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Little Coxwell Vietnamese/Thai review

Sorry I have not replied to this thread sooner -- but more people need to try this place and know how good it is. It seems to be a mother, father, brother and sister team and they are all super nice people.

Hot and Sour Soup: I have had a lot of places serve this, Chinese and Thai, and have to say they make the best I have ever had. I love it here and I really feel that I am missing out now that I am out of the area.

A few good dishes: The pork chops, delish. My son enjoys the beef ribs. There pho is excellent and she will show you how to eat it the proper way. All the appetizers that I've tried have been good also. And she is pretty, which is a bonus!

The Gerrard Square thread

Bah, their rotis have been shrinking faster than the slices at pizza pizza in the mid 90s, I won't bother with them anymore.

Royal Beef

I spent $70 on a big hunk of beef to roast there a few years ago for my mother's birthday, it was enough for 7 people and leftovers and it was one yummy piece of meat. I would have gone back there more often if I could afford it, now that I got more cash flow I think I'll go check it out again.

best lunch in Toronto?

Laila's is great for Lebanese, it's near Bathurst/Bloor. You can also go to Futures Bakery after for coffee/desert or Paupers Pub to wet your whistle.

Paupers Pub
539 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y6, CA

Laila Restaurant
553 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y6, CA

Turkish pizza in the east end - some new players

There is a place near Donlands on the North side of Danforth that has good Shwarma and even better looking women serving the food. My partner didn't like the Pide and thought Pizza Pide is better. You can also grab great Turkish bagels at the store near by, and the Best Olives in the world is right there to.

Pizza Pide
949 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

best lunch in Toronto?

What area are you looking to eat in?

Little Coxwell Vietnamese/Thai review

This place used to be Pineapple Legend but is now called Little Coxwell.

The menu is different from before and there is new owners.

Ironically enough, the Thai episode of Street Eats came on the TV while I was there, making it an interesting meal.

I was generously given a pot of tea without having to ask for it which was great, some places try to cheap you out like that.

I ordered:

11. Shrimp Spring Rolls
66. Mango Fish (Lightly battered halibut on pan fried served with green mango salad)
78. Vietnamese ice coffee with condensed milk

I got 4 shrimp spring rolls, and they were a decent size shrimp in each of them. It was pretty good except that for some reason it tasted like there was a lot of black pepper in it, or at least that's what I thought. It didn't make them taste bad, it just became noticeable considering I was eating all 4 on my own.

The piece of halibut was huge! It really rivaled most of the fish and chip places I have been to in size. The batter was very light so there was no really intense flavour to this, which is good IMO as I get turned off from many Thai dishes when there is just way too much over powering flavour in the, Not that I am a fan of plain food, I just don't like foods that try to cram too many flavours into one dish.

The fish was light and flaky. I got the Rolls first that kept me busy and the main dish a few minutes after I finished them, just in time.

The mango salad that came with the halibut was good. No cucumbers! I don't like cucumbers so this is good for me. I will still eat a mango salad with cucumbers in it; I just don't like it when some places over load it almost as if they are trying to cheap out on the mango. Also, the mango was young and green, so it had that crisp and more sour taste (closer to a granny smith in apple comparison) which I like better than ripe orange mango most of the time.

The ice coffee was also good, and they brought me a second cup of tea. I was also given praise for my chopstick skillz as a whiteboy, and talked with them a little bit about different Chinese restos in the city, so they are very friendly.

Total was $25.15 including tax, and I gave a $5 tip.

I will definitely go back and report on some of the other things I try there, but for now I recommend this place for good prices and great food made fresh and timely, friendly atmosphere. Also, it seems that not too many annoying students from EYCI go there so you don't get a bunch of pimple faced loud mouths ruining your meal.

Little Coxwell
986 Coxwell Ave
East York


The arrogance of the owner at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Queen West

Now, I am hardly cheap, but the idea of paying $19 for 3 pieces of pasta seems rather petty bourgeois to me. It better be served to me on a gold plate, and I can eat it while in a laying position on a recliner in the style of a Roman aristocrat.

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

My wife also prefers Thai Fusion, but I like having the Vietnamese coffees @ Coxwell Restaurant and I simply love the way they make their Pork Chops, I could go Homer Simpson on them all day.

