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Not a fan of packaged foods, what ones do you still use?

Something more along the lines of insta-food. IE: mixes, boxes of heat and eat or maybe where do you draw the line?
Condiments seems to be one where many draw the line, making some of their condiments but not others if the ready made one is good and/or difficult to make.

Not a fan of packaged foods, what ones do you still use?

Had a rather in depth discussion about processed food with the daughter on the drive home today. What is healthy, what is not, what is just awful and when making something from scratch is a better option towards the end result etc.

I have been trying to find the right mix of making things from basic ingredients vs. where something a bit processed is maybe worth using. Things like stock/soup base or canned beans.

What processed type foods do you still consider worth using if you otherwise are trying to avoid those kinds of things for various reasons?

What should I look for when choosing a cast iron skillet?

Lodge is relatively cheap, performs well and indestructible. I have a 12in pan and domed top dutch oven that I use frequently. If you get a larger sized frying pan the grab handle on the opposite side of the main handle is a must have if you are not a power lifter. I also have a small skillet, flat crepe pan, large dutch oven with a lid made to hold coals and a griddle. All are either Lodge or really old thrift store finds.

They get used, abused, taken camping, used as learning tools as newbies who burn the seasoning out of my pots etc. They are pretty much indestructible as long as you learn how to clean them properly and re-season them if they need it.

Sep 22, 2014
blackpointyboots in Cookware

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2014

Has anyone figured out the circulation in and out of the stores for some products. Gluten free baking mix was here, gone, here, now gone again. They had two brands of gluten free pizzas about a month ago, went back for more and the Sabratto (sp?) brand ones were sold out and have not returned.

Sep 22, 2014
blackpointyboots in Chains

What I bought today at my Asian market

The typical list for when we hit the Asian grocery store:
baby corn
bamboo shoot
coconut milk
water chestnut
napa cabbage
bok choy
pea pods
sesame oil
sushi vinegar
rice vinegar
chinese sherry
frozen lump crab meat (best price in town and better quality)
curry paste or base
pork belly for char siu
Our local store has tons of sweets and cookies that are all good and unusual. Shelli Senbei cookies are pretty good. The daughter is partial to the various wafer cookies and filled sponge cakes.

Black Dots on Bok Choy

The same thing happens to Napa cabbage after it sits a while in the fridge. This explains what it is. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/hs352

I have this happen to cabbage or bok choy if it sits in the fridge for a while

Jun 29, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

kiwi fruit gelee...?

Kiwi apparently has an anti-setting effect like pineapple does in gelatin due to the enzymes. But a quick search shows multiple gelatin and agar agar recipes using kiwi.

There are some pretty amazing Asain agar agar gelatin type desserts out there that might fit the concept. I saw a few show up by adding Kiwi as a search phrase.

Jun 24, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Homemade DIY Flavored Extracts

My bottle of vanilla extract has been in perpetual operation for about 5 years. I changed out the beans last year. It is in one of those big wine sized bottles with the ceramic and rubber cork. I don't remember how many beans it had in it (lots) but I had added more as it became too dilute. I let the bottle sit for about 2 weeks before initially using it and top off with more vodka as needed. I use Grey Goose in it since it doesn't have the lighter fluid aftertaste some cheap vodka can have.

I haven't done nut extracts but do fruit extracts to use as a base for cordials. Those just have simple syrup and water added to finish.

Jun 24, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Rice Cooker Pancakes

Did the texture seem different vs. regular pancakes?

Jun 24, 2014
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Diabetic dessert recipes using truvia

Has anyone had luck finding or adjusting existing recipes to use truvia (stevia/sugar blend)? The recipes on their website are always over complicated and in ways that don't even seem to be relevant to the sugar replacement in the recipe.

Omaha Dinner Near Zoo Ideas

We ended up taking the advice of Omaha magazine and grabbed dinner at King Kong (gyros place). The listed location is further away but as we drove up to the zoo there was a location right across the street from the entrance.

It is counter service but the food was really good and huge portions. Besides the typical gyros offerings they have huge burgers and steaks. I got the gyros salad and could not finish it even though I was starving when we got there. The burgers got thumbs up also.

Jun 15, 2014
blackpointyboots in Great Plains

Omaha Dinner Near Zoo Ideas

Heading to the zoo later this week with the teenage daughter. Looking for anywhere somewhat nearby worth eating at. Difficulty factor, it needs to have at least some options that are gluten free. IE: if it is all things on a bun, pasta or battered food I am SOL for anything to eat. Doesn't have to be strictly gluten free as long as I might have some options.

Jun 11, 2014
blackpointyboots in Great Plains

The Rent err…..Groceries are Too Damn High!

Hyvee stores in the midwest.

The Rent err…..Groceries are Too Damn High!

I bought a bag of sugar a few days ago. Seemed an odd shape. Was a 4 pound bag. Nothing is sacred...

Barefoot in the kitchen

Barefoot. Big fuzzy boot/slippers in the winter. We have old linoleum floors but are putting in end cut pine at some point. We considered tile but really hard surfaces kill my back. I have a gel mat where I usually spend most of the time. We had the no shoes in the house rule growing up, it is permanently part of my behavior. Now if I could get get the hubby and kids to do so.

