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What's good in Annapolis?

I'd recommend Hell Point at 12 Dock Street. Great harbor views and excellent food. Read a review here

Looking for wine and atmosphere in Fells Point

Kali's Court. Nice views, very nice atmosphere and great Mediterranean style cooking.

Looking for fun family & vegetarian friendly in DC or NoVA

Haandi's in Bethesda and Falls Church has magnificent Indian vegetarian and accommodates familes well.

Need help culling choices for a foodies week in DC

I would add Kincade's, 2941, La Chaumiere in Georgetown and, if you're in Annapolis, Hell Point. Also, right down 7th Street from Eastern Market is Montmarte, a very pleasant French bistro.

Be warned, you won't get the magnificently fresh seafood you're used to in Australia and we don't have Mudcrab but, the seafood's still pretty decent.

And, if you want a taste of genuine mid-Atlantic hard shell crabs, try Bethesda Crab House. This is not fancy. It's a sleeves up, beer drinking, crab ripping feast. VERY casual and a real treat.

Don't know if they have Private Message (PM) capability on this site but, if they do, send me your email address and I'll email you a copy of my guide to New York.

Good New Restaurant in Landmark: Alley Cat

Try Alley Cat in Landmark, Alexandria at 2 South Whiting Street. This just opened in what was originally Rafters back in the 70's. Very good Risotto de Mar and decent Pesto Linguine Chicken Breast.

This has been opened a couple of weeks and is the first decent new restaurant in Landmark in a long time

And they made the martinnis to order....very good!

And the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

In no particular order:
Restaurant Eve
L'Auberge Chez Francois
Le Chamiere
Me Jana
Schmankerl Stube (Haggerstown)

1 night in DC, Savory spot for dinner near State Plaza Hotel or Union Station?

You might consider The Cafe Berlin which is about three blocks away from Union Station on 320 (or so) Mass Ave. Nice atmosphere with outdoor seating offering German style cooking at moderate prices. There was a place called Two Quails next door but I understand they have closed.

Also consider Johnny's Halfshell at 400 N Capitol St NW # 175. Very tasty local seafood in an informal atmosphere and they have hard shell crabs this time of year

Restaurant Week 2007

You won't be disappointed in Oceanaire but its seafood is not on a par with the quality you can expect at Kinkades.

Oceanaire: Think large portions; good quality
Kinkades: Think small portions; excellent quality

DC one night only - suggestions please - (french bistro fare?)

Excellent advice about Montmarte. We've eaten there half a dozen times and never been disappointed. Also like the informality and the service. La Chaumiere is very good. We were in La Chaumiere one night when who walks in with a party of four but the Secretary of Defense. I don't suppose I need to tell you that HE got very good service. Better table too. Sigh.

Also, what you're hearing about the old Ebbitt Grill is right on. It was a pretty cool place back in the 70's but has turned into very average (and noisey).