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Baltimore restaurant suggestion for budding foodies

Might I suggest Clementine? It's kid-friendly with good food & generally nice vibe. You'd need reservations on a weekend night.

Duck dilemma

We're doing duck this year for TG, 2 couples. I think my friend has already bought a whole duck somewhere (frozen). I always order duck when we go out if it's on the menu, but this is typically duck breast. I found the Amazing 5-hour Roast Duck and that looks great, but I think this will be a different eating experience than duck breast? ie not eaten rare? My other half is not crazy about poultry & I'm a little worried he won't like the roast duck. Is it crazy to think about removing the breasts & using the rest for something else? recommend she keep the whole duck in the freezer & pick up duck breasts? If I did that, would I buy 4 of them for 4 people, or do they split like whole chicken breasts? Are they typically sold boneless? help!

Nov 22, 2008
bkath in Home Cooking

Birthday Rec's needed: Chameleon Cafe vs. Clementine

Having been many times to both you really can't go wrong with either one for food. Atmo is definitely more casual at Clementine, and they don't have a liquor license yet (this can be either a plus or a minus, depending on your pt of view/how much booze you need to carry). You will need a reservation for either for a weekend night.


Have been a few times, with and without food. Like just about everyone else, love the front, it gets a little weird from there but I think they have plans for the market space in back which should be a huge boon to the hood. I can't say I've been blown away by the food, but with Chameleon & Clementine to compete with they've got their work cut out. Maybe they're just trying to get things going? don't know but I'm way willing to cut them a lot of slack. The staff have all been great at each visit.

It is at least a little less of a din than Hamilton Tavern on the weekend, which to my thinking is a huge plus - I love that place too but avoid it on Fri/Sat nights.

What is with the sudden plethora of kids' areas?? what are we, Brooklyn? (hah, if only)

El Patron Baltimore?

Anybody know anything about this place where Szechuan used to be on N. Charles? Is it open/will it be opening soon? If open, has anyone been there?

Birthday lunch for 20 Essex/Bergen County?

Looking for nice, celebratory place for Mr. B's dad's 100th birthday! Has to be lunch because centenarians & their friends don't drive much at night. Traditional, upscale-ish steak house - does anybody remember Manero's on Rte 17? something along those lines. Appreciate any info.

Visit to Mazatlan (in Baltimore)

We had a most enjoyable lunch in this small, friendly, family-owned Mexican restaurant the other day. It is located at 3301 E. Joppa (bet. Harford & Belair Rds) in an unassuming little quasi-strip mall. There was a carryout counter but also a smallish (4-6 tables) dining room, which was not fancy but was bright & colorful & had a stone back wall and a mural; it was separated from the carryout area by a stone arch.

An earlier post mentioned their limited evening hours, however they are now open Mon-Sat 11a-10p. It is BYOB, and they were happy to direct us to a local liquor store in a nearby strip mall.

We tried what we call the "acid test" order - possibly the hardest things on the menu to get right & see what happens. For us it was mole poblano (a holy grail quest), & shrimp in garlic sauce. Both were great - spicy but not deadly, and fresh. Mazatlan (the city & namesake) is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico (I had to look at a map), which might explain the varied & ambitious fish dishes offered at this modest little jewel.

By all means, go to Mazatlan & enjoy good Mexican food in the "empty dining quarter" of NE Baltimore City/SE Balto county!

Christmas Day Oysters

Last year Mama's on the Halfshell was open Christmas; restaurant opened late afternoon/eve, not sure about the bar.

gift certificate help

yesyesVincent's not Victors! thank you t17!

Dec 16, 2007
bkath in Southwest

gift certificate help

My folks are in Mesa, their favorite place for years has been Victor's (I think?) on Camelback in Scottsdale. I usually get them a gift certificate for a dinner there, but I can't find any info on them here or on the 'net - does anyone know if they're still there?? If they're gone, anyplace else comparable?

Dec 16, 2007
bkath in Southwest

Restaurants in Balto open Christmas?

I know Chinese is traditional, but most of the places in the city are bleh; Ding How is not open (and anyway, bleh). Ethnically we're willing to branch out. Must be in the city, does not need to be fancy, does not even need to be ethnic! Suggestions/ideas for our group of Christmas orphans?

Best restaurants Berkeley Springs, WV?

