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Eating well, while being poor.

This doesn't address your eating for cheap, but I've drastically cut my grocery bill by shopping for staples like toothbrush/toothpaste/shampoo at CVS using their extra bucks system. There are forums dedicated on how to get this kinda stuff for free, occassionally tp and detergent/soaps too. Other drugstores have similar programs.

Feb 24, 2010
amandaw33 in General Topics

What's in your food (the movie Food, Inc)

Though not a regular Oprah follower, but I really enjoyed her show yesterday highlighting Eric Schlosser's documentary Food, Inc. Eric is the guy who was behind the book "Fast Food Nation."

I had previously caught the whole movie on Netflix (documentary fiend)

Not to say I buy all organic now, but I try to make better choices where I can.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in where your food comes from (what's fed to cows, how chickens are raised, why fruits available in supermarkets all year long even out of season, etc), it's a movie worth catching - check netflix if you use them.

Also, for those who are interested, Oprah/Amazon worked out a deal to offer the movie for $9.99 with free digital download (deal was supposed to end at midnight but still appears to be active). I actually bought a copy to loan to friends/family.

Jan 28, 2010
amandaw33 in Food Media & News

I am looking for a program where I can input a recipe..........

+1 I use which is sister site of sparkpeople. i love it b/c it saves my fav recipes in my "recipe box" so I can go back and easily reuse/find it - even from my phone.

Jan 26, 2010
amandaw33 in Not About Food

Pasta for Valentine's Day

Roberto Passon looks like it has a special (no pasta) VDay menu, but I did get in on an early reservation @ Convivio though - which is convenient with our hotel! They are doing a special 4 course menu of some sort - hopefully some pasta on there!

Thanks for the other options below (Babbo and L'Artusi were sold out). Po was my next try.

Thanks again all.

Jan 30, 2009
amandaw33 in Manhattan

Pasta for Valentine's Day

Been searching chowhound Manhattan.. lots of good info.

Surprising my husband with NYC trip for Valentines Day - looking for a good pasta dinner for that night.

I should've booked earlier - many places mentioned here have no reservations left.

Any suggestions for places to check out? Price isn't a huge deal, and we don't mind traveling a bit from the hotel (Grand Central) to get there if the food is worth it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jan 30, 2009
amandaw33 in Manhattan

Where to find traditional Jewish Bagels

where's original bagel company? that's not the place in the same strip mall as Alfredo's and Boyle's flooring, is it? I've always been disappointed with that bagel place... stale bagels... egg sandwiches with microwaved eggs... please tell me i'm missing some great Broomall find elsewhere?

Mar 07, 2008
amandaw33 in Pennsylvania

Heng's Sushi and Thai

jennw36, was this in Springfield?

Heng's has a newer location in Newtown Square... we've been back a few times and always had top notch service & great food. I don't remember seeing sushi on that menu though, just thai. Also, they are usually pretty empty while we're there, so that might account for better service as well.

We usually get dumplings as an appetizer, which are obviously freshly made and pretty great. For the main course, I always get the shrimp pad thai, very generous portion and yummy. Can't remember what my boyfriend got, but his was great as well.

Feb 12, 2007
amandaw33 in Pennsylvania

Your favorite sandwich. Ones you make at home.

olive oil in a pan with some onions. add fresh portabello mushrooms sliced up... maybe a red pepper... add balsamic vinegar... put on nice roll with fav cheese


Jan 06, 2007
amandaw33 in General Topics

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

Pica's is good, different "upside down" thin crust style, though. Service there is great tho!

Dec 24, 2006
amandaw33 in Philadelphia

Pica's Pizza [drool]

Pica's pizza is good, but the service is great. Not too often you see places with service as good as the ladies there!

Dec 24, 2006
amandaw33 in Pennsylvania

Thai in Conshy

Heng's Thai is also very good (Newtown Sq and Springfield). We also like Sabai but it's a bit pricier for pad thai I think.

Dec 24, 2006
amandaw33 in Pennsylvania

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

Rondo, I want to say left but I'm absolutely terrible with directions and just moved to delco "recently" so it's confusing to me. I'm going to guess it's on the left

It's across from Marple Ford.. same side as Giant/PepBoys if that helps? It's next to Valentino's (which is disappointing but always packed for some reason btw).

PS - not that it means much as far as food quality, but Bam Margera from Jackass travels from W. Chester to Alfredo's (for the stromboli I believe)? Alfredo always chats with us, and he always tells me when I just missed Bam.

Dec 22, 2006
amandaw33 in Philadelphia

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

I like Italian Delite as well, but my all time favorite is Alfredo's on W. Chester Pike in Broomall, PA.

My boyfriend and I usually split their medium plain. Love it and would eat it all the time if I could get away with it :)

Alfredo himself is always there.. real friendly. You can get slices, etc but the whole pie is always best!

Dec 21, 2006
amandaw33 in Philadelphia