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Favorite Sushi Joint? PDX

My favorite sushi place in Portland is Ichidai on Powell and 60-ish. Their fish is always very flavorful and fresh and they have interesting (but not too wacky) rolls, all pretty reasonably prced. Their squid salad is on my list of reasons why I can never leave Portland. It's out of the way, but if I have the time, that is where we always go. I have to say, though, that I've never been to Murata.

I don't understand the attraction to Saburo. Is there something people like about that sushi aside from the gigantism their rolls suffer from?

Feb 03, 2007
vrunka in Pacific Northwest


I had lunch at Higgins in the restaurant just a few weeks ago. I know not everyone loves Higgins, but I have never been let down by them and this was no exception. We had a smoked duck and lentil salad (this was the highlight -- excellent blend of flavors), cassoulet (no surprises here, just good meat 'n' beans), and a sausage tagine (really nice spicing in the veggies, sausage was hearty and spicy).

Feb 02, 2007
vrunka in Pacific Northwest

filipino in pdx?

Is there anything in particular you think Tambayan does well?

I've been jonesin' for Filipino food ever since moving to Portland (uhhh... 15 years ago!). The short-live Manila Hut on Powell helped, but I don't think that place even lasted a year, alas.

I'm excited (if that's the right word) that they have dinuguan! My mom used to eat this stuff all the time when I was a kid just to freak me out, I think. Now that I'm a little more adventurous I think I might actually like it if I can keep from getting queasy.

Jan 15, 2007
vrunka in Metro Portland

Portland 1st-timer

If you can manage it, I strongly (vehemently, even!) recommend getting a reservation at a Simpatica dinner. They generally do Friday/Saturdays only (though they are introducing some random weekday meals as well), one seating, served family style at communal tables. Brunch there is awesome, too, but you will wait and wait and wait for a table.

Also, many of the small restaurants along NE 28th are excellent: Noble Rot, Ken's Artisan Pizza, Tabla, Pambiche.

Square Deal Wines in NW has wine tastings weekly and a great little cheese shop inside, too.

Jan 11, 2007
vrunka in Pacific Northwest

Restaurant for Wedding reception in Rome

cil -- if you're interested I have pictures of the menu (in English and with prices) on my website:
Those should both be big enough to read if you zoom in.

Also if you're interested there are more pix from our dinner at Maccheroni here:
You can see the space (at least the space we were in) and there are a few pix of the food, too.

Jan 10, 2007
vrunka in Italy

Restaurant for Wedding reception in Rome

I just attended a dinner party (about 30 ppl) at Maccheroni a few months ago and had a lovely time and meal. The space is very, very casual -- though comfortable and charming -- I don't know how that affects your decision.

The food wasn't the very best I had in Rome, but it was quite good. Basic dishes were best -- an amatriciana, chicken cacciatore, a side of chickory stand out in my memory. We just ordered off the menu (no special menu) and if memory serves the bill came to 20-25 euros per person (before wine).

We were seated in a room in the basement and even though we filled most of the room, they still seated other parties in the room. It wasn't really a big deal to us, but I felt bad for the two befuddled German tourists crammed in with our racuous party. Service for our party was kind of spotty. Someone in our group noted that it seemed half our party was eating at a different restaurant than the other half. I, luckily, was seated in the good section where we got the food we ordered and in a timely manner. The other side of the room waited *2 hours* to get all their dishes delivered and delivered correctly (of course, by the end they just ate whatever was brought to them!). I'm sure that problem would be solved by a fixed menu.

Good luck to you and all the other Roman weddings!

Dec 27, 2006
vrunka in Italy