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(Cincy) Reasonably Priced Steak?

I wanted to put a close on my search of a cheap steak place: My current go to place has been The Precinct in which I have had some really consistent stellar dinners, not cheap but definitely good. I have on my list to try Guenthers, BoneFish Grille ( I know...) and J. Alexanders. The place I am craving and would fit the bill perfectly is The Hickory House in Columbus (Anyone traveling or living in Columbus go check them out). Happy Eating Everyone! :)

Apr 19, 2010
qkalis in Great Lakes

Ideas for food options for a Picnic in Cincinnati

Not far from Ault Park is Carl's Deli which has a variety of sandwiches, soups and sides and offers a picnic lunch (complete with basket) when the weather gets nice. Check it out next time you're in the area.
Car's Deli
2836 Observatory Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208-2358
(513) 871-2275

Apr 19, 2010
qkalis in Great Lakes

Need help for Cincinnati

Welcome (in advance) to Cincy, Silvia! Could you bring some Lemon-cello gelato from Toto's (in Ambler) for me? It's the one item we crave consistently! :)

I have suggestions for you as well. I think for the night of the opera the places I would lean toward is Via Vite (italian), Jeff Ruby's (steak), Bootsy's (Spanish), Nada (Spanish), JeanRo Bistro(French), Nicholsons(Scottish), or Arnolds (Bar food). All of which are local and would keep you close to your hotel and give you an opportunity to see our 5th street Fountain square. A suggestion for another place to explore is Clifton in particular the Ludlow street area. It is not very far away from downtown and a electic shopping and dining area (make sure to walk into the gaslight streets north of Ludlow ave for cool, old houses)

Reply back if you have any questions.

Essencha Tea House 2009

It is in Cincinnati, Ohio in the neighborhood of Oakley. Here is the website as well: . They have large variety of loose leaf teas and run quite a few tea events thoughout the year. If you are a tea lover it is definitely worth a trip!

Great Clam Chowder? (Cincy/Dayton)

Fellow Hounds, I need help finding some great clam chowder in the Cincy/Dayton area. It should be a nice mix of creaminess, thickness, fresh and not too salty and I'm looking for the New England style. Any advice is welcome.

Tres Leches Cake in Cincinnati

Hi JL. I heartly recommend a trip to Taqueria Mercado on Dixie Highway (Rt 4) in Fairfield. It is an authentice taqueria, general store and mexican bakery and you will find a good tres leches there. The food is super delcious as well so make sure to save room. Post back if you give it a try.

Taqueria Mercado
6507 Dixie Hwy
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 942-4943‎

Apr 20, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

What can I get in Dayton, OH I can't find in LA?

I believe the Amish restaurant in Waynesville dumas is refering to is Der Dutchman.
It is a small chain of Amish style cooking that I believe is only in Ohio. If you go I recommend the shredded beef and noodles as well as the donuts and pies. Yum!!

Mar 03, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

(Cincy) Reasonably Priced Steak?

I had a update on my steak search. For V-day My spouse and I went to Red in Hyde Park and had a wonderful steak dinner (filet) and great dessert (molten lava cake). The atmosphere was very trendy and hip but the price for the regular 10oz filet was $33 and that included house bread (tasted homemade or close) and salad and a potato. I know it doesn't fall under $25 but I thought it was a very reasonable price for the quality. It was a very enjoyable night and we look forward to going back soon.

Feb 19, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

(Cincy) Reasonably Priced Steak?

I have been in Cincinnati for almost a year now (how time has flown!) and want to pose a challenge to my fellow Cincy Chowhounds: I am yearning for a local or small chain steakhouse that serves up a good steak dinner for under $25 (with sides). Any help is appreciated!

Feb 03, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

What's new, ethnic, (or not) and reasonable in Columbus, especially Westside

I'm so happy to hear that you found the gem Starliner Diner! I moved from Columbus and still think about their great food. Some other reasonable choices are as follows: Casa Fiesta - Mexican (3640 Main St, Hilliard), City BBQ (various Columbus locations), The Hickory House - Steaks/Ribs (Powell/Gahana/Reynoldsburg, DH Wu - Chinese (Pickerington). I have frequented all of these places heavily and give them a hearty Chowhound endorsement. Enjoy!!

Good Mexican in Cincinnati

Our favorite in the area is Tequeria Mercado 6507 Dixie Hwy
Fairfield, OH 45014(513) 942-4943 (off of rt 4). It is heavily frequented by spanish speaking locals and doesn't offer the typical americanized dishes (not even chips and salsa). It also has a mexican general store and bakery (extremely good churros there) in the same plaza. I highly recommend anyone searching for quality mexican food to check it out.

Feb 02, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

Anything interesting in Mason, OH north of Cincy?

I just ran across a citybeat article talking about a new restaurant in the Mason area called Oleg's Tavern. It is locally owned and specializes in Germanic cusine.
Looks like a chowhound worthy place to me!

Columbus, OH and Delaware, OH

Hi SteveNYC. I have one suggestion for you if you are near the airport. Check out a local BBQ/Steak place called The Hickory House - It's a great, quality joint. Also, near Delaware there are two locals to check out: The Brown Jug and Buns. Have fun and welcome!

