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where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Has anyone tried heritage in Brampton?

Funchal Madeira: best restaurant

In my opinion:

Mona Lisa Pizza, very close to Post Office in the centre of Funchal.

The beef on the stone, is the best meal I ever had.

Basically you cook the marinated beef yourself on a hot stone, letting it sizzle, also pizza is excellent!

Very very good value!

Jan 09, 2007
macatac in Spain/Portugal

Bellissimos and Coras pizza places downtown.

I work night shift in Queens Park area and I have spoken to many colleagues about ordering pizzas almost all agree that Coras and Bell. are no good. I don't know if they were in past, but not now.

For the record, i also thought the pizzas I tasted in Rome pretty bad.

You get strong flour from supermarkets in flour section. It is similar to that used to make bread.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Anyone know?

I tried the following:

Chippys: nasty
St Andrews: disappointing
High Street: mediocre

I would be grateful for further advice.

Marcos and Peppos in Arbroath, and Bervie Chipper

In Arbroath I think Marcos is the best place.

I went to Bervie the week it opened it was fantastic, but went back six months later the staff had changed and were rude and the food was disgusting. However, have heard recently it has changed hands again and has improved, anyone know further??

Peppos i went to i thought was a disappointment.

Quantity OK, but quality yukky.

Marcos always really fresh and batter tasty.

Dec 29, 2006
macatac in U.K./Ireland

Anstruther Fish Bar

I used to think this the best fish and chips place in Scotland. I went after it changed hands: not bad, but quality seemd to have deteiorated along with hike in prices.

Anyone else agree??

Dec 29, 2006
macatac in U.K./Ireland

Bellissimos and Coras pizza places downtown.

I tried both of these places, all I can say is both SUCK big time.

Pizzas covered with yucky messy cheese and poor stodgy dough.

Tasted better from the freezer section at any supermarket.


If you want take out pizza, stick with Pizza Pizza.

Or Dominos

Chippy's on Bloor Street

Chippys is terrible! the fish: dry, bad and over cooked. not fresh. Batter: overcooked,not moist. portions poor too: too many rotten chips not enough fish. chips: burnt. no A/C in summer unbearably hot and stuffy. appearance of grime and dirt. not pleasant. avoid.

There are NO good fish and chips places in Toronto. If you want good fish and chips you have to go to Scotland. In toronto, no-one knows how to cook it.

Maybe try up north: NS or NF.

but not TO.