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DEVILED EGGS! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (December 2014)

There are Medieval or Roman recipes for stuffed eggs that use butter since mayo wasn't around yet.

Dec 10, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

How to make thin soup with strong mushroom flavor?

This clear Japanese (steakhouse) mushroom onion soup might work. The recipe calls for straining out all of the veggies when done. The mushrooms are slow cooked over a long time to pull out the flavor.

It is also great if you have a head cold.

Dec 08, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

if you could live anywhere at any income level, what would you choose?

Short list: Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Taipei, Kyoto

Enough money that I could paint or work on research without worrying about bills and have plenty of funds for travel.

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

Never actually used it and it is a rare thing to find out here. Just an over rated item?

Nov 30, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

I too need help on uninvited guests.

I had to do this to our chronic problem neighbors (think Jerry Springer show). Asked them to stop, warned them I would call the police if they didn't, then followed through. It took a citation for disturbing the peace and later on an interrogation by PD for the vandalism to my car the next day before they decided it was a good idea to behave like adults.
We live in a "nice" neighborhood too. :-)

I too need help on uninvited guests.

I think you did the right thing. I have had this same problem with people showing up at events at our home then turning their kids loose without supervision or expecting me to babysit them. The last get together we had, we made it clear ahead of time it was adults only (no small kids), it was also late in the evening. It offended a few people but oh well. There are way too many parents that think it is ok to let their kids do whatever and don't make them behave. Like the kid swinging from the glass freezer doors at costco. His mom looked over and said oh stop, he promptly ignored that and kept going.

Announcing limits ahead of time will offend some people, usually the same ones who would do the very thing you are trying to prevent. You can't win but this really goes back to the people who just don't care in the first place.

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

Got the cookbook today when I went in for milk. Our store had Kirkland organic whole milk for half price. I am assuming they overstocked pre-thanksgiving since the expire dates are January.

The cookbook seems to have some interesting recipes but really over uses grapes and salmon in many of the recipes.

Nov 30, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

Costco here (Sioux Falls, SD) has truffle oil (Urbani) for $13.99. Is this worth buying?

Nov 30, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

Declining quality at Costco?

I noticed some of the bulk cheddar had mold on it, they also didn't have tight shrink wrap so I think there might have been a bad batch going around. Was able to find an appropriate one in another box.

We have good luck with Costco produce, it lasts longer than anything from our grocery chain stores. Spring mix lettuce tends to go south fast anyways, that is about the only thing I have had go bad prematurely.

If we are not going to use up something fresh right away I try to repackage it into something that keeps fresh longer. Empty costco cashew jars do a good job of keeping things like mini peppers or mini cukes (wrapped in paper towel) from degrading. The one product I just never have good luck with is their peas. They seem to last about 4 days before starting to go.

Nov 20, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

"2. Watch out in the aisle with the bacon and eggs. Occasionally,
i've seen whole (dead) lambs (feet first) in the same section.
I've complained about this, but i doubt they listened."

Um what? Could you explain :-)

Nov 20, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

Request for duck and prime rib but one oven

I have been trying to find a way to juggle these two dishes requested for thanksgiving. I don't have a grill option (gas grill just died, charcoal grill won't stay hot enough in the freezing weather to cook properly).
I considered doing the duck the day before. If I do this how do I reheat it without it becoming dried out or stringy etc?

Nov 20, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Not a fan of packaged foods, what ones do you still use?

Something more along the lines of insta-food. IE: mixes, boxes of heat and eat or maybe where do you draw the line?
Condiments seems to be one where many draw the line, making some of their condiments but not others if the ready made one is good and/or difficult to make.

Not a fan of packaged foods, what ones do you still use?

Had a rather in depth discussion about processed food with the daughter on the drive home today. What is healthy, what is not, what is just awful and when making something from scratch is a better option towards the end result etc.

I have been trying to find the right mix of making things from basic ingredients vs. where something a bit processed is maybe worth using. Things like stock/soup base or canned beans.

What processed type foods do you still consider worth using if you otherwise are trying to avoid those kinds of things for various reasons?

What should I look for when choosing a cast iron skillet?

Lodge is relatively cheap, performs well and indestructible. I have a 12in pan and domed top dutch oven that I use frequently. If you get a larger sized frying pan the grab handle on the opposite side of the main handle is a must have if you are not a power lifter. I also have a small skillet, flat crepe pan, large dutch oven with a lid made to hold coals and a griddle. All are either Lodge or really old thrift store finds.

They get used, abused, taken camping, used as learning tools as newbies who burn the seasoning out of my pots etc. They are pretty much indestructible as long as you learn how to clean them properly and re-season them if they need it.

