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Best Sunday brunch in Annapolis?

Any $10-$20, no booze.

Best Sunday brunch in Annapolis?

For a party of 8-10.

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

I haven't eaten at the Adelphi Ledo's in many years, but I remember I liked their pizza. Much more recently, I have eaten at a couple of their branches and didn't much care for the pizza - it seems to me to have a sweetish taste, which I don't like. Either it's different at the branches from that at the original or my tastes have changed - the best I can recall, it's the former, so if you can't get the original, forget about it.

Commander's Palace - Best Appetizer / Entrees

Haven't been there in years, and never had dinner there, but their lunch was indeed great and inexpensive. Do they still do the 25 cent all-you-can-drink martinis?

Feb 25, 2009
foodcheck in New Orleans

Kostas's [Generic] Greek Deli (Dupont)

Gyro sounds great to me!
PS: When I want that other stuff, I make it at home or buy it at the supermarket cheap - my home-made hummus is better than anything in any restaurant, But it's next to impossible to make a real home-made gyro.

Mon Ami Roger in Lexington Market

This sounds great. Maybe Lexington will become "in" again with the current economy.

Baltimore - Little Italy question

It's kind of an "sophisticated" thing to dis Little Italy and I suppose it has its share of bad and overpriced food, but generally it's pretty good and fun. It's not just about the food, it's also about trying to keep the idea, if not the full authenticity, of ethnicity alive. Some of these places have been in business for many years, serving food that has not changed much. Good for them.

Howard County Restaurant Week - 2/23-3/08

It's refreshing to see that many of those listed actually show their menus and RW offerings, so you can compare.
Comments on these restaurants appreciated, I'm unfamiliar with most.

Best Latin (or Spanish) Restaurant in MD Burbs

Yes, though for some reason the space seems smaller. Since I was only in Bella once, perhaps I don't remember it well. Unfortunately, the location is kind of obscure, even though right on Georgia Avenue. I'm spreading the word to help it stay open - I think it's really good. But it seemed pretty busy when I have been there. The chef is Peruvian Javier Angeles-Beron - when he left Ceviche, it went downhill.
The website and menus (note the wine list on the website does not show all the actual offerings - half price on Tuesdays):

Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

Haven't had Ledo's at the original location in many years. I remember it as quite good, not like the other locations, but my tastes (or they) may have changed.

Best Latin (or Spanish) Restaurant in MD Burbs

That would be the relatively new Aroma in Olney, which heretofore had only one arguably outstanding restaurant (Mannequin Pis). The food is mostly Peruvian. I think Aroma is better than the Canelas in Rockville and Gaithersburg, or the various Spanish restaurants for that matter. Great ceviches, tapas, drinks and entrees. Even the superb desserts are freshly made by the chef in-house.
The food is fresh, well-seasoned and properly cooked. I have had the Lomo Saltado, Arroz con Marisico and Peruvian Chicken. All were the best versions I have ever had in the DC area.
Even better, on Mondays you can get any of 10 entrees, ordinarily priced between $17 and $20, for $10. I think that "Entertainment Book" you can buy has a 2-for-1 coupon as well. Lunch is cheaper.
It also has an extensive list of list of inexpensive Latin American wines ($20-$35). There is also a half-price wine night.
The place is relatively small, with a small bar and about 20 tables, but it's very clean and the decor is sleek and modern. (They will turn down the piped-in Latino music if you ask,)

Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

I haven't had pizza many places here, but the best sure isn't 2 Amys, one of the most overrated restaurants in DC. The pizza raw ingredients are good, but they invariably ruin them. The pizza is often sopping wet on top and burnt on the bottom. How they accomplish this is beyond me. Maybe that's supposed to be the "authentic Sicilian rustic style" for all the foodies, but I really wonder about the objectivity and integrity of many of the most popular food critics here who rave about such places. Any non-pizza items that they don't have to cook are much better, since the ingredients are far better than the chefs.
Just about all of Vace's products, including their pizza, are good. (The crust leasn toward the thinner side.) The ingredients aren't as fresh as Amy's, but their pizzas are a lot less expensive and are seasoned and baked properly.
Pizza Paradisio was also good but I haven't been there in years.
Ledos is sugary and inedible, Vince&Dominics is pretty bad, and Mama Luccias is OK .
Most places with a wood-burning oven and thin crusts will be pretty good. For example, a couple places downtown and Riccuiti's in Olney.

You Haven't tasted D.C. Until...?

Funny stuff: Ben's Chile Bowl? You don't go there for good food, you go there because Cosby and Obama have been there. There are better sausage products in most good supermarkets.
Oysters at Old Ebbit? Again, the main attraction is it's near the White House. There are oysters just as fine at a good seafood store.
Foie gras? Yeah, real American food.
Delis? The worst of any major city north of the Mason-Dixon Line in the country.
The fact is there is not "DC food' in the same way there is New Orleans food or even Baltimore food. Maybe go to Eastern Market on Saturday or the boutique Dupont Market on Sunday - two very different experiences featuring local produce, (At the latter, you will find that DC is the only place in the world where people actually buy food without asking the price!) Or a government cafeteria, where all the overpaid GS-13s chow down. But for the truest DC experience, go to a pricey K St. or Capital Hill restaurant at lunch to watch all the corrupt lobbyists and lawyers in their $1000 suits paying outrageous prices on their bloated expense accounts. Do it soon, the party may be ending.
PS: If you are a real food-lover, the best crabcake in Baltimore is probably at Faidley's in the Lafayette Market, at least when blue crabs are in season. The neighborhood is quite seedy, so you won't really see any "foodie" poseurs there.

