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Breakfast in Columbus , OH

Tasi can be good, although parking and seating can be an issue. I think Rise and Dine is a little better than First Watch. The DK Diner on 3rd in Grandview is good as well. ZenCha is good, but only if you are in the mood for pancakes or waffles. La Chatelaine is good as well, but only the breakfast menu is not extensive. Northstar is good for the first 3-4 times. Jack and Benny's is very good, haven't had Starliner's breakfast.

Italian food (Columbus, OH)

I'm a little suprised no one has mentioned Basi. I know they don't have what alot of Americans picture Italian food is, but it is authentic, and consitantly very good. Scali's is a little out of the way, but worth the trip.

COLUMBUS, OH-Any good meeting suggestions...

You might want to give Brazenhead a try. There are a few rooms that could accomodate a largeish number of people and be conducive to conversation. King Avenue Five can accomodate that number of people and is small enough that conversation could still be possible. Byrne's is supposed to be a good place to hang out, although I believe they only have pizza from Grandpa's next door. Definately second the Barley's rec.

Surviving Columbus after Manhattan

I've been a few times. The space is really nice, although there is no inside seating, as yet. The owners are planning on adding seating because so many people have let them know they miss it. I think when they do that, the new space will be much better than the old. The kitchen seems to be much larger as well.

columbus ohio cafe corner

It is very good. Not really a large sit-down area, but about 4-5 tables. The food is quite good, don't know if you've seen their website: . Just west of there is Cafe Apropos, which is another nice place to go. Corner is a little more get your food and go, Apropos is more like a coffee house, sit down and relax kind of place. Apropos also has beer and wine, and their own wine club. Both are worth a visit.

Looking for restaurant in Cols OH

Diane, I think the article you are thinking of was in the ThisWeek paper, not the Dispatch. The restaurant is Black Creek Bistro, where Elemental used to be. 53 Parsons Ave. Let me know how it was.

Is there any good Thai in Columbus?

Ps Thai Tai on King Ave in Grandview has very good Thai. Fairly extensive menu with rotating specials. And if it isn't on the menu, they'll probably make it for you. Very friendly staff.

Where to find goat in Columbus, OH?

You can also buy goat from Bluescreek Farms in the North Market. I bought some loin chops from them a couple of weeks back.

Bagels in Columbus?

Barry's New York Deli in the North Market (Short North) has bagels flown in from one of the deli's in NY City. I've never tried them myself, so I can't really say how good they are.

Columbus, OH Good eats -- No Chains!!!!

The North Market in the Short North is a good place to go for fast and good food. They have Italian, sushi, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Vietnamese. And for dessert you can always go to Jenni's for ice cream, Mozart's for pastries or Pure Immagination for chocolates.

Another good place is Bannana Bean in German Village. Small, but very good food and portions. Just a little south of Barcelona, which has fairly good food as well.

Jan 25, 2007
duncanfj in Great Lakes

What restaurant in Cleveland OH shouldn't be missed for a great dinner?

If you like good beer as well, Great Lakes Brewing has upscale food and very, very good beer.

Columbus, OH-great hot chocolate

You should go to Pure Imagination Chocolates in the North Market. Go early, Daniel usually sells out of it fairly quickly on the weekends.

Columbus, OH, Christmas eve Italian food?

You should try Scali's Ristorante. Down off 70 and 256. Very authentic and very good. It is in a little stripmall, runs perpendicular to 256. They might still have some openings.