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The best thing I ate on the 4th was.....

Smoked pork roast. I am officially a fan of Costco's boneless Boston but roasts.

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2015

Found gluten free ravioli with chicken and kale filling in the frozen section. It was quite good. Costco location = S. Dakota

1 day ago
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Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2015

What Costco in MN has Kimchi and is it a regular thing? Ours in SD carries really limited selection due to whatever they consider our demographics to be.

Jul 04, 2015
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Check out the label on that sour cream container!!

We can get Daisy in the midwest. It still doesn't have a list of funky additives and is the only sour cream we can find outside of some of the organic brands that isn't heavily adulterated.

I don't buy the organic sour cream or cottage cheese since they don't sell well and have frequently gone past their date at our local stores. I also rarely buy sour cream anymore. I substitute Fage Greek yogurt.

Sunday lunch near Mn Zoo (Apple Valley)

How are their pizzas?

Too much sugar in dessert recipes

I am the same way. Most desserts taste overloaded with sugar. For most baked goods I have been able to get away with leaving maybe 1/4 of the sugar out and if I like the recipe I tinker from there.

So far I have had decent results with cupcakes, brownies and puddings. I haven't tried it with layer cakes though.

I do wonder if recipes have evolved to use more sugar due to people being so used to excessive amounts of sugar and salt in their food? We drastically cut our processed food consumption about 10 years ago. There are many things I can't eat anymore because they taste over sweet/salty and otherwise bland.

Black bean noodle ramen? cold noodle salad?

Boogiebaby is correct, these are made with blackbeans, not black soybean.

Jun 30, 2015
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Black bean noodle ramen? cold noodle salad?

I bought this huge box of black bean noodles on a whim at Costco. I made a pack of them with marinara and that turned out ok. The daughter has requested I do something with them again so I have been trying to figure out a good option. Was thinking either a ramen or a cold noodle salad but was a bit at a loss for what flavors to add in. IE: chicken or beef, what veggies, etc?

These noodles are pretty hearty and have a vague taste of black beans

Jun 29, 2015
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Sunday lunch near Mn Zoo (Apple Valley)

We are heading back to civilization in August and going to try to do the MN Zoo on Sunday morning.

Looking for somewhere sort of nearby to grab lunch when we are done. Something casual or grab and go works. The only challenge is needing to be able to find a few things that are gluten free on the menu.

Local Blue Cheese

We can get both Maytag and AmaBlu down here in Sioux Falls. AmaBlu was comparable to Maytag IMHO.

Can't stand the heat: your ideas for preparing meals without adding heat to the kitchen

The crockpot, rice cooker, toaster oven and microwave certainly help lower the heat in the house. Our oven uses much more power and really heats up the house. If you have a semi sheltered spot on a deck those could be used outside. I also saw a gas powered camping oven that looks like a large toaster oven. The people that brought it were using it to cook full meals in their camp.

Jun 27, 2015
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Chemical additives lurking in fresh cuts of meat

This is the type of pork our local grocery chain began to carry. It is distinctly different from the pork they sold before. The plain pork tenderloin has the solution concoction listed in the nutrition information if you click on the photo of the unflavored pork loin.


Chemical additives lurking in fresh cuts of meat

I have a moderate allergy to the typical nitrates used for meat curing. I can tolerate the celery juice type ones in moderation. There was apparently some concern that the chemical type nitrates could cause cancer.

There are sources for uncured ham, deli type meats, hot dogs if you look around. Most I have found have been health food stores but some of the grocery chains carry them also.

Chemical additives lurking in fresh cuts of meat

The issue of additives in fresh meat is true. Hormel is horrible about it. They have certain prepackaged "fresh" meat that is loaded with whatever is in the broth, natural flavor etc. They taste considerably different and the meat has a gelatinous texture. I also felt lousy after eating their pork or beef. We buy elsewhere now.

current restaurant pet peeve

Counter service restaurants that have horribly thought out flow. Need some place to put your soda cup down to put a lid on it? Nope. Nothing is in the order you would acquire it after you pay so people are reaching back over each other. Lines for ordering that require you to bit by bit "build" your order by shouting over the counter as they assemble it. These never seem to go smoothly.

Those computerized coke machines with hundreds of flavors. People who are comfortable with technology don't seem to have a problem with them. Add in a few luddites and someone's grandma and the entire restaurant grinds to a halt. Either put in two machines or just have a non computerized soda machine.

Most of these apply to chain type counter service places. We have so few options for good sit down restaurants. Most are really poor quality generic food service fare with an inflated price tag where we live. We do have some great ethnic and bbq places that make up for it.