Assaggi Mozzarella?

Anybody have any comments on this place in Bethesda?

What's your "secret ingredient?"

Sauce of very finely chopped mushrooms sauteed slowly for at least 30 minutes in EVO and butter with marsala. Adds great flavor as gravy to veal or poultry scallopini.

Nov 06, 2008
foodcheck in Home Cooking

Lost bean soup recipe - help

I can't find my favorite bean soup recipe. I believe it was called Tuscan bean soup or just white bean soup, and may have been published in NYT.
I believe the key ingredients included canned whole white beans, canned chopped tomatos, chopped prosciutto, sage, stock, olive oil, etc.
I suppose I can try to replicate it, but perhaps somebody here knows it.

Nov 06, 2008
foodcheck in Home Cooking

Ray's the Steak, details?

It's good, but avoid the hangar steak - tough as a boot.

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

Jaleo (mediocre and overpriced), Kincaid (snotty service and overpriced) and 2 Amys ( an overrated pizza joint).
Also, anything that people who call themselves foodies like is likely to be overrated. They seem to love heartburn palaces like Ben's.
PS: Beware of people who call themselves foodies and say they don't like Inn at Little Wash - it's great, though it costs too much - you should do it once. 1789 is also a very good restaurant that everyone except precious "foodies" will like.

exceptional restaurant(s) in/near Frederick MD

Not a lot of great places. I like Isabella's (Spanish and tapas). Better deal than anything similar in DC, with great weekday happy hour and dinner specials. (May be a little too adventurous for pure steak eaters?). Monocacy Crossing OK but not not as impressive as its pretensions. Brewers Alley is mediocre except for the beer - OK for kids and the unadventurous, but OK for a family since any palate will be satisfied if not dazzled. I am avoiding Volt - sounds like the typical overpriced yuppie joint recommended by Tom S.

New WP Fall 2008 Dining Guide

The choices are way beyond ludicrous. Verrry precious and just plain bad.

Univ of MD at College Park Ice Cream?

I detest ColdStone ice cream. It tastes like creamy chalk. Overpriced to boot. They underflavor it so you buy that other junk they grind into it. But if memory serves the UMD ice cream is very fresh and tasty. (If it tastes like ColdStone, my tastes have changed in the last 10 years)

DC, Rockville, Gaithersburg area sure bets- Help!

Nearest you, the new Rockville Center and Kentlands has various decent rather generic places in a wholesome setting for adults and kids. Downtown Bethesda has even more choices.
Some opinions on the specific opinions:
2 Amys - Overrated, not worth a long trip. Probably not the kind of pizza and food most kids will favor.
Houstons - Decent up-scalish bar, something for everybody, but not worth a trip.
Il Pizzico - A very good Italian restaurant by any standard, perhaps the best overall restaurant Rockville/Gaithersburg and moderate prices by NYC standards. Don't take reservations. Kids may like the excellent pasta, but more an adult restaurant
5 Buys Burgers - Good and cheap burgers, so what? Awful ambiance, some are downright dirty. Kids will like it.
La Canela - Good, but most kids probably won't like it, more an adult restaurant,
Joe's Noodles - A fav of foodies and people who like somewhat authentic Chinese food, but good, cheap and lots of choices as well.

Thurmont area family style? Peter Pan?

Cozy Inn.

5 days in NYC - a review

Ha ha. Love your report. Great word pictures - I can imagine seeing you scurrying about.
Reminds me of a Damon Runyon story. You could call it "Minty Does New York".
Saying something like "not great" at the end of each experience is a terrific touch, as is the final words after all your hassles: "We loved NY".

Jun 04, 2008
foodcheck in Manhattan

Brasserie Beck and Central

Why is his liking Popeye's chicken not giving me warm and fuzzies in anticipation of his version? Or his predilection for chef-indulgences like fake food (er, I mean faux, that's so much classier) - like,hamburger that looks like corn flakes, who cares? Or the mundane lobster sandwich that costs as much as four whole lobsters in the market?
I admit I haven't tried it, but you guys are scaring me away from a restaurant with a supposedly great chef and I don't really want to be.

Any good (non-pizza) places in Little Italy?

Or only tourist traps?

Jun 02, 2008
foodcheck in Manhattan

Jose Andres's Restaurants

If the Jaleo in Bethesda is representative - well, a little better than Olive Garden.


Don't know about Ardeo, but I have noticed restaurants in CP are usually overrated by the critics. No, Palena is not in the same class as ILW and no 2 Amys is not the 30th best restaurant in the area and no Dino's is not a great Italian restaurant. Kind of suspicious IMO.


Thanks, I just tried it and you were spot on.
Not fantastic but very nice. The food improves with each course.
Bread: Mediocre but with a very nice spread.
Apps: Pea soup not so good, spare ribs overcooked.
Entrees: Rockfish as you said, maybe just a tad overcooked but very tasty. Gnocchi great, side veggies cooked very nicely though a bit oversalted to my taste - I don't salt at home. Rack of lamb very good.
Dessert: Thanks for the almond cake tip, it was terrific. The ultra-light cheesecake was maybe even better, and I don't usually like cheesecake. World class desserts. Good coffee, refills.
Wines: We just had glasses, overpriced.
Service: Good.
Ambiance: Nice,

Tabard Inn or Old Ebbitt for dinner? Or M&S?

For me, Tabard has better ambiance (nice cozy old hotel vs. very nice bar but sometimes crowded at Ebbit and nice-enough chain at M&S). Also, generally better food than others, though don't know about crabcakes.