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pizza near wilson skateboard park

thin crust or stuffed,either way im game....weekend of the 29th,roll on by,thanks........

Sep 18, 2012
im hungry in Chicago Area

Good Chowder restaurant near Newport Rhode Island

the Black Pearl in Newport has arguably the best,personaly i think it is the best!!its not "guy fieri style".its classic sit outside among boats and tourists new england kinda style,with great chowda!!

Help Little Compton Rhode Island and nearby!

Bristol is close,theres a few good to great places,from the awesome Persimmon,good italian at Robertos,french bistro at central cafe and Hourglass,pub-grub at Adains and Boston beer co.,and great seafood in a casuel setting theres Quitos.

New Bedford Best Options

rose alley is a bar with pretty good pub food,next door is Cork,a portuguese "tapas" style restaurant-lounge,pretty decent food also.theres a few good portuguese restaurants in the area,Antonios is a personal favorite,lots of others on boards in here.

Restos Near Little Compton RI

pretty much hasnt changed,but i would push bristol alittle more,persimmon,de wolf tavern,trafford in warren is pretty great too.the east bay area is right there for you to explore.....

Providence #1 in Burgers?!

this is crazy,travel and leisure is out of its mind!!

Food Publications In Southern NE

i kinda like the provi. Pheonix restaurant reviews,yeah shes a little forgiving,but usually pretty honest.they do have a good beer column every couple weeks,and its not just advertisers getting reviewed....

Good Southern Cuisine / BBQ in Providence/Patwucket, RI

im in too.....

Good Southern Cuisine / BBQ in Providence/Patwucket, RI

frank,you need to go to lockhart Texas!!!!!i liked Ljs in the past,havent been in awhile.Oakhill tavern was pretty awesome,but havent been in a few....

Portion Size at Tallulah on Thames???

the food is great,are you worried your gonna eat to much?not enough?what are you looking for?

Brew pubs within one hour drive of Providence

coddington brew in newport,havent been in a few years,but as i remember it was pretty good.newport storms new brewery is right around the corner,maybe a tour and tasting then head over to coddington brew for a bite,hey that actually sounds like a fun afternoon,im in!!!

Best Brand of Linguica in the New Bedford Area [moved from Boston]

Genes market on brighton ave in fall river is the best chourico ive had,and weve tried lots.they make and smoke it right there,they have mild and spicy,both are awesome,they also have those country style ribs marinated in the spice mixture,delish! lots of other portuguese treats too.

Road Trip up East Coast

the city of Portland has some awesome places,Fore st.,Duckfat,Hugos,etc.,Great local beer,its our "foodie"getaway from rhode island.

Blount's Clam Shack Providence

Frank,they have a pretty good thing going,its a new location,they need to work out the wrinkles...give them another shot...

Oysters in bulk in Providence, RI?

Andrades shellfish in Bristol,Nicks fish in bristol also.

Clamshack between Boston and Newport, preferably in RI

Quitos in bristol is better and they are open,dont tell anyone!!

Portuguese in Providence

a couple months back,my wife found the holy ghost club,in the basement of the holy ghost church in east providence.its a restaurant-bar, club type thing,open to the public,great food,cheap etc...the night we went,they had live entertainment,a guy on the keyboards,fun times..only problem was the lighting,way to bright,but if thats the worst thing......

Trader Joe's - like supermarkets in providence, Ri

maybe Venda in Federal hill,or Trader Joes in west warwick.....

Best value for sea food in Newport , RI

Scales is great,the lobster fra diablo is amazing there,the sicilian littlenecks too.across the street is Zeldas and thier famous "butter poached"lobster thats incredible,plus a fun bar scene....

SoCo RI Clambake

tr McGrath in Newport,they travel...

Tucker's Bistro closed?

unfortuneatly Tuckers is done,he had a great run,and broadway is gonna miss him.we actually talked to the guy that bought the place,liquor licence really,and hes going in more of a bar type direction,just what newport needs.....he seems like a nice guy,but im sure gonna miss that homemade baileys.....

Newport, RI Restaurant Itinerary Recommendations

tuckers is gonna be a bar,with bar food.another place bought by an irish guy,pretty soon theres gonna be more irish-owned then american-owned places in newport.....

Newport, RI Restaurant Itinerary Recommendations

tuckers is closed......bummer.

New Bedford?

Antonios is my personal favs for portuguese food,they do have a bar side that im sure well have the game on.its right off 195.In the downtown area theres a Rose alley,its more sports pub,but they do have some portuguese items on the menu too,good beer list and great wings too.

Does Anyone Know the Name of This Newport Pub? (And Is It Still Open?)

Adains is now the Fastnet pub,on broadway next to washington park.theres also Buskers just down the street on thames.

Sally's Apizza is obviously better than Pepe's and Modern

ive had great pies at all three,even on a bad day they are alot better then just about anywhere.true they dont travel well,and simpilier is better too.we seem to have better luck at modern,getting a table,nicer servers,etc.,but all three do make a great pizza...

Trafford in Warren RI

its a great addition to the east-bay,weve gone 3 times and its been reliably good.the space is pretty awesome too,inside and out,great views all-around.great seafood all three times...anybody been to the recently opened"square -peg"down the street?it looks pretty casual,in a great kinda -way...

spicy asian in provi quick,wifes birthday tommorow

i know its short order,looking for suggestions,we just got back from vacation and my beautiful bride has the worst head cold ever.shes totally open to anything, thai,korean,cambodian,etc.,it just needs to be hot,hot,hot..thanks!!

Jamaican or Caribbean in Western Mass

west hartford has a bunch of places...we only had a few hours,but a great few hours,good jerk,patties,etc.,and stocked up on sundries too!!!

Any opinions on Dewolf Tavern in Bristol, RI ??

i too have only sat at the bar and had appes,and those mussles are really good.although they do have a nice patio,i wouldnt consider it a summer place,the dining room is cozy..the owner came from Tabla in nyc,the food has an indian influence in a great way,not overpowering or over the top at all.Persimmon is right around the courner,and really great too,you just missed newport restaurant week,with a 3 course dinner for 30$,which is a deal.