Thai Fusion Restaurant
969 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4C3G4, CA

Sunshine @ Danforth/Donlands - Caribbean - Doubles Available!

I'm actually in between Coxwell/Woodbine, so about equal distance from both places. Does Danforth roti have Doubles, etc.?

Sunshine @ Danforth/Donlands - Caribbean - Doubles Available!

There is a place on the danny, south side, just west of the 7/11 called Sunshine which serves up Trinidadian style food. They have doubles available, which is good news since I don't think there is anywhere else nearby that does.

Now, the doubles are not exceptional, but decent. They also have Poulories, not sure if they have Aloo pies or hot, and I have not yet tried any of there other foods.

Has anyone else been here? Does anyone know how long it's been around? For some reason I just spotted it recently.

Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

Looks like a new Hakka place has opened up right beside Danforth Dragon, should be interesting to see how that pans out.

Danforth Dragon
861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Go to the Terminal if you want mechanically separated meat in your club house sandwich, or if you want to pay 3 times the price for the same thing you would get at Sunset two doors down.

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Quattro Ragazze - Italian
Happy Sushi
Sandy's (fast/cheap Chinese-Canadian)
There is also a fish and chips place east of Woodbine on the north side of the danny, which I don't recall the name of, but they give great portions and decent taste (that's about it).

A little further away:

Last Drop Cafe (nice cafe drinks, decent sandwiches, etc.) @ Sammon / Coxwell
Karma Cafe (Coxwell south of O'Connor)
Pineapple Legend (Vietnames/Thai) @ Coxwell south of O'Connor, there is also a Thai place across the street that my wife prefers to this place that has great lunch specials....
Eden (Chinese lunch special $2.75) @ Coxwell south of O'Connor
Ali Baba (Pakistani/Indian) Coxwell and Gerrard, this place absolutely rocks.

Don't go to the terminal place @ Coxwell/Danny for breakfast, IMO it's terribad and overpriced. Go next door to Sunset for a way better meal.

Last Drop
549 Sammon Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Emerald Indian Restaurant at Woodbine & Danforth - Anyone been?

Does anyone know if this is still functioning? My wife and I went twice and the owner seemed liek a nice guy with a charismatic character, he mentioned certain problems with the building owner, etc. and then a couple of times we went by there it seemed closed. Shame because the guy made fantastic food.

The Gerrard Square thread

The Crepe place also serves decent coffees, Vietnames ones are my fav.

The new pizza place also has Pides but I have no idea why you would go there when Pizza Pide is right across the road.

Tropical Joe's Roti fillings have gotten smaller, and we rarely go there. Sometimes my wife will buy just the roti from them and make her own stuff at home when we get sick of rice.

El Greeko is still El Crappo. The guy won't even bother to make Tabouli anymore which doesn't leave much other reason to buy anything from him. Even my 14 year old daughter couldn't finish her plate (and teens usually eat just about anything greasy and salty).

Oh, and as far as the KFC goes there has NEVER once been a time I've ordered from them and they didn't somehow manage to screw it up.

Pizza Pide
949 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Looking for good sushi - Danforth & Broadview

Casa Sushi is win. I was recently introduced to this place by a good friend. When I used to frequent the area we settled on Mariko because the lunch specials were good but the quality seemed to get worse over time. Then when I moved further east we started going to Happy Sushi (Woodbine/Danny) which is not too bad.

But this place is a lot better. The Unagi Edon was very tasty, tender and fat. Great services and selection, the sushi pieces were great.

I recommend trying the Snow White roll, The Sake Fried Jumbo Tiger shrimp appetizer, and the ramen soups.

Over all, great value for the prices.

Queen Pita redemtion in Riverdale

Hey all in the Riv/Lez.

A few months ago after taking the kids down to a "Youth Mix" at the Jones/Queen park we decided to grab a bight. Da Lez is pretty bleak for food these days, so we ended up over a Queen Pita. Despite the previous negative experience I had with them, I decided to give it another try.

The place has a different look from the last time I was there, and the owner Gus now has his son working with him. I ended up calling my mom and another friend to meet up with us there, so it ended up being 8 of us (4 kids).

I think everything has improved, the falafel was fresh, crunchy and his shwarma was quite good. I was impressed with his Boubaganoushi(sp?) and Hummus. I don't think we spent more than $50 on a few plates and sandwiches which left everyone full and happy.