Another one to check out - we ate here a couple years ago, but it was great:

Woodberry Kitchen

We tried to go there Sat night, had reservations for 4 at 9PM; our friends' brother was in town so he joined us so I know, our bad to show up with one more person than the res, but I was hoping by 9 things would be slowing down & we could possibly eat at the bar if they couldn't accomodate us. Which they didn't even try to do. We did stand in the bar area for an hour, it took 15 minutes to get drinks after ordering - 2 beers, a glass of wine, 2 cocktails - the bartender drew 1 beer, waited on 3 or 4 other people, made the cocktails, waited on a few other people, etc. By 10:00, we reminded the hostess we were still waiting she said, oh, this table is just eating their desserts, another is paying their check, I MAY have something for you then. We said thanks but no thanks. There were no "sorry, come back and try again" or any such. After seeing your review of the food, I'm just as glad (actually I was already glad) we never got seated!

Recommendations for cheap balto dinner?

2nd Joe's Squared. It has gotten some pans here but I like it just fine & it's close by. Also have been wanting to re-try the Zodiac (on Charles across from Charles Theater). And Darker Than Blue, 3034 Greenmount is new, BYO, haven't been there yet. Mr b and I had dinner last Sat night at Dogwood. It was really really good, but eating at the (former stand-up) bar was a little tricky. It is not on the less expensive side, especially once they get their liquor license in place which they said would be any day. Others at BSquare are Cafe Zen & Zen West - Chinese & Tex Mex, which I guess is where the owners hail from, both good enough to get us back occasionally.

DC Hound Needs Help in B'more - Specific Criteria

Agree with both Pete's & Henninger's. Pete's menu changes weekly (Tues-Sat) so you can check beforehad to see what looks good - there is ALWAYS something great, but beware they sometimes run out of stuff by Sat. It can also be impossible to get a table on Sat, or even a seat at the bar. But the food is great. And, Henninger's is a mere 3 blocks further up the road, so makes a good back-up if not your outright first choice. I've never had to wait long to get a table, the bar is definitely worth checking out anyway. Both places are very friendly/good vibe, Henninger's dining room IS romantic, very cozy, nice lighting. Both places have decent wines both by the glass or bottle.

Best mexican/margritas in Bmore

Los Amigos is local to me & I keep trying to like it, but I've never found the food to be that good, Mexican or otherwise, and to me the ritas taste like cough syrup. We are regulars at El Salto, as others have said not much to look at, the salsa is a little bland, but the shrimp cocktail is very authentic Mexican style, the chile relleno is as good as any I've had in Mexico. DH loves the shrimps barrachos. The people who work there are so nice and accomodating. I always threaten to take DH for his birthday - if you tell them it's a birthday, they bring a big sombrero & a little cake with a sparkler and everyone in the place sings Happy Birthday and it doesn't seem cheesy like in many places where they do that sort of thing. Always lots of Latinos eating there, which I take as a good sign. Would not rec Holy Frijoles for food, Nacho Mama's either, bleah.

Best mexican/margritas in Bmore

Blue Agave in Fed Hill might fit the bill, you can check them out:

Wine spill - what would you do??

Thanks everyone for all the great ideas - I sort of gave up after club soda, salt, ivory snow soak didn't work; but it's not dry yet, so I see there are lots of other possibilities I will have to try ...

Oct 19, 2007
bkath in Not About Food

Wine spill - what would you do??

So, we were out to dinner with Mom, in a city not our own. Nice little Italian place, menu looked great, one of those little family places, owner Apulian. Things were going swimmingly, were enjoying some lovely Barbera d'Asti pre. The server brought our appetizers & since one of the dishes was just out of the wood-burner, offered to serve. She did so successfully till she got to me, then, que disastro - knocked over my glass of Barbera, all over me. Not usually one to make a fuss, I didn't. Server was very apologetic. I took off my (favorite, rose-colored silk) sweater, she blotted with club soda, we blotted. She comped my glass of wine, and 3 glasses of limoncello at the end of dinner. We enjoyed the rest of our dinner, paid fully, & tipped 20%, left.

Favorite sweater is ruined. No amount of post-prandial maneuvers were successful, dry cleaner does not think they will be, either.

I'm asking you, fellow diners, other servers, what would you have done, or would you do now? Replace sweater & send bill to restaurant? Would you have asked to speak to the manager before leaving? Made a huge fuss? Comped all/part of my meal? In many years of dining out, this has never happened to me before.

Oct 18, 2007
bkath in Not About Food

Dining in JoCo, OP?