7 maps and charts that explain the looming egg crisis everyone will soon be talking about

Eggs at Costco hadn't gone up as of last week. Sounds more like manufactured crisis. Just like the great bacon crisis of last year that didn't happen. The great sugar crisis of a few years ago and the great wheat crisis a few years before that.

The bird flu outbreak obviously is a problem but I have not seen poultry prices or egg prices skyrocket here in the midwest. Anymore if the media goes into freak out mode about some food shortage I assume someone is getting paid to get people to the stores.

Not Happy With Fairway

Fairway on the east coast or Fairway in the midwest? I think there are two grocery chains by the same name.

Jun 10, 2015
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Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2015

Costco in South Dakota had gluten free chicken nuggets. $12.99 for a 3 pound bag. A much better deal than the Tyson ones the grocery stores carry. They were pretty good for chicken nuggets. Less salty than the Tyson ones that always seemed to be salt bombs.

Jun 05, 2015
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America’s Most Obese States Tend to Have One Thing in Common

I stopped at our regional grocery chain here (Hyvee) to grab something and was going to buy a small bag of nuts as a snack. I usually buy the big jars of nuts at Costco for around $10 - $14 for a huge container.

At the grocery store even a small bag of nuts was $5 or more. This is why someone struggling financially isn't buying nuts or anything else healthy. This chain in the nearby grocery stores in most of the poor neighborhoods. 90% of the store inventory is big ag packaged junk food. You have to go on a hunting expedition to find a bag of beans or anything similar that would be considered cheap and healthy.

The entire system, from the govt. food pyramid & education to lack of stores to stores that are just outlets for big ag garbage to the high price of things people should be eating. All of it is contributing to this problem. It is going to take some honest systemic efforts to change it.

Help me build my kitchen

What to buy depends on what you like to make. I would find a good restaurant supply store that is open to the public. I find better quality gear for a fraction of the price you would pay at a typical retail store.

New refrigerator

We bought a Whirlpool side by side about 4 years ago. We never use the pull out shelves. I wish it had come with decent LED lighting. There is (was?) a major problem with many Whirlpool (and Kenmore) fridges where the plastic door bins and shelves crack and fail.

It would cost about $800 to replace all the cracked bins and shelves we currently have if we bought replacements from Whirlpool. This was a known issue but Whirlpool refuses to do anything about it and most units are out of warranty before the cracks appeared. I would not buy Whirlpool again based on their horrible customer service. They dragged me through months of pointless back and forth before refusing to do anything. The extent of the conversations made it clear they had no intention of doing anything from the start.

I ended up using a plastic cement to hobble our shelves & bins back together so we didn't end up with a 4 year old door stop.

May 30, 2015
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Bacon is so cheap, even veggie burgers get two strips

Wait a minute. 9 Months ago the "news" was telling everyone that there was a bacon shortage and doom would rain down on the US in 2015.

Sriracha: Is it a Hype?

The media/chain restaurant hype is annoying. There are certain things I use Sriracha on. Eggs, chicken wings, mixed with mayo, in thousand island dressing or on fried rice. Certainly not planning to stop consuming it because someone declared it untrendy.

Favorite restaurants from the past

Are you thinking of the Nankin? http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/...

Ideas for vegetarian dinners, please

Lubia with basmati rice. Even the carnivores in the family love it and don't feel like they are missing anything in the meal. I have used this recipe but include kidney beans, white beans and garbazos for the bean part. I soak the beans overnight, then put in the crock pot. The beans are ready by the time I get home to do the rest of the prep.


Children of the Corn: Baby Corn, Demystified

The canned ones are pretty good done with an Asian quick pickle marinade.

May 01, 2015
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Kroger's response to my letter re: plumping meat:

I would love to see someone do a study to determine how much excess sodium salt injected meats are adding to the diets of people who buy meat from stores where that is most of what they sell.

Apr 15, 2015
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Kroger's response to my letter re: plumping meat:

Number of recipes I have used or run across that tell you to bring pork or chicken = 0

Why I love our Asian grocery stores

I was pointing out the crazy price differences between our grocery chain in town (Hyvee) and similar items found at the local Asian grocery stores. Rice stick noodles were $8 at Hyvee. $1.49 at any of the Asian stores in town for a bigger package.

I stopped in at one of the Asian groceries to grab a few things on the way home. I got a big bag of gorgeous baby bok choy for $1.69. Nice and green, small heads. I had to grab a few things at Hyvee since they are the only place in the city to get them. I noticed they wanted $4.99 for one head of bok choy about the size of a soda can. It was yellowed and starting to rot.

Baby corn is over $3.00 at Hyvee, $1.49 at any of the Asian stores in town.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2015

What part of the store were the coconut rolls located in?

Apr 11, 2015
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