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Best affordable food in D.C.?

I would check out Breadline or G Street Foods for good cheap eats close to the Mall.

Italian near Rouge Hotel?

Posto is pretty good, moderately priced, and across the street from Estadio.
I'd recommend Potenza, which is south of Thomas Circle, and maybe only a 10-15 min walk away.

Fresh marshmallows in DC?

Thanks! This is where I was going to buy my hot chocolate too!

Fresh marshmallows in DC?

I have a craving for good hot chocolate and am on the hunt for quality marshmallows in DC. Anyone know where I can find 'em?

DC equivalent to Iovine Brothers in Philly's Reading Market?

I recently moved here from Philly and am looking for a place that sells fresh but cheap produce, something similar to Philly's Reading market (the Iovine Brothers produce store, in particular). Is there anything like it in the DC area? How about any good farmers markets?

Fried Pickles

Pickles Pub, across the street from Camden Yards in B'more!

Wine/Beer/Cheese Bar & Restaurant in SF?

I know that SF has its share of wine bars, but is there a place that also specializes in great beer as well?
There is a fabulous place in Philly called Tria that offers hard-to-find beer, great wine & cheese, and small tapas plates.
I'm looking for the same sort of scene in SF!!!