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MSP: Fajitas

I have a friend who loves fajitas and I want to take him somewhere really good to get them. Any good ideas?? I frequent places like La Hacienda and Los Ocampo and have not seen fajitas on either of their menus so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Nov 09, 2009
alix in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Good Pad Thai? (MSP)

Bangkok Thai Deli on University Ave in Saint Paul. Best thai food in the cities in my opinion.

Mar 09, 2009
alix in General Midwest Archive

MSP: Best Vietnamese?

Saigon for sandwiches
Quang for pho and sea bass soup
Jasmine deli for charbroiled pork noodle salad
Everywhere for spring rolls but especially Jasmine Deli and Saigon

I cant seem to get myself to go anywhere else

Dec 21, 2008
alix in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Best Reuben Sandwich

Who makes it??

Jul 17, 2008
alix in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Salut St Paul

I went last night and had a blackberry mojito on the patio.

Jun 18, 2008
alix in General Midwest Archive


I.m going to Masa tonight for the first time. Any suggestions on what's best to order?

May 11, 2008
alix in General Midwest Archive

[MSP] 112 EATERY -- HELP!!!

I am going to 112 Eatery with my boyfriend for the first time tonight. I am a college student so fancy dinners are few and far between. I got a $75 gift certificate for my 21 birthday and plan to spend it all plus up to $50 of our own money. I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for over a year so I want to make sure I order well seeing as this will probably be my only chance to go and splurge. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (Sorry about the late notice)

Feb 29, 2008
alix in General Midwest Archive

MSP - Spring Rolls

who has the best??

Feb 08, 2008
alix in General Midwest Archive

Lunch near the Red Line

We want a sit down place for sure. I'm really open to any sugestions preferably under twenty dollars per person.

Lunch near the Red Line


I will be flying in to National on saturday morning and taking the metro to Shady Grove. I wanted to stop off some where close and get lunch. I'm looking for something that I might not be able to find in Minneapolis. Any suggestions would be great!