Thank you all so much! So many restaurants, so little time. I have such fond food memories of KC & will add to them & report back.

Keep up the good work!
(btw OneBite sounds too intriguing to pass up; by non-starter I meant mom don't do raw fish; dh & I LOVE it but we can get at home).

Baltimore has some great restaurants - y'all come visit!


Oct 11, 2007
bkath in General Midwest Archive

Dining in JoCo, OP?

Bmore hounds coming to KC to visit mom; I lived there for a long time but that was a LONG time ago & now don't get back but once/year. She lives in Lenexa. Have been to the Thai Place which I don't remember where it was but think I could find it again, it was worth it!

Other places I've gleaned from this board: La Cocina Puerco, 40Sardines, Cassis, Yia Yia's (what a name, but we went a few years ago & had a great dinner).

Anything else not to be missed? We all love a good Margarita. Will of course go for que, probably Hayward's; mom also likes Zarda & it's nearby. Sushi is a non-starter, also probably Indian in that category, don't really care about breakfast.

If we head into KC, Bluebird? Lidia's?

Thanks in advance!

Oct 10, 2007
bkath in General Midwest Archive

Baltimore Help

kozel hope I didn't miss the boat, I would strongly recommend the Chameleon Cafe on Harford Rd. Great food, drinks & atmosphere, a local place in the best way, no jacket required! You can check them out at

Nice spot for drinks in Baltimore?

There is a place a little east of Cinghiale on the other side of the street, used to be called Victor's, they have outdoor seating but I don't know if you can order just drinks outdoors in the evening. My favorite On The Water Drinks spot is Chart House, although it's on the other side of the harbor - since you'll be dining so late maybe you could park near C. & take a water taxi across & back. They make a decent drink, you can sit outside, the view is great.

Congrats - have fun!

two nights in baltimore

Where are you staying? I would definitely give Peter's Inn a shot, 504 S. Ann, Fell's Point just south of Eastern Ave. Small eclectic but always something great, decent wines, nice vibe. If you're solo you can eat at the bar. They don't take reservations so if it's a weekend or Weds eve best to arrive early (6-ish) or late, 8:30-ish. I think it's one of the most unique places in bmore, check their website ( for menu as they change weekly.

Restaurants Near Ram's Head Live in Baltimore

What about Babalu Grill? It's practically next door, they probably serve late but I don't know that for a fact, it's been awhile but I remember the food being pretty decent (Cuban/Latin). I ate at RHL once before a concert - suffice it to say - never again!

Henninger's in Baltimore

Henninger's is one of our go-to places. Their fried oysters are perfection!

Baltimore Restaurant Week is Back for Second Helping

I'm with you TH - I was intrigued by the concept, then looked at the list (the Hon?? get out!!! and I like that place!); and the menus mostly weren't too inspiring, plus, when I go out I rarely order desert. I would rather get app/salad/entree for my 3 courses but doesn't look like that's an option anywhere. $60 then for 2 courses + drinks + wine doesn't seem that good a deal for me & mr. b.

Sauce is King, what's your favorite/how to make it? [moved from General Topics board]

My stand-by mustard sauce:
Saute chopped garlic + shallot in OO, add about 1/4 cup chicken broth + white wine (dry vermouth in a pinch), simmer, add 1-2T brown mustard (usually use Guldens) & a little chopped fresh sage or rosemary. Great over pork chops!

Jul 25, 2007
bkath in Home Cooking

Crabs in Northeast Baltimore City area?

Stimply - I live in the same area. We just tried Costas Inn a couple weeks ago, another 10-15 min drive out North Point Blvd - it was great! biggest crabs I've even seen in years (& most we've ever paid but worth every penny).

Costas Inn Restaurant
4100 N Point Blvd, Dundalk, MD 21222

Kali's Applebee's: eatin' fast in Fells Point

Agree agree with your review PG. I HATE being rushed & the snotty attitude of the front staff of Kalis has kept me away for years. No it's not fine dining but it's not a snack bar either. Our usual approach w/tapas is just order a few dishes at a time as the tables are always small. That way you can stretch it out as long as you want.

Agree your server was probably poorly trained as to what to do with a cap. Altho I usually just put the cork aside when it's handed to me; on travels in Italy & Spain the server would usually uncork the wine and sort of..observe it, then either pocket it or put it on the table somewheres. Always seemed so much more civilized - I figured I could trust them to tell me if there was a problem and, as another poster said, I know if it's good or not when I taste it (or at least know if I like it!)