Diabetic eating low carb but not losing weight

The hubby is going through the same challenge. Portion control and trying to avoid non-carb calorie bombs seem to be part of it. Getting some amount of exercise into it might also help even if it is pretty low intensity. I was really surprised how doing a light workout in the warm water pool a couple of times a week helped me drop weight.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity does NOT exist.

Tried that, It gets to a paywalled link to Elsevier via Pubmed. Don't get me started on my annoyance of paywalled studies with extremely limited ability of anyone even with academic access to read them....

Gluten-free replacement for bread crumbs?

GF oats or pulverized rice crackers. I also used pulverized rice crackers for breading or coating things.

May 18, 2014
blackpointyboots in Home Cooking

Strawberry Extract recommendations for a White Cake

Possibly an edible essential oil? that would have flavor but no color? I try to avoid most cheap extracts since they are usually mostly dyes and artificial flavors.
This claims to be a natural strawberry extract and doesn't appear to have dyes in it. http://www.beanilla.com/strawberry-ex...

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity does NOT exist.

This study looks at one very narrow group of possible wheat/gluten issues. People who have self diagnosed with GI issues they are saying flare when they eat wheat. There were 37 people in the study, a very small amount. What I can not find is who funded this study and that can be a critical component to determining the validity of it. Since the actual study is paywalled it makes actually weighing the information in the study impossible. The original link is from Business Insider, not exactly a reliable source of information and it references "real clear science" part of real clear politics etc. Hardly the go to place for reliable unbiased scientific information. Yet people are waving this study around as some sort of "final proof" that anyone with wheat or gluten issues must be faking it.

There are a number of medical problems tied to problems with wheat consumption. Hashimotos thyroiditis, celiac, a number of types of arthritis and Durhings disease all have known components where wheat consumption has been identified as playing a role in making certain symptoms worse. Durhings is considered a skin version of celiac. Durhings can also plague people for years after they stop eating wheat.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity does NOT exist.

I am surprised a journal published a study with so few participants.

Dark soy sauce--wheat free brands?

I have been trying to figure this out also. I have many recipes that call for Chinese dark soy sauce or a combination. I use San J tamari for most things but I am not even sure what I am going after taste wise for the Chinese dark. San J is the only gluten free soy sauce I have found. Are there others?

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

The does gluten free = healthier eating has sort of evolved as more ready made gluten free products have hit the market. I was diagnosed long ago (over a decade) when this wasn't a common thing. So I had to make things from scratch and avoid lots of processed foods that had gluten in them in various forms. While it is nice to be able to grab gluten free bread at the store that doesn't taste like a shingle or a box of cookies these are NOT "healthier" because they lack wheat. They usually have plenty of sugar and other mystery ingredients. Some brands are better than others about food additives and chemical sets. The hubby is diabetic so I also look at the carb content on alternative flours and such. Many of the gluten free flours have higher carbs than wheat. I end up eating far fewer carbs in general since it is just easier and usually cheaper.

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

I avoid most socially mandated eating events (weddings, funerals etc) and usually decline dinner type invitations. It is much easier than either a) ending up sick for a couple of days of b) watching everyone else eat while I don't c) making the host feel bad because I am sitting there not eating because everything has some form of wheat in it in significant quantities. For those who really have these documented medical problems I can tell you it is a total pain. I miss French bread. Traveling is an unbelievable pain trying to find something to eat. I survived a symposium on coffee and oat bars. Those that are doing it out of trendiness would likely not actually adhere to it religiously or give up on it eventually.

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

Who are these crazy evangelists? They must run in different circles than I do :-)

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

So exactly how do you tell who is making it up and being insufferable about it vs. someone with an actual medical condition? Do you quiz people in the supermarket line because you see a box of gluten free something in their cart? Do you ask for people's medical history at restaurants as they order?

I have lots of people ask me about eating gluten free because they are curious and because it has hit the health guru circles. I usually tell them to try eating a low carb diet first for a while and see if they feel better unless they have a doctor telling them to do it. Some people simply feel better by cleaning up their eating habits a bit.

Celiac isn't the only disorder with a documented tie to gluten. Hashimoto's can have a gluten component as does Duhring's disease but there is some relation to Celiac with these two.

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

I said nothing about a genetic component in a population that didn't traditionally eat wheat. There are plenty of cultures where wheat was not typically consumed or native and people were not suffering from the lack of it.

There seems to be some weird notion with some people that not eating wheat is somehow an abomination or something? It certainly isn't required for a healthy diet and there are other options if you are trying to add some sort of grains into your diet.

Wheat industry is behind effort to label gluten intolerance a fad

There are people with actual allergies to wheat gluten, that is different than celiac. Yes there are lots of people experimenting with removing gluten from their diet for various reasons. Many claim they feel better. There is also some evidence for certain auto-immune disorders that not eating wheat will help those conditions. I find it ironic how many people seeing that industry is out to sway public opinion didn't even seem to blink at repeating that exact same thing.



This and not eating wheat is something many cultures had done for quite a long time until it was introduced there by trade. There isn't any unique benefit to eating wheat vs. other grains etc. But I am sure that won't stop all those amateur internet doctors trying to insist that anyone turning down wheat is a whiney hipster looking for attention. :-)

The Rent err…..Groceries are Too Damn High!

This has actually been one of the tactics to get our food costs down and improve what we are eating. I cut how much meat we eat and do at least a few nights a week where meat is an ingredient in something Asian or Indian but the bulk of the meal is veggies and one carb source.