So for those who where disappointed in the past, perhaps now that he has his son to help out he has more time to put that extra touch in. I would suggest giving it a retry. Not like there's much else around anyways!

Breakfast around Queen and Woodbine - any recommendations?

Agree with you 100%. Last time I had Eggs Benny was at the New Yorker at Broadview and the Danny... Honestly it was similar to the description gnr gave of his experience, but I gulped them down because it had just been so long since I had them. The last time before that was at a hotel buffet. I used to deliver beer and they would let us have all you can eat breakfast if we got the beer in before 7 am. Same problem there too, the sauce seemed phony.

Breakfast around Queen and Woodbine - any recommendations?

Eggs Benedict is rather hard to make, which is why it's rare to find a decent place to eat it at. I've never had it anywhere that came close to the way my father made it. Especially the hollandaise sauce, it's difficult to get the sauce to just the right texture. It has to be cooked on a very low heat. Also, it should taste well the flavour of lemon, If you can't taste lemon, then they didn't do it right.

I would recommend a place called Sun Set which is at Coxwell and Danforth. It's got a good selection of basic breakfast stuff that you can't really go wrong with, and I've never had a bad meal there. You won't be disappointed with their peamale bacon either.

The James Joyce - Worst Meal in Ages

I used to deliver beer for the beer store, and both James Joyce and Kilgours was on my route at one time. Judging by the kitchens, at least you got the cleaner place.

Besides, the owners of kilgours are not very bright.


I've never seen what was so great about square boy, just another greasy spoon IMO. And they serve fake veal. Plus it's not even in East York.

I've been hearing great things about the rib house. I've only had breakfast there, and it was fine. Have not got to try the ribs yet but heard they are kick ass. For 6 adults the bill came out to roughly $70, this was with beer and coffees.

Best Falafel In Toronto

When on Bloor West Laila's is the best for a Falafel sandwich, IMO. But if I wanted a plate I would go to Sarah's down the street. However, the last time I went I was somewhat disappointed. I'm hoping it was just a bad day at Sarah's.


Yeah, east of Woodbine I consider this hood. But much of the places mentioned are too west to be thought of part of EY.

I'm interested in any place as long as it isn't too bourgeois, in EY that's good for lunch or dinner. Take out and delivery are also things we are interested in, but doesn't have to be.

Worst Falafel EVER - Champion on Pape

OK, I've been living in and around the Riv' for awhile, and I was excited when this place opened up not too long ago, as there hasn't been any decent falafel around. But even Guss on Queen E. and the guy in Gerrard Sq. is probably better than what I unfortunately encountered today.

Actually, it's partially my own fault. I was pre-warned by my barber Jay at Major League Cuts on Pape that the Shwarma was crap at Champion. However, my son and myself where hungry and two people where lined up for cuts in front of us, so we decided to give it a try.

First thing I noticed was no Tabbouleh, and no Baba ghanoush. So a plate is out of the question. Two Pitas then, I got the falafel, my son the chicken shwarma.

Cheap on the hummus with one wipe of the knife, no pickled vegetables. When I asked for tahini he pulled it out from behind the counter like it was a secret. The falafel was crushed up, it looked uncooked. In fact, I didn't even see him fry it up. I got hot sauce and garlic sauce to.

It actually didn't look bad, but when I bit in to it I got a cold, bland, doughey taste that made me think I was getting something that might be served in a Lebanese prison rather than a restaurant.

It was the most bland falafel I have ever tasted. It actually reminded me of what you would get at the pita pit, only the hot sauce is better there. I even asked for hot peppers and couldn't taste those either. It was a mystery as to what happened to the garlic, tahini and hummus as I couldn't pick up the flavour of any of them. Bite after bite was like forcing down something for the sake of eating, rather then enjoying a meal.Occasionally I thought I caught an odd flavour of a lemon sort of taste, but even that wasn't enough to want to finish it. I managed to force down half.

My son's pita was only any better because it had actual meat on it, though I took a bite and was very unimpressed. Reminded my of a generic shwarma meat that you would get from a microwaveable version. Terrible.

The price was not bad, it all came out to just under $11 with drinks for both. But unless you smoke cigars on a regular bases and have no taste left it's not even worth that.


