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One good place in Dubai

Try Fatafeet, which is located along the Creek on the Bur Dubai side, more or less opposite the Etisalat Building that has the two balls on top -- can't miss it. Just get to the other side of the Creek. Anyway, they have great shwarmas, kofta kebabs, wonderful mezze.. and it's very, very reasonable. You can eat very well for $5 or so per person. Tables are mostly outside, though they do have some inside a sort of tent with a.c. if it's really hot. There's usually a breeze, so outside's okay even if the temp is in the mid to high 90s (33-38 C).

Dec 22, 2006
Gecko46 in Middle East & Africa

Is there an acceptable substitute for sour cream?

I live in the Gulf, and, although I can <i>buy</i> sour cream here, it's gold plated -- about US$4 for pint or so. I find <i>labneh</i>, spoken of above, to be virtually identical to sour cream. The variety I buy here is slightly thicker than US sour cream, but that's usually not a problem.

Dec 22, 2006
Gecko46 in General Topics