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Half pigs or quarter cows?


Yes, we have had beef from Arnold's farm. We never purchased such a large amount, however. We tend toward veggies with a little meat in our diet.

Munn a/k/a meandmy belly

Nov 12, 2008
meandmybelly in Chicago Area

Half pigs or quarter cows?

You might want to try Arnold's Farm:

See the ordering info tab; he delivers to the Chicago area and Dubuque. Not sure if delivery is somewhat seasonal or not, we get ours directly from the farm. It's a great day trip from the Chicago area. I would call first and I wouldn't go for just a pound of ground beef, wonderful though it is.

It's a 100 plus year old family farm 10-15 miles east of Galena in beautiful Jo Daviess County. We have had quite a bit of their meat (pork, beef & chicken) and enjoyed it greatly.

Tom Arnold runs it; I think that he is at least fourth generation and a nice guy.

Nov 11, 2008
meandmybelly in Chicago Area

Cereal for the People!

Okay, here is my innermost dark secret (well, maybe not innermost).

Every living morning at home since I was about 6 years old (and I'm WAY past that now...) my breakfast has been Grape Nuts & some form of shredded wheat (note lack of caps) topped with almost every fruit I can find at home; raisins, dried dates, berries of all kinds, mango, grapes, bananas -- Okay, okay, you get it.

I need a new cereal combo idea. What's your favorite?

Oct 22, 2008
meandmybelly in General Topics