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Worst in Toronto

Yes, one of the worst. Agreed. I had the displeasure of eating there on Thanksgiving (I know, I was asking for it.) Such crap, everything about it was so bad it was memorable.

Worst in Toronto

Art Square is a joke. And it's a shit package. Bad service combined with THE WORST crepes ever.

Worst in Toronto

Haha. Exactly. Well said.

Lucky Red

Just to clarify, Lucky Red is the same owners as Banh Mi Boys. The owner mentioned that he wants to appeal to the Chinese community with a more Asian inspired menu. He also shared that his mother owns the original cheap and cheerful Chinatown Banh Mi shop next door!

I really enjoyed the crispy fish steamed bao. It was everything I love about a terrific fish taco but even more dynamic with the soft sweet(ish) bun. It had pickled onions, cilantro, fennel, and some sort of mayo sauce (may have been just mayo). Anways, it was really lovely. The fish was crispy, fresh, not-at-all fishy tasting and most obviously seemed like more protein then what is offered at BMB's. I asked the owner about that and he said that the protein servings are about the same. Didn't seem so to me quite honestly. I am not sure about the success of this shop. Chinatown is a hard sell sometimes for more progressive idea's. I wish them luck. Can't wait to try the smore dessert option next!

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria- Best Pie in Pizza Wasteland

This pizza was incredible. Let’s start with the crust. OMG, the crust. Thin but SOFT crust. The crust was tasty, light, and chewy. It was comparable to Naan bread. Perfectly charred. I ordered the Quattro Fromaggi ($13.75) and added pineapple. This was a white pizza. No tomato. The pineapple came crushed. There was lots of cheese. It was oily. Not ridiculously oily. But oily enough to make it flavourful. Fresh Basil came on the all the pizza’s we ordered. My partner ordered the Margherita ($12.00). What I liked about this pizza (authentic or not) was that there was a substantial amount of cheese per topping ratio. In fact, there was ample amount of cheese on the Margherita. I find this is what is missing from other Neapolitan pizzas in Toronto. The tomato sauce had loads of flavour without tasting “tinny” or acidic. Great friendly and non-intrusive service. Just a heads up that It is a self ordering restaurant and the food comes out very fast. The atmosphere is lively. I found the lighting could be a bit brighter. I think they are trying to create almost a bar atmosphere. Interesting that the best pizza in Toronto comes from a chain restaurant. Move over Terroni and Libretto. No more pretentious hipster pizza for this kid. I have found my new pizza spot.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
386 Bloor St W (near Spadina)
Toronto, ON M5S1X9

McDonalds poutine

Hahahaha, the fries look morbid. Death bed french fries.

McDonalds poutine

It's probably less fries than a small. And the box is about the same size as a their square Big Mac box. Come on McDicks, we know you can afford to give a proper portion of poutine!!! Yea, you would think their would be an addition of protein. There's certainly no shortage on hand. Even Mcnugget's on poutine, I'd probably try it. Only live once. LOL.

McDonalds poutine

Hal2010, tell me how this is not poutine? Sure the fries aren't fresh and it may not be the best out out there... but it is poutine.

It's interesting how people are very quick to slag McDonalds when most poutine places are using elements of pre-pakaged products in their poutine. Including Smokes and as I mentioned before some of the "best" poutineries in Quebec. I'm not defending McDonalds or even a regular eater of their food. But their poutine is fairly decent. And if you look at my previous threads, I know my stuff when it comes to poutine.

McDonalds poutine

Sadly it's not Frogsteak. Am a huge fan, a regular and know the staff. Was there recently and had to straight up ask them as my other Chow Hound was vegetarian. If you think they are making it from scratch, you are wrong. Still a great poutine, but not a scratch sauce.

McDonalds poutine

disgusti, you clever foodie. Thanks for all your insight. What a genius idea. I took your advice!

First thing I noticed was that it was small. At $5.50 (with extra cheese), it's usual McDonald's value was average at best. The fries are great. The gravy wasn't bad. A bit too tomatoey for my liking but a decent effort. Considering most classic Quebec poutineries use chemical packets for their gravy (including Paul Patates & Fromagerie Lemaire), McDonald's obviously tested the heck outta theirs. The curds were obviously not squeeky but were fresh. They are cut small, which fits with the thin fries and small box. I actually liked this offering. I still think Swiss Chalet is the ultimate chain poutine but clap clap, good job McDicks.

McDonalds poutine

Anyone tried it? I'm looking for some opinions?

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

Awww, I'm sorry HK Island didn't have your faves. That sucks. Phew, I'm happy at least you enjoyed some of the bakeries stuff. I really love that place. Good luck on your search!