Sep 22, 2014
blackpointyboots in Cookware

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2014

Has anyone figured out the circulation in and out of the stores for some products. Gluten free baking mix was here, gone, here, now gone again. They had two brands of gluten free pizzas about a month ago, went back for more and the Sabratto (sp?) brand ones were sold out and have not returned.

Sep 22, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

What I bought today at my Asian market

The typical list for when we hit the Asian grocery store:
baby corn
bamboo shoot
coconut milk
water chestnut
napa cabbage
bok choy
pea pods
sesame oil
sushi vinegar
rice vinegar
chinese sherry
frozen lump crab meat (best price in town and better quality)
curry paste or base
pork belly for char siu
Our local store has tons of sweets and cookies that are all good and unusual. Shelli Senbei cookies are pretty good. The daughter is partial to the various wafer cookies and filled sponge cakes.

Black Dots on Bok Choy

The same thing happens to Napa cabbage after it sits a while in the fridge. This explains what it is. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/hs352

I have this happen to cabbage or bok choy if it sits in the fridge for a while

Jun 29, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

kiwi fruit gelee...?

Kiwi apparently has an anti-setting effect like pineapple does in gelatin due to the enzymes. But a quick search shows multiple gelatin and agar agar recipes using kiwi.

There are some pretty amazing Asain agar agar gelatin type desserts out there that might fit the concept. I saw a few show up by adding Kiwi as a search phrase.

Jun 24, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Homemade DIY Flavored Extracts

My bottle of vanilla extract has been in perpetual operation for about 5 years. I changed out the beans last year. It is in one of those big wine sized bottles with the ceramic and rubber cork. I don't remember how many beans it had in it (lots) but I had added more as it became too dilute. I let the bottle sit for about 2 weeks before initially using it and top off with more vodka as needed. I use Grey Goose in it since it doesn't have the lighter fluid aftertaste some cheap vodka can have.

I haven't done nut extracts but do fruit extracts to use as a base for cordials. Those just have simple syrup and water added to finish.

Jun 24, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Rice Cooker Pancakes

Did the texture seem different vs. regular pancakes?

Jun 24, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Diabetic dessert recipes using truvia

Has anyone had luck finding or adjusting existing recipes to use truvia (stevia/sugar blend)? The recipes on their website are always over complicated and in ways that don't even seem to be relevant to the sugar replacement in the recipe.

Omaha Dinner Near Zoo Ideas

We ended up taking the advice of Omaha magazine and grabbed dinner at King Kong (gyros place). The listed location is further away but as we drove up to the zoo there was a location right across the street from the entrance.

It is counter service but the food was really good and huge portions. Besides the typical gyros offerings they have huge burgers and steaks. I got the gyros salad and could not finish it even though I was starving when we got there. The burgers got thumbs up also.

Jun 15, 2014
blackpointyboots in Great Plains

Omaha Dinner Near Zoo Ideas

Heading to the zoo later this week with the teenage daughter. Looking for anywhere somewhat nearby worth eating at. Difficulty factor, it needs to have at least some options that are gluten free. IE: if it is all things on a bun, pasta or battered food I am SOL for anything to eat. Doesn't have to be strictly gluten free as long as I might have some options.

Jun 11, 2014
blackpointyboots in Great Plains

The Rent err…..Groceries are Too Damn High!

Hyvee stores in the midwest.

The Rent err…..Groceries are Too Damn High!

I bought a bag of sugar a few days ago. Seemed an odd shape. Was a 4 pound bag. Nothing is sacred...

Barefoot in the kitchen

Barefoot. Big fuzzy boot/slippers in the winter. We have old linoleum floors but are putting in end cut pine at some point. We considered tile but really hard surfaces kill my back. I have a gel mat where I usually spend most of the time. We had the no shoes in the house rule growing up, it is permanently part of my behavior. Now if I could get get the hubby and kids to do so.

Diabetic eating low carb but not losing weight

The hubby is going through the same challenge. Portion control and trying to avoid non-carb calorie bombs seem to be part of it. Getting some amount of exercise into it might also help even if it is pretty low intensity. I was really surprised how doing a light workout in the warm water pool a couple of times a week helped me drop weight.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity does NOT exist.

Tried that, It gets to a paywalled link to Elsevier via Pubmed. Don't get me started on my annoyance of paywalled studies with extremely limited ability of anyone even with academic access to read them....

Gluten-free replacement for bread crumbs?

GF oats or pulverized rice crackers. I also used pulverized rice crackers for breading or coating things.

May 18, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Strawberry Extract recommendations for a White Cake

Possibly an edible essential oil? that would have flavor but no color? I try to avoid most cheap extracts since they are usually mostly dyes and artificial flavors.
This claims to be a natural strawberry extract and doesn't appear to have dyes in it. http://www.beanilla.com/strawberry-ex...