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Dessie (Ethiopean) in Wheaton

Has anyone tried Dessie, the Ethiopean restaurant in Wheaton?

La Limena in Rockville

So where is the best pollo a la brasa in the area?

Thai food in Bethesda?

Nark Kara Thai ... excellent Thai. Very traditional

Good, consistent, grocery store in DC?

Balducci's has some good quality fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses. But the prices make Whole Foods look like a discount store.

Maki Maki on Wisconsin (Bethesda)

Curious what people think of the new Bethesda sushi restaurant on Wisconsin - Maki Maki. I've had takeout from there a few times. It's a remarkable improvement over the previous Korean/Sushi joint that occupied the same spot (Ekiban). The fish is really fresh, the sashimi cuts are clean and generous. The rolls are a bit messy but given the fish quality it is hard to complain.

Bakery in Bethesda/CC/R'ville?

I am looking for a good bakery in Bethesda-Chevy Chase-Rockville area to buy pastries. Any suggestions?

A 'real' salad place?

Is there anywhere in DC/Chevy/Bethesda that does a good tossed salad like they have all over Manhattan? Something with lots of content choices that isn't a scarey salad bar in the middle of a deli.

Bethesda dinner suggestions

I've always enjoyed Grapeseed over Persimmon and David Craig. I haven't eaten there since the expansion but it was always really good food and the service is terrific

Chesapeake Chicken and Ribs

Thanks. I didn't think they were that great but they did deliver, which was a boon with a new baby. Ended up getting bbq from Redland on Rockville Pike. Not Urban BBQ quality but the sides are better and the chicken is decent. Plus, open later.

Chef's Table for Two DC Metro Area

Not really DC proper, but Grapeseed has a chef's table which is a bar overlooking the kitchen (at least it was before they renovated). You can sit between two and four people on any night. It's great. Jeff comes and chats with you, you watch them cooking for everyone and it is $55 before the booze.

Chesapeake Chicken and Ribs

Is C&R closed? I tried calling for delivery in Bethesda and it forwarded to the main restaurant which was disconnected. Did they go out of business? I thought they were very popular. Maybe they needed some help from Gordon Ramsey

Sandwich-Salad in B'sda

Does anyone know a good sandwich-salad place in Bethesda area that is not a chain. Is there a good independent place for someone trying to avoid Pot Belly/Subway etc.

Cafe 1894 - Tried it?

I just noticed a new(ish?) restaurant in Kensington called Cafe 1894. Anyone been yet?

Dinner in Bethesda

Grapeseed on Cordell would also fit the bill. The food is great and they are always happy to adjust the dishes

Lunch in Bethesda for 12?

If you are looking in downtown Bethesda, Levante is pretty good for big groups and has a decent variety of salads and entrees. Rock Bottom Brewery has all the usual burgers and sandwiches and can handle big groups easily as well. Houston's in the northern part has all the usual fare too.

Great cheese in Bethesda?

There is a cheese stand at the women's cooperative farmer's market in downtown Bethesda (7155 Wisconsin NW) that has an incredible variety of cheese's from the local area. They'll let you taste any of them, or all of them.

Crab Cakes

Who serves the best crab cakes in the DC/DC-suburb area? Or do I have to travel to Baltimore for the real deal?

Lunch with office in Rockville

Pho 95 on Rockville Pike can accomodate tables of 8. It is nothing fancy but the Pho and other foods are really good. And the portions are significant.

Fruits and Vegetables

Having lived in a few neighbourhoods in the DC-MD area, I am wondering where people think the best place is to get fruits and vegetables.

When I lived in Logan Circle and then moved to Bethesda, I was shocked at the difference in quality between the Giants. The Logan Circle one, which is in a non-affluent neighbourhood, had produce that clearly would go bad within a few days. While up in Bethesda it was produce that was much more enticing. I guess I am naive to think that the supermarkets wouldn't be that obvious about dumping stuff on lower income customers.

I've tried Whole Foods but the prices are out of control. And MOM has very limited selection.

Are the farmers markets the best way to go?

Quest for Mac n cheese

Mia's, the new Bethesda pizza joint on Cordell has really good mac 'n' cheese.

Where to buy Thai curry paste (DC)

I know it isn't "foodie" to say this but Giant supermarkets all sell Thai curry paste and other ingredients. There's also a good Asian supermarket across from MOM's on Parklawn Drive in Rockville.