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Spice store?

is there a great spice store with fresh items and varieties? I feel like I'm searching but not finding what I'm looking for?

I'm sure I'm just blind...

Is there a Thursday night Supper? Does Angeli still do them?

curious to see if there is a Thursday night supper, like Monday at Campanille....


Best Steak Frites?

Great. I'll have to try it next time I'm over that way.

Best Steak Frites?

I've had steak frites all over town (and in other towns) but I find most places have good steak and poor frites or great frites and couldn't cook a steak to save their lives. Or the meat is simply not a good cut.

What's your favorite steak frites in LA?

Best soup in LA area?

MILK has the best soup, consistently, of a cafe I've had in LA. The Pazole is particularly good, but each day, with very exceptions, the flavors and ingredients are incredible. Plus you can get a great ice cream afterward!


anyone know where to get this amazing french dish which is so good in our 'cold' weather. Who has a favorite?


Chocolate Shops?

what about Chocolaat on Wilshire, just east of Bundy? The guy has really terrific stuff.

BBQ brisket

have you tried Cecil's? it's on Pico. Pretty amazing.

Hole-in-the-wall French place?

I third Le Petit cafe. Jonathan Gold said this might be some of the best most authentic (paraphrasing here but not much) French place in LA. It's very unassuming and has exquisite food.

Dinner for my parent's 59th Anniversary- need advice!

I think Via Veneto on main street is one of my favorite restaurants for Special occasions. The food is excellent and the service is great. Not a hotel though. Might I also suggest Jar.

going to Silverlake for rehearsal...

anywhere for a tasty lunch?

Good Pasadena cafe...

thanks, that sounds like the neighborhood to hit.

Good Pasadena cafe...

to lounge in, write a bit and drink good coffee? making the journey for a change of scenery from WeHO...

Need dinner rec in Venice/Santa Monica

I like Hal's in that price range as well as capri. If you can spend a bit more, via veneto is amazing.

Providence "book the 'worst table' save 10%" dinner report!

That sounds like a fabulous time. I enjoyed eating in that room as well when I went. Although I feel like I probably know, can you tell me what a Life day is?

just curious and again, congrats, sounds like a great, great time

Ice Creams

I have become seriously addicted to two ice cream places. First is the avant garde artistry and genius that is scoops. I don't even think we can place this man and his work in the same category as other ice cream shops. I believe, very seriously, that he is as much an artist in the medium of ice cream as Richard Serra is in giant pieces of metal. The tastes, the consistency, the odd combinations. I also think he is one of the nicest people I've met that owns a business.

The other place I am clearly obsessed with is MILK (which is freaking closed tongiht, when I am jonesing for a cone). The vanilla is sublime and the coffee toffee was very strong without being too sweet. I am a bit of an addict.

your choices?

$5 lunch in West Hollywood / Mid-Wilshire

A generous bowl of soup at MILK is $5 plus tax (with tip, it might run you 6.50) but is a meal. And excellently made. So far I've had mushroom with white wine and roasted tomato saffron, both of which were delightful. I'm going to go every day till I hit a repeat.

I have $400. Where to go?

This is a great question because it basically means, here's a great chance for a meal you wouldn't normally spend that kind of cash on, like a free bonus. I think there are three real contenders for that: Ortolan on 3rd which is one of the best restaurants in LA, IMHO, Providence which might actually be the best restaurant in LA, and Giorgio Baldi on West Channel. All of those places are pricy (esp. with wine) but worthwhile. Along with those, you could got Angelini Osetria or Cut the steak house.

Fried Chicken

From what I understand, said individual is no longer involved with the operation. So...friend chicken, problem free.


Went there yesterday, had a terrific Cobb Salad and a scoop of mint chip. Very nice staff, good cooks. Only drawback was a loud and boorish woman who mistook her volume for charm. One can't blame a place for its customers. Will go back many times.

The cobb was excellent because it wasn't overdressed and had quality ingredients, sectionailzed so it wasn't just a morass of cobb. The tomatoes were fresh and tasted like actual tomatoes. The cheese was cheddar (unusual) and deceptively good. The bacon was great, the egg perfectly cooked and had a little dash of pepper. I was impressed.

The ice cream had a burst of mint flavor, which at first I was almost overwhelmed by, but like many cold sweet foods, the tastes shift with the numbing of the tongue. Great cone, btw.

Best beef stew?

Where, in LA, have you had the best beef stew? I've thought about cooking up a batch but my old recipe seems just that-- old hat. I'm looking to taste some inspiration.

Really Romantic Rest. with good food in LA

Two ideas: One, eat at Via Veneto on Main street. The atmosphere is super romantic and the food is amazing. Not cheap but worth every dime, imho. Another is providence where the focus is seafood, cooked and raw. It is a bit of a foodie thing but it is among the best in Los Angeles. (the atmosphere is suepr romantic). Bonus: ortolan.


I've eaten Daikokuya and Chabuya, the awfulr Asahi and Ramenya. But...where can I go to get Ramen somewhere near West Hollywood/Miracle Mile? I get the itch sometimes, but I can't go all the way downtown or Sawtelle...

or can I?

any suggestions?

New Du'Par's: Getting the kinks out and then some...

I ate breakfast at the Farmer's Market branch this morning. Eggs were overcooked at first but the second go around were excellent. Hashbrowns were raw inside, coffee tepid and toast cold. Also, the front of house tried to settle our bill before we were even done eating. That stuff is probably fixable.

for what it's overpriced and not even a classic. Kokomo, just next door, is superior in my opinion. Then again, Du'Par's is open 24/7 and Kokomo is not...

Sasabune today

once in a while, when the weather is warm in Japan, they get the big eye tuna. The way it's cut and presented to you. It's beyond amazing.

What Can You Tell Me About Gulfstream?

the greatest thing in the place is the sundae. Do not pass it up. the food is nice but not extraordinary.

Fish Tacos - not big business

I just had amazing fish tacos at the orthodox fish restaurant FISH GRILL on wilshire. killer and very good.


Well, let me say that I was one of those with a mac, but i spent plenty there, every day. And I never took up more than a table if there wasn't room. I was very happy there, never made phone calls inside, liked the music. I feel like it has to be something bizarre and unexpected, not just slow sales or they would have done it in a more predictable fashion. Someone speculated (without knowledge) that a backer may have pulled out.


I must say that I spent a good deal of money in there and it always seemed to be serving tea to someone. I suspect a financier backed out or the lease suddenly changed. I can't imagine that a business plan would invest that much in design, set up, etc. and not be able to sustain the opening of a place for a few months. Something weird must have happened.

Cafe's at which to write...

Now that T on Fairfax is Kaput, I need a replacement. You know, the cafe's with GREAT coffee, free Wi Fi and a lack of morons yacking on their phones...any ideas? Fairfax/Melrose is where I live, but I could venture...

wide eyed raven