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Muffaletta in old town, alexandria?

Jason Deli's bread distributor is Leidenheimers out of New Orleans. I have never actually had their muffuletta before, though.

Friday Afternoon Food/Drinks in DC

What's a place in DC that is good for sitting outside somewhere with a couple of friends from out of town and enjoying this nice weather on a very early Friday afternoon?

Nick's Riverside Grille

Going for dinner. So no burger. Maybe I'll get a salad and just drink a lot.

Nick's Riverside Grille

Can't find any good reviews on this place. But I am going there soon with a decent sized group. Is there anything worth eating here?

Ordering Prime Steaks as a gift... [Moved from Home Cooking board]

I am looking at Allen Brothers right now (any other suggestions?).

I am trying to decide between Wet-Aged,Never Frozen steaks and Dry-Aged, Frozen steaks.

Even though the meat price is a little cheaper, the never frozen comes out a little more expensive because the shipping is twice as much.

Which one's better?