Jan 28, 2009
qkalis in Great Lakes

Anything interesting in Mason, OH north of Cincy?

Hi Maxalot. I hope your stay here is pleasant and welcome to the Cincy area. I unfortunately don't live in Mason and have not personally eaten at most of these but I did some research for you on and have compiled the top local restaurants on that site. Here it goes:

Sushi - Bistro Ginza
Good Hamburger Chain - Culver's
Coffee/Tea - Awakenings Coffee & Tea Co.
Italian - Pitrelli's Italian Cafe
Pizza - Aponte's Pizzaa
Baltic - Red Square (I have eaten here and it is authentic and good)

Also, you will be close to the West Chester and Loveland areas as well so you might want to expand your search to these areas as well. For my help on local things check out, and as well.

Anyone living in the Mason area? Please feedback on my suggestions.

Cincinnati chowhound ideas?

I am a recent transplant to Cincy and I can comment on our finds for BBQ and ice cream. For BBQ we are currently working our way through the area and have found only City BBQ (Hyde Park) to satisfy our cravings, although Goodies (College Hill) would be a second. Keep in mind though that BBQ seems to be very polarizing and make an effort to try as many of the offerings as you can to find your place. This trend seems to be the same for ice cream as well and we recommend Agalmesis (Oakley) for a great sunday and unique ice cream style and also Brusters (West Chester) for pure ice cream flavor.

Restaurant Suggestions For Columbus, Ohio

Hi Dennis,

I lived in Columbus for 3 years and can only recommend restaurants that I have enjoyed personally but I have a few suggestions for you to consider.

Best Chinese: DH Wu (Rt 256 in Pickerington)
Best Mexican: Casa Fiesta (Hilliard location)
Best Steak (&Ribs): The Hickory House (I prefer the Reynoldsburg location)
Best Impression: I think Jeni's icecream is very unique and is truly world class so why not show off what the midwest has to offer and besides walking around North Market or Grandview is always a treat.

As far as your other choices the Noth Market is always a great one stop shop for a good variety of eats and treats.

Good eating to you!

Dec 11, 2008
qkalis in Great Lakes

Chinese Take-out/Delivery in King of Prussia

We tried Wild quality is average with a small menu...too large of a selection of alcohol....believe me, we're STILL looking for that really good Chinese restaurant ourselves, we're beginning to run out of options.

Apr 11, 2007
qkalis in Pennsylvania

Looking for Sunday brunch spot - Limerick/Pottstown area

In Royersford there is a nice restaurant with good ambiance on 10th ave called Laura's Cafe. Also in the same plaza is a nice chinese reetaurant called Vee Koo also good ambiance. Both are suitable for a brunch or evening out.

Feb 10, 2007
qkalis in Pennsylvania

Best Asian restuarants

I'm am interested in finding the best Chinese/Japanese/Korean/other restaurants in Philadelphia and the burbs. I tend to like more more homestyle recipes than high end but if its good I'll eat it. My starting point will be Royersford but am not afraid to travel. Please help!

Ciao` hounds!

Jan 06, 2007
qkalis in Pennsylvania

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions everyone. It seems like this post has wound down so I will just summarize the suggestions for anyone new: (in no particular order)

1)Majolica: Phoenixville
2)Arpeggio: Spring House
3)La Campagnola: Lansdale
4)Cravings Cafe: North Wales
5)Black Lab Bistro: Phoenixville
6)Twin Bays Cafe: Phoenixville
7)Classic Diner: ? (limited hours)
8)Columbia Bar and Grill: Phoenixville
9)Sly Fox Brewery: Royersford and ?
10)Savona: Gulph Mills
11)Ooka: ?
12)Funky 'Lil Kitchen: Pottstown
13)Bonjung: Collegeville
14)Bridgets at 8 West: Ambler
15)Alison at Blue Bell: Blue Bell
16)La Cava: Ambler
17)Tamarindos: Blue Bell
18)Trax Cafe: Ambler
19)Ristorante Castello: ?

Feel free to add if anymore come to mind.
Ciao` 'hounds!

Jan 06, 2007
qkalis in Pennsylvania

Best Cheesesteaks in the Montgomery County Suburbs?

I haven't had a lot of experience in the cheesesteak arena but I would second the recommendation of Classic's in Limerick and would also recommend Vince and Tony's in Limerick/Royersford. Both are open on Sundays and take to go orders.

Jan 06, 2007
qkalis in Pennsylvania

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Hello pamd. As to narrow the region I am around the Royersford area but am quite adventurous as far as distance goes. Thanks for the post!

Dec 22, 2006
qkalis in Pennsylvania

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Greetings to fellow hounds out there! I am pleased to be a new "hound" to the Philadelphia area. My wife and I are looking for the 10 best restaurants in Mont CO to entertain our taste buds with a few rules: 1) taste is absolute 2) plate prices should be reasonable (i.e. $10-20)3)they should be in the burbs of phila. I can't wait to hear your suggestions! Viva la chow!

Dec 22, 2006
qkalis in Pennsylvania