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Craft: Not quite the Top

Fair enough, we disagree, I do think the menu would have been more suited for a cold winter night. A more summery slant would have added some much needed brightness.

I think there are so many more inventive choices in Manhattan to chose from that I doubt I'll ever go back. Again, if I do, I will be going for the tasting menu.

There were two risottos on the menu and we chose the garlic one.

And by the way, we do consider ourselves extreme foodies :-)

Aug 28, 2009
grimaud in Manhattan

Craft: Not quite the Top

Went to Craft yesterday and was disappointed: Fantastic quality ingredients, flawless cooking technique, but there is a total lack of creativity in flavor combination. The way the menu is designed, a main dish has no side dishes and one is supposed to order those separately. Fair enough, yet the side dishes also lacked in flavor and imagination. The best parts of the meal were the amuse bouche and the dessert. If I ever go again, I will go for the tasting menu.

This is what the four of us had:

Pig Trotters
Foie Gras Terrine
Arugula and Lemon Confit Salad
Zucchini Agnolotti

The Pig Trotter were good, but quite fatty, no complaints - it's the nature of the dish
The terrine was delicious
The salad was fantastic best thing on the menu
The agnolotti were quite ordinary

Main Courses:
Sriped Bass

All the dishes were roasted, had a ton of glistening butter, and tasted very rich. Way too rich actually. A little acidity or brightness would have been appreciated

Garlic Risotto

The sides also were mainly roasted, with a lot of fat. We could have used some summer brightness.

Buttermilk Waffles with Basil, Roasted Peaches & Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Mission Fig Napoleon, Olive Oil Ice Cream
Boston Crème Doughnuts, Blueberry Compote, Chocolate Malted Milk & Cheesecake Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit Plate

The desserts were the most imaginative part of the meal. Again we should have ordered the tasting menu. The mix and match of mains and sides was not very inspired on our part but I doubt we could have done much better.

Aug 28, 2009
grimaud in Manhattan

Zero Otto Nove; Awesome pizza, lousy food

Go, but have the pizza (any pizza), salads and the simplest pasta and you'd be fine. Stay away from the entrees.

I haven't been to Roberto.

Aug 14, 2009
grimaud in Outer Boroughs

Zero Otto Nove; Awesome pizza, lousy food

This must have been our seventh or eighth visit and whenever we steer away from pizza, we are greeted with an unimaginative, heavy mid-seventies US rendition of Southern Italian food (i won't call this cuisine).

Overcooked veal scalopine, tasteless lamb, even the pasta is usually mediocre. We tried seafood, the fish special and the fish soup, the rabbit, even the steak. Forget it.

At this point, we are no longer ordering pizza for appetizers and an entree but just having pizza and a salad.

The pizza of course is heavenly. Best in the region (short of going to Manhattan or to Tarry Lodge.

Aug 12, 2009
grimaud in Outer Boroughs

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I have been disappointed the last two times we ate at Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua, the food just has no flavor.

Duck Confit

I did have success making my own duck confit this weekend. I added nothing, just put five legs (incl thighs) in a crockpot, they were obiously very fatty but so are all duck legs, I left them on low for about five hours. Worked like a charm and I save the melted fat for another occasion.

Duck Confit

Thanks. Which Food Emporium if I may ask?

Duck Confit

ok, I'll order from there just to try. I will also attemp to make my own. Wish me luck

Westchester Bat Mitzvah

Sorry I took so long to answer; the food at Tappan HIll was good; the appetizer was a seafood and corn souffle that was good but not as great as it sounds. I liked the beef entree a lot and my wife liked her salmon. The dessert was decent. I like the Kittle House better for food, but Tappan Hill was certainly better than average, I would rate it as the seond best meal I've had in a whiile at B-Mitzvahs or weddings.

BTW, the family brought their own wines and that probably made a difference. I liked the champagne and both the red and white.

Duck Confit

Thanks, I'll try there

Duck Confit

Does anyone know where I can find duck confit in Upper Westchester? Whole Foods used to carry the prodcut but I haven't found it there the last two three times I went.

Any help is appreciated.


Westchester Bat Mitzvah

My daughter's Bat Mitzvah is in two months and we're having it at the Kittle House (upstairs). However, since she's on the circuit, we have been invited to a bunch so far this year. Tappan Hill in Tarrytown seems to be popular these days and we enjoyed a Bat Mitzvah there last week. We're going to afew more places in the next few months. I'll let you know

Seafood in Westchester

Actually, I like the Fish Cellar and dislike Conte's. We were there this evening and Joe mentionned that he got a new 10 year lease, so the rumor that they're closing is false.

The best thing about Conte' is the no corkarge policy, but I'd rather pay he $10 corkage fee at the Fish Cellar; the place is less cramped, has better quality food and a better chef, plus the Raw bar is absolutely awesome.

Chinese Delivery near Mt. Kisco?

We've had good luck lately at Kam Fung in Chappaqua but I think it's pick-up only. We have given up on David Chen and Pacific (quality has deteriorated badly the last year). Friends of our like the Temptation Tea House but I'm not sure it's Chinese (I think it's Pan-Asian).