About 80% of the places mentioned in this thread are on the Danforth and such and not even EY.

I would love to hear about stuff in the Mortimer-Coxwell--Woodbine-Cosburn-O'Connor area, as we are living here temporarily after our house burned up in Riverdale.

Drinks in Leslieville

What is "The Comrade"? Is it actually a left-wing themed place, are the owners left-wing, etc. or is it called "The Comrade" for some other reason? Where is it? TIA

Mercury Cafe

Hey all,

All ya' out here in da riv (Riverdale) should check out Mercury Cafe on Queen East for nice coffees, especially the late selections. Their service is decent, plus you can mooch on their wi-fi. Plus their stuff is fair trade.

So yeah, if your closer to Carlaw/Logan instead of having to walk to Tangos at Jones, or give your money to $$$tarbuck$$$, hit this place up. For two you'll spend just under $10, but more like $10 with tip (that's not including snacks). This is were I go when I'm feeling petty-bourgeois. ;-)

Your friendly local neighborhood commie,

Redcoconut. :-D

Great Middle Eastern Food in Toronto

Is the small Beirut Bakery still on Wilson just west of Bathurst on the south side? They made some great takeout and also carried great items for cooking at home. They're really nice people too.

Downtown my favourite place has always been Sarah's @ Bloor and Brunswick beside the Futures Bakery.

Still no good places in Leslieville / Riverdale though.

New Peach Garden (Vietnamese) Restaurant between Gerrard & Jones/Pape

OK, my family and myself went there on Weds. (12-12-07). I had seen the place before, and almost grabbed take out there a month ago but decided upon looking at the menu I would rather try a dine in first some other time.

It was my mom's birthday, so there was 8 of us (my wife, mom, mom's BF, 4 kids and myself) and so I wanted to treat her to something that she has not tried before. Originally we were going to go to Pizza PIde, but they were closed for some reason. I wanted to take her to either Xe Lau (the train) or Ka Ka Lucky, but she didn't feel like walking to Broadview from Carlaw, so she suggested this new place.

Now, with most Vietnamese places you expect the service to be crappy, but in a way you kind of enjoy that, in other words you don't feel rushed, take your time, etc. but this place was ridiculous.

So we seat ourselves, luckily there was a big enough table available. Now, for some reason there was two different menus, and I found this to be somewhat confusing, especially since the waitress informed us that not everything on one of the menus was available.

So first, we decided to order our drinks. Usually when I go for Vietnamese I like to get a milk tea on ice, a simple thing yet she said they don't make them. So I got we got 4 Taro with tapiocas, and two Saigon beers for my mom and her BF. Waitress was pushing us to order right away, and I told her we will order our drinks, then appetizers, then meals, as we need time to look over the menu. So out of her mouth comes "We close at 10 o'clock, ok?".

Now, I'm thinking it's only 9 pm. Most restos understand that you lock your doors at closing time but people are still gonna' be in there for an hour or so after that. If they wanted everyone out at 10, they should have locked up right at 9.

So when she comes around again, we gave her the order for some appetizers (pork spring rolls, Vietnamese sausages) and she then reminds us again that they will be closing at 10. After that, I vowed to the table that if she says that one more time we are going to pay for what we received and find somewhere else to eat.

In all, the food was not bad but not great. We had the seafood pad thai, shrimp pad thai, sizzling beef hot plate, rice, pork chops and egg dishes; and spicy Thai fried rice (a rice with sausage, egg, etc. spiced with curry). Few other dishes I don't recall.

I found the prices to be high. Came out to $110.xx, and the the service was terrible I knew how to get there attention and had to use those techniques like waiving them down, calling them, putting the empty tea pot with the lid up at the edge of the table, etc. to do so.

In the end I found it odd that they where still sitting people after 10 pm. I purposely ate slow and took my time because I wanted to stay until after 10 just to be an ass. But it pissed me off that the same waitress seemed to have no problem sitting others while we were reamed 1 hour and five minutes before closing.

The other waitress was nicer, and one of her kids is in the same school as mine, so I gave her $15 tip as the mean waitress had left. However, I will not be returning.

I also heard the couple at the table beside us comment that they would not return, not sure what problem they had but possibly they had the same mean waitress.