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ice-cream parlours???

If you are heading up north, there is an amazing ice cream shop in a little place called Thornton. It is on hwy 27, north of cookstown, south of barrie. It is in an old house right on the main street. Cant remember the name of it now as it recently changed names, but the ice cream is absolutely amazing, as is their frozen yogurt.

There are actually two ice cream places in Thornton. The one i am recommending is right before the lights on your left as you are driving north on 27.

The Burger Pit - by far the best burger on way to cottage

The address is actually 5 Booth Street, but it is right on Hwy 11. When I google mapped it, it is between the 10th and 11th line of Oro-medonte on hwy 11, about 8 km before orillia.

The Burger Pit - by far the best burger on way to cottage

A couple of weeks a go, I read an article in the National Post about the best burger joints on the way to the cottage. A place called the Burger Pit had a great review. I had passed the place (on hwy 11 between barrie and orillia) in the past, but never stopped as my wife and i always go to Webers.

Last night, my wife and I decided to try them out. I must say, we enjoyed by far the best burgers we have had in a very long time. The burgers are fresh, homeade and so very juicy. My wife had the rings and I got the fries to go with it. The oil was fresh and both items were very crispy and tasy.

If you are heading up to the cottage next weekend, I recommend you try this place out.



went back to ikaros on Friday, this time with the wife and kids. the waitor was very friendly and recommended a very nice red wine, Ampelou Gis I believe. We started off with the greek bruchetta, combo dips and calamari for the kids. all apps were very well prepared. I cant say enough about the calamari. my kids gobbled it all up in 2 minutes flat. For main course, i had the chicken and shrimp corfu, my wife had the mousaka and the kids both had souvlaki. The kids wanted french fries and although not on the menu, the chef cut fresh potatoes and made fries for the kids. The sauce on the chicken and shrimp was very unique and absolutely mouthwatering. I tried my wifes mousaka and it melted in my mouth. i cant say enough about the food in this place. For desert we tried the baklava, also very nice. The menu could use a few more dessert items, but overall i highly recommend it.

Meet the Chef

The Chef/Owner at Ikaros Authentic Greek Cuisine on Yonge comes out to meet the patrons. It is certainly a nice touch and a refreshing change

Best Steakhouse in TO

I would recommend the older Toronto Steak House's such as the Old Scott House, Zorro's or La Castile.


I ate at Ikaros on Friday. I agree with 88GK. The restaurant is great as is the food. Unlike many of the other greek restaurants i frequent, Ikaros serves a truly traditional meal. The chef who politely introduced himself indicated to me that none of his food is pre-cooked, which would explain the quality of the meal. The waitress i had was exceptionally professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this restaurant to all intersted in a truly authentic meal.