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Where to eat near Decatur area?

Hi! Staying in the Decatur area and having dinner with 3 friends, one of whom is on a budget. Any middle-priced restaurants we should try? We're looking for a place that has good food and is conducive to conversation.

While I'm here, if you have any recommendations for the other few days I'm in Atlanta, please share. I'm not on a budget.

Thanks! Quentin

Mar 03, 2013
QMiller in Atlanta

Night out in West Palm Beach

My wife and I have a night out without the kids in the West Palm Beach area. We know about the Breakers; we're looking for something different, and we don't mind spending some money. What's worthwhile? Thanks! Ciao!

Charlotte, NC?

My wife and I are going to a conference in Charlotte -- never been before -- and we'd LOVE some advice about where to eat. We're apparently staying in a chain restaurant area (P.F. Chang's, Cheesecake Factory, Ruth's Chris Steak House, etc.) and that is decidedly NOT what we're looking for. Something funky? Something unique and local? Something authentically Southern (as we're coming from Boston)? We'd appreciate anything you can recommend: many thanks!!

Feb 26, 2008
QMiller in General South Archive

Philadelphia restaurants near the Four Seasons

Hi! I'm coming into Philadelphia for a convention and I want to know about good places to eat near the Four Seasons hotel. Four Seasons hotels generally have great restaurants, but I'm going to be there a few nights: something close by would be terrific. I've heard there are some good sushi restaurants and Belgian beer restaurants in town; are those close to my hotel? If not, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Dec 20, 2006
QMiller in Pennsylvania