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

Hi Princess Stress. Hong Kong Island definately has a few different pinapple buns. I can't remember if they have the pinapple custard you are craving. BUT, their pastries are the best in Chinatown. I am going to be doing a separate post on this place because it is truly amazing. You will not be dissappointed. Promise.

Best subs in Montreal?

Thanks to all the hounds that recommended Manzo’s. We had a really fabulous experience with both the submarine and pizza.
The Manzo special sous-marine is definitely the way to go. It has steak, sausage and pepperoni on it. The bread is pizza dough but somehow takes on another identity as the perfect encasement for the deliciousness. It was a bit greasy but just enough to make it tasty and join forces with the home made Italian dressing and mayo. I would say its more “juicy” than greasy. Just lots and lots of flavour. Everything you could want in a sous-marine Sammy! Lots of perfectly crisp shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions with melted mozzarella cheese. The place is an institution and a complete gem. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are MASSIVE. The pizza is LOADED with cheese. Its sauce was fresh and the toppings are also really generous. Great thick crust perfectly baked pie. The service is incredible. So friendly and accommodating. The cook even came out to say hi and ask how everything was as he found out that we came a long way for the food (we were there very late and it wasn’t busy). Why isn’t anyone doing these sandwiches in Toronto? My photography is less than great but hopefully you get the idea.

Santouka is coming

Am I missing something here? Are we all talking about the same place?! Since when is $17 for a bowl of Ramen "good value"? The soup was mediocore at best. Pork was stingy. It was completely over salted and the noodles where packaged. It was a small bowl of soup compared to Kinton, and no where near as good in terms of depth of flavour. I left wondering what all the fuss is about. I would NEVER go back. I would rather add pork bones to packaged miso soup and buy noodles from Chinatown. It would be better than Santouka's.

Kalamata on Lakeshore- Unbelievably Terrible

Hi Prima. LOL!! I meant gaudy (thanks CanadaGirl!) Yea, Usually the rotating spit of processed gyro meat is all I expect from a Greek restaurant. The frozen salty preservative ridden "bricks" I have eaten, all at bowling alleys or places not really specializing in Greek food. If they were actually good tasting bricks, I probably wouldn't even have mentioned it. We literally couldn't stomach the food and we were starving. French Soda, I can't see anything there being home made! But I know that the place has their fans. Literally every corner was cut. Gordon Ramsey needs to do an overall of that kitchen nightmare.

Kalamata on Lakeshore- Unbelievably Terrible

Upon reading good reviews on the brunch, I was beyond disappointed. After a beings seated we were freezing. I don’t mean a bit cold....FREEZING. We realized that everyone in the restaurant had their jackets on. We were seated by a massive window with an incredible draft. We asked to be moved. The waitress with blonde curly hair was unwelcoming and slow moving. She did not help us with moving tables. As other customers watched, we moved all our cutlery, plates and condiments to another table. With 3 tables, she lollygagged and took forever to do anything and didn’t seem to pay attention to anyone at all. This server clearly hates her job. Who can blame her?
The restaurant itself is creepy. This place is weird. It’s goddy and has a strange vibe to it. The decor is completely dated. It’s as if you can tell that it’s had its day in the sun and should have closed down in the 90’s. So depressing.
On to the food. Poached eggs were raw. Slimy mushrooms and unmelted cheese. The worst home fries I’ve ever eaten. Frozen tiny tater tots with buckets of seasoned salt on them. My friend’s gyro meal was inedible. Pre-packaged square previously frozen gyro meat. Also, insanely salty. For a Greek restaurant to push frozen gyro meat is really disgusting. It came with a limp salad and cold potatoes. The gyro platter came with a tiny dot of tzatziki and no pita was anywhere to be seen. It cost $14. Our meal was very expensive (almost $30 with tax and tip) considering how terrible everything was. This was undoubtedly one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve had in Toronto.

Rosewood - New dim sum joint in downtown Toronto's Chinatown

Thanks for starting this thread. Have been wondering about this spot! It definately looks pretty and inviting from the outside. Will check it out!

Xi'an/Northwest Chinese cuisine in (downtown) Toronto?

Buddha's E-Fu noodles are great if you like your noodles chewy. It's vegetarian. At Bathurst and Dundas. Cheap too!

666 Dundas

Xi'an/Northwest Chinese cuisine in (downtown) Toronto?

Cool photo's on the stall. I like the lamb skewers. I don't mind the spice they put on but I see what you mean about it masking flavour. I giggled at the photo of the meat you didn't like. Awesome pics Jlunar!

Kensington’s Average Joe’s above average breakfast

Finally, an excellent standard breakfast place in the Queen and Spadina area!! Average Joe’s is a family run joint. It is small and efficient and cozy. The menu is small but adequate. They make one amazingly fresh breakfast. All menu items with a drink will run under $10. The breakfast offerings include eggs and their smashed Yukon gold potato croquettes. The potatoes are really golden brown and crispy with a cool salty spice mixture on top that’s hard to figure out. The eggs are always perfect. What’s also great is that there are neat additions on the plate. Always grilled tomatoes. And lately thinly sliced cucumbers fanned out and fresh kiwi. Sausages or chicken bacon are the sides. The chicken bacon is surprisingly fantastic. Super crispy. Nothing at all greasy.
The family are very accommodating and genuine. Not trendy, no drama, just a good breakfast at a really good price.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Snap Magic. Good link. Good info. You really stand by your stuff.

Staff massage chain at Kokoni in the Church St. villiage

Unless they were gonna massage everyone at the party too. Baa haa. Yea, so unbelievable.

Staff massage chain at Kokoni in the Church St. villiage

Really shameful service. It took us 10 minutes to be acknowldged. We were given menus and then the entire staff of the restaurant disappeared. Like nobody behind the sushi bar orminding tables. I did not get served water. It came 20 minutes after my two other friends. Small sushi chef was getting a relaxing back rub from another women behind the sushi bar. After texting and leaning her elbows on the table, a back rub was given. 20 minutes after we ordered FINALLY the sushi chef miandered out from the back. The food is neither here nor there. The worst part is, I have to come back for a birthday next week. Do I be an a-hole friend?

Eastern Townships

Here I am a foodie in the Eastern Townships. A couple places worth mentioning:

Keet-Baird Smoked Fish

260 Bissell Rd (Fitch Bay)

Stanstead QC, J0B 3E0


These lovely people smoke their own product. Both cold and hot smoked. Their product is very fresh and not over smoked. They also smoke their own giant scallops which are buttery and so incredible. Their stuff is cheap too! Each batch sitting about $5-6.

Chez Paul- Everyone LOVES their poutine. I did not love it. Everything was flavourless and curds were shameful considering how close they are from Coaticook cheese factory.

Chez Papie- had a lovely meal there. A solid family restaurant. They make their own smoked ham and preserves. Their sous-marine was amazing. So big and flavourful. Salad dressing was home made too.

Summerlicious apparently blown off by Chowhounders...??

Second Byzantium licious! What up with that Key Lime pie. Their poutine is also exceptional.

Toronto's Best Slice

My new favorite slice is without a doubt the pies coming out of Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws. For under $3, any gourmet slice is massive and suprisingly incredible quality. Toppings include: fresh basil leaves, prosciutto, salami, non slimy mushrooms. The crust is thin but not stupid Toronto cracker thin. They also don't skimp on the cheese. There is a perfect amount of fresh mozzerella. They are sellling them quite fast so so the slices are always fresh. You can tell by the softness of the cheese. The air hasn't hardened it and it still lookes white rather than brownish yellow if that makes sense? I would go so far as saying it's some of the best pizza in Toronto.

Cott Black Cherry Soda

I know. So random. But the necter of the gods is there. Next time!

Cott Black Cherry Soda

Zimmerman's in Kensington sells it by the 2L bottle with a bunch of other flavours. I think it's $2 for 2L. Also, please keep in mind that Zimmermans is the old fashioned hodge podge store accross the street from the other grocerty store(Freshmart I think).

YOU GOTTA EAT HERE on the Food Network

John Catucci has some plusses and minus’. It seems like the producers were looking for a more palatable and “likable” character compared to Guy on DDD. Although he is not a jerk, he is completely irritating for a couple of reasons.
1. First and foremost, he knows nothing about food. He is often seen trying to be cute at follying up a cooking technique. After a while, it becomes disrespectful to the hard working owners of the featured restaurants with whom John is f-ing up their food prep and making a mockery of their recipes. There are so many great characters who are chefs, foodies, bloggers who are passionate about comfort food, BBQ and homemade junk food. He is taking a job away from someone who could capture the foodie audience, the diehard food network watchers. This represents what is wrong with the Food Network and what it has become. Too much glitz, not enough content. Although Guy is an arrogant d-bag, at least the man can cook

2. John Catucci is just not funny. His facial expressions and repetitive remarks after trying the food are getting seriously annoying. If I hear one more “oh baby”, I’m gonna scream! He is apparently a comedian but although he treats everyone with respect (except the food), he is not entertaining and kind of a weenie.

Food network, we are pleading with you....for the love of food, please get a host that actually knows a bit more than an 8 year old about cooking and food. You really don’t have to look that hard.

May 11, 2012
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