonjour Brioche - insanity!

Went there a week ago on the weekend with wife and 2 kids...not really the place to go if you are a party of more than 2. Pretty tight in there. Food was good, service a little slow...but you have to try it once.

The Longest Yard(Bloor St/Islington Ave)

We had wings, kids had mac and cheese with fries and my wife had chicken club sandwich

The Longest Yard(Bloor St/Islington Ave)

Well took the family out for dinner last night....unfortunately our usual haunt had a lineup, and everyone was hungry so we thought we would try the 'Longest Yard' that just opened up a couple weeks ago.
Had no expectations, as I have never been to the one on Mt Pleasant...we walked in and immediately my wife said it felt like we were in someone's basement. The decor was as plain as plain could be. Absolutely nothing on the walls, except bland white and flat black paint. Tables were arranged haphazardly, with little thought to customer comfort or flow. The place had no atmosphere at all.
The service was slow, and inconsistent, but probably attributed to new staff, with little or no experience.
The menu had a lot of selection, but I settled on the wings, as its what i usually get on a thursday night at our usual place. Well they were tiny, dry and kinda tough. And 7 wings wasnt anywhere near what I could eat, so I left somewhat hungry.
With two boys the kids menu was not that great, but they ordered the mac and cheese....Kids menu items were $6.99 , which in my mind is a little pricy. And the kids drinks.....honestly they came in a shot glass...

The owners came by and asked how everything was, which was a nice touch, but we lied and said everything was great.

Anyone else been there?

Help! Lunch in the Financial District?

There is a sandwich place(Sandwich Box) on richmond st, between bay & and york. Always packed and everything is fresh..

Emma's Back Porch

I dont think its the service and the food that brings people back....its the view...and nothing else

La Petite France

Has anyone been there recently? I live in the area, but have never been there, and wanted to take my wife there for dinner this weekend?

Wings in south Etobicoke?

I highly recommend Sloppy Joe's on lakeshore.........The wings are huge, and definitely not dry! Tues and Thurs is wing nite and they are .40 each. Also pretty much everything else on the menu is good...recommend the greek salad(so much feta), the nachos, and the burgers......


Does anyone remember Rower's on Harbord? When at UofT we went there all the time.

The wings were barbecued and awesome! So were the Nachos....has anyone been there recently?

French Bistro ??? Thornhill to Toronto

Le Select Bistro?


I always found the wings at St Louis(yonge/eglington) very dry, and not very meaty.....

Tim Hortons - breakfast sandwiches

They're good but pretty greasy/buttery.....too bad they didnt have hot sauce to put on it though..

Mar 15, 2007
Love it Spicy in Chains


What kind of a place is rubicon? Do they have wing specials? Draft selection?


Love the Anchor bar.....the wings are awesome.....the only place I have found here in GTA is Sloppy Joe's in Etobicoke.....huge meaty wings.....40 cents on tues and thurs

sushi in bloor west/kingsway/high park/roncesvalles

You're right its Kaji Sushi....and I did hear it was expensive, but the best in Toronto.

Very best Indian

I enjoy Babur on Queen st.

sushi in bloor west/kingsway/high park/roncesvalles

Cant remember the name, but there's a fantastic SUSHI place on queensway just west of Royal York....its gotten rave reviews, but I cant remember the name.....wait I think its KAMA SUSHI

cinnamon buns

Beleive it or not....I love the ones at IKEA...not the packaged ones...the fresh ones at the counter....

Fontina Fondue at Reds

been there once, nice place, might head over and try that fondue!

Best burgers

Slopy Joe's Bar and Grill in south etobicoke